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From the Editor

Confessions of an Insider

“I always say that the difference between the inside players and the activists in the streets was the clothes we were wearing that day,” recalled Howie Katz of his early days as an activist, both with ACT UP and the Human Rights Campaign Fund in the late ‘80s in New York. “That’s not entirely the case, but it was for a number of people. Comments (3)

Capital Returns

With summer here along with thoughts of quick, carefree weekend getaways, our sister city in tragedy, Washington D.C., might be far from your mind but I think you would be making a serious mistake if you avoid heading there. I had feared that all that had changed since the dark days last September, and that this beautiful city might be forever altered, restricted, a city full of guards, not the peaceful retreat I once knew. Visiting this Spring, just as the cherry blossoms were beginning to appear, I was greeted by a city thoughtfully healing with few reminders of the tragedies that fell less than a year ago. The airports and train stations and most major monuments, while security conscious, were a breeze of access and movement. Comments (1)

Blues Over Troubled Waters

What is most alarming about the new musical Thunder Knocking at the Door, is how soundly and easily many members of the audience seemed to sleep through the performance I attended, particularly the woman next to me who even snored...prodigiously. All of this even though the score for this new musical could only be called “rollicking,” mixing blues and rock and roll, and yet the show is still amazingly soporific. Comments (1)


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