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Paradox between Europe and Islam

The centuries’ long difference in perspective between East and West was made painfully clear to me in one simple moment when I asked about the ceremony taking place in front of my hotel, Taxim Hill, located in the heart of Istanbul on Taxim Square. Comment

Reading Room

Tuesday January 6 Comment

News Briefs

Pope Intensifies Crusade Against Same-Sex Couples Pope John Paul II continued to attack the rights of gay couples and the trend toward partner recognition around the world. “In our times, […]Comment

Letters to the editor

Email letters to Or fax to 646.452.2501 Or mail to 487 Greenwich St., Suite 6a, New York City 10013 Please include a phone number for confirmation purposes only. We reserve the right to edit all letters to meet space constraints. Comment

The Year Ahead

Last week in this space, while reviewing the enormous progress of 2003, we emphasized the critical need for unity among community leaders and members alike in tackling the enormous opportunities and risks facing us as the result of the brewing debate over same-sex marriage rights. Comment

Taiwan’s Film Goes West

The release of “Millennium Mambo” by Taiwanese director Hou Hsiao-hsien’s is an event. One of the masters of contemporary world cinema, Hou never had a commercial release in the U.S. despite reams of critical praise until a distributor picked up one of his films in 1999. That year’s Walter Reade retrospective proved to be a turning point for Hou’s acceptance in the U.S. Comment

Ten That Brought Laughs, Tears

PINAFORE • Fringe Festival Comment

Who Killed Brian Boothe?

Just as they did last year, Brian Boothe’s family—his sister Donna Kukura, his brothers Jimmy and Shawn, their partners and children, and their mother Kay—came together last Thursday for Christmas dinner on Long Island. Comment

Women In the World

When one thinks about it, it’s a little sad how seldom women are presented as casual creatures in the mass media. Their images are usually sexualized (just look at any magazine rack) or they must seduce the masculine camera in some proper, presentable way. Or worse, they are depicted bonding together in not very funny Hollywood scenarios. Comment

Virtuosity and Seduction

“Las Meninas, Earthly Delights and Other Investitures,” an exhibition of Domingo Barreres’ intensely envisioned paintings, is in its last ten days at White Box in Chelsea. Crafted with the visual texts of Velazquez and Bosch and the literary texts of Garcia Lorca and Wallace Stevens these paintings reveal the artist’s deep desire to look at the current state of humankind. Comment

The Gayest of 2003

It takes a lot to make me go out on a Sunday night—it’s hard, after all, to compete with “The Simpsons”—and I went out to see this again, unplanned, on a Sunday night. The opening of the second half still stirs my soul. And what a gay intermission! Comment

The Endless Embargo

Havana, New Year’s Eve, 1959. Adria, the lady of the house, in panic, getting ready to flee with her husband to Miami, says to Gladys the cook: “You don’t care about me.” Comment

Happily Out of the Loop

I’m totally out of the gay loop. I don’t know crap about what my fellow homos are up to. Comment

Going to Germany For Love

As you read this, Bill Deitsch will have already gotten on a United Airlines flight from San Francisco to Frankfurt with a suitcase containing a supply of his AIDS medications, a small box of antique jewelry that had belonged to his mother, his U.C. Berkeley architecture diploma and a large box of Sweet and Low. After 54 years in California, most of it in San Francisco where he was born, Deitsch, 54, is moving to Koln, Germany, to be with his partner, Ralph Hoffmann, because Hoffmann cannot be here with him. Comment

Barely Nothing’s Sacred

“Jesus Christ, the Pope has forgiven the Jews.” That jolting, cynical line—it’s by Robert Shaw (yes, the actor), and it opens Shaw’s 1967 novel from which came the play and movie “The Man in the Glass Booth”—is what shot into my head the day before Christmas when I heard that Gov. George E. Pataki had pardoned Lenny Bruce 37 years after his death and 39 years after Bruce’s conviction for “obscenity” during a performance at Bleecker Street’s Cafe Au GoGo in the summer of 1964. Comment

Bigger is Better!

It’s all about awards lately! Comment


Legislation passed December 15 by the New Jersey General Assembly, that supporters say would create one of the nation’s strongest package of domestic partnership rights, is due to get final consideration by the state Senate sometime between January 8 and January 12. Comment

A Chameleon’s Retrospective

Two-time Obie and Bessie Award winning performance artist John Kelly and his company will kick off the Joyce Theater’s annual Altogether Different Festival this year, a two-week mix of performances by established and emerging artists and companies. It’s a great opportunity to see new work by familiar faces and get a glimpse of some relatively new talent—all at a discount. Comment

7 Days & 7 Nights

Natalie Douglas returns for a New Year’s Eve celebration. Ring in 2004 with her unique mix of jazz, blues, standards and contemporary music, blended together with the assistance of her musical director, “Avenue Q”‘s Mark Hartman, and saxophonist Tony LaVorgna to create her own cabaret sound. Doors open at 10 p.m. at the Duplex Cabaret Theatre, 61 Christopher St. $45 + 2-drink minimum. Call 212 868 4444 or visit Comment

Bloomberg Digs in Against Equal Benefits

Mayor Mike Bloomberg has stepped up his assault on City Council legislation that would require city contractors to treat the domestic partners of employees the same as employees’ spouses. The city’s law department is saying that the Equal Benefits Bill violates state law by imposing a standard other than getting the best service at the best price and would require a charter referendum “because it curtails the Mayor’s powers.” Comment


21 GRAMS Comment

Millenarian Visions and the Steady Slog of Change

Overkill! Comment

David Ryan, 55, Dies In Village Fire

Firefighters who responded to the 12:50 a.m. alarm on December 25 at 14 Gay Street found Ryan already dead of smoke inhalation. The fire was deemed accidental, apparently ignited in newspapers and phone books piled on top of an electrical wire, a fire department spokesperson said. Comment

Reading Room

This is such a wonderful evening of theater that even though it deals with such somber subjects as physical and emotional decay, the alienation of the spirit, and life’s incessant wearing upon the soul, one leaves the theater uplifted and enthusiastic. Part of this is because both playwrights––Samuel Beckett and Edward Albee—are so accomplished at exploring the dark and fearful corners of the heart that most of us have created entire lives to avoid. They grab despair by the throat and have the courage to create real and challenging catharsis in the structure of their plays, however absurdist the situations. On top of that, to see two such as Comment

Confirmed Dead:  Bush's War

The following members of the United States Armed Forces died this past week in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Since the inception of hostilities, 478 service members have died, 340 of them since Pres. George W. Bush declared an end to major combat operations on May 1, 2003. Comment

2003’s Best Classical Offerings

I would be grossly dishonest to pretend that I am able to review more than a fraction of the classical releases I receive weekly. So I abandon all pretence to inclusiveness, and instead focus on the vocal issues that led me closest to the gates of heaven these past twelve months. Comment


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