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Diamond in the Rough and Tumble

Gay man seeks open civil court countywide seat in Brooklyn We also publish: […] Comment

Denial Only Runs So Deep

It’s the war, stupid. John Kerry’s new alliance with Bill Clinton and former White House operatives, such as spokesperson Joe Lockhart, is supposed to reflect the Democratic nominee’s emphasis on “pocketbook issues” like the economy and domestic issues. Comment

curtain call

BOMBAY DREAMS The cartoonish plot follows the exploits of Akaash, an “untouchable” from the slums as he tries to break into the Bollywood film industry. Only by becoming a rich movie star can he buy the land on which his family and friends live. He meets a documentary filmmaker slumming to do research and gets a part on a TV show that he turns into an opportunity to be a movie star. And before you can say “Mickey and Judy,” Akaash becomes India’s biggest star. But we all know that even stars have their trials, and Akaash brings on his own by turning his back on the people who made him—particularly the eunuch Sweetie and his grandmother—at his big opening. Th Comment

Falling In Love Again

“Reconstruction,” Denmark’s official entry in the Academy Awards’ foreign film sweepstakes, will find the most willing audience among cinemaphiles open to minimalism and less rigid storytelling. Comment

Friday Protest, and a Larger Struggle

Julius Powell looked in both directions along 34th Street, nudged his eyeglasses up his nose and held his placard up higher. The sign read “No More Murder Music.” Comment

High-Definition Painting

The Dahesh Museum of Art presents retrospective on Jean Lecomte du Nouÿ Painted in what might be called high-definition style, Jean Lecomte du Nouÿ’s “The Gate of the Harem: Souvenir […] Comment

GOP-Inspired Rudeness

Did all the Republicans in town exhibit rudeness everywhere? Comment

Counteracting War Media Apathy

In a year that has brought us “Fahrenheit 9/11,” “ Control Room,” and “The Corporation,” a week after the Republican National Convention we now have “Hijacking Catastrophe: 9/11, Fear & the Selling of American Empire.” Of these sorts of documentaries, this is the one you absolutely have to see, and bring at least one friend along. Comment

A Fringe Retrospective

The Fringe Festival is a labor of love for all involved. For every “Urinetown” that first finds an audience in the sometimes difficult-to-find theaters, there are dozens of shows that after their brief and erratically scheduled runs disappear completely. Comment

7 Days & 7 Nights

Gay Life & American Society Comment

Bogged Down in Raging Hormones

Film adaptation of a dark thriller of obsession and lust in Argentina We also publish: […] Comment

Capturing Reality at NYU

Faster than you can say, “You’re fired!” New York City is once again an important location in the world of reality TV. Comment

CNN Refuses Log Cabin Ad

The Log Cabin Republicans (LCR) are crying foul after CNN, the 24-hour news channel, refused to run an ad produced by the gay Republican group. CNN said that an image in the ad of Fred Phelps, the Kansas preacher, holding two signs reading “God Hates Fags” was inappropriate. Comment


GOZU Ever since the 2001 American release of “Audition,” Japanese director Takashi Miike has rapidly found a cult following in the U.S. Oddly enough, that’s the only Miike film to receive […] Comment

HRC Upbeat About Kerry

Standing outside a Midtown hotel in Manhattan waiting for a press conference to start, Cheryl Jacques expressed confidence that on November 3 George W. Bush will start packing for his return home to Texas. Comment

A Sad Burden Which We Already Share

More than one thousand U.S. military personnel have died in Iraq since the beginning of hostilities in the spring of 2003. Over 7,000 have been wounded. There is no accurate count of the number of dead Iraqi soldiers, insurgents and civilians, but the number surely is in the tens of thousands. Comment

Second, Stronger Wash. State Ruling

Barely a month after a state trial judge in Seattle ruled that denying legal recognition to same-sex partners violates the Washington State Constitution, another trial judge in Olympia, the state capital, has gone a step further and ruled that same-sex couples there are entitled to marry. Comment

Queers Take the Theme Parks

“I grew up in Cleveland,” remembered DJ Susan Morabito. “Which means I had Cedar Point, the greatest roller coaster theme park in the country.” Comment

Primary Gets Scrappy

Less than a week before East Harlem voters go to the polls on September 14, a Democratic primary race for the state Assembly is once again demonstrating the district’s reputation as a tough political stomping ground. The contest is pitting a gay man, Eddie Baca, a community activist and former Community Board 11 chairperson, against an incumbent with strong name recognition, Assemblymember Adam Clayton Powell, IV. If elected, Baca would be the Legislature’s first elected official of Mexican descent, as well as joining two other Manhattan Democrats, Danny O’Donell and Deborah Glick, in the Assembly’s lesbian and gay caucus. Comment

Serving Up Revenge, Twice

Americans are not used to a lot of chatting in films. We usually prefer seeing things get blown up on the big screen. It is likely then that “When Will I Be Loved” will present a challenge to some, since the film bombards us with a lot of fast-talking New Yorkers in this tale of constant conning and ultimate revenge. Comment

Two Conventions, Two Messages

In a 1999 interview, then Gov. George W. Bush, responded to a question about tolerance toward groups that face discrimination, including gay men and lesbians, by saying: “I think that each person ought to be judged by their heart and by their soul and by their contribution to society. Group-thought will ‘Balkanize’ our society, and I have rejected the politics of pitting one group of personas against another.” Comment

Where Have All The Soldiers Gone?

These milestones come along, reminding us… and the wrath struggles to break free again. The anger is never really absent, just dormant like a sleeping volcano. Comment

Walking On a Smile

After the first death, there is no other. Comment

Opera in the New Mexico Mountains

Santa Fe Opera’s open-sided home in its stunning mountain setting makes for great theater even before the opera festival begins. The last shows of the season, from August 25-29, were blessed with fabulous weather, helping ensure that a visit here will not soon be forgotten. Comment


NEWS Comment

Light’s Striking Diversity

According to various dictionary definitions, light is a form of electromagnetic radiation that acts upon the retina of the eye making sight possible. It is also defined as a form of mental illumination, knowledge of information and enlightenment. Comment

Log Cabin Won’t Endorse Bush

The national board of the Log Cabin Republicans (LCR) voted overwhelmingly against endorsing President George W. Bush in his re-election bid. Comment

Mich., Louis. Amendments Advance

Courts in two states where voters may be asked to amend their state constitutions to ban any legal recognition of same-sex relationships have rejected attempts to keep those issues off the ballot. Comment

Naming Partners Not Required

A California appeals court on August 23 ruled that a closeted gay man being sued for transmitting HIV to his wife may not be compelled to disclose the identities of the men with whom he had sex. The opinion, written by Judge Madeline Flier, dealt with a series of pre-trial “discovery” requests by the wife, the defendant in a counter-suit by the husband, who alleges that she infected him with HIV. Comment

Murnau, the Master

Film Forum pays tribute to a great gay German director We also publish: […] Comment

Youth Throng to Sunday Protest

The hundreds of thousands of protesters who marched Sunday in New York City were joined by a sizable contingent of young demonstrators opposed to the policies and reelection of Pres. George W. Bush and Vice Pres. Dick Cheney. As with the huge crowd generally, these youthful protesters had different political motivations and came from a variety of personal backgrounds, but shared a general insistence that their motivation in turning out were both patriotic and peaceful. Comment

Turning HRC’s Promise Into Action

A resolution adopted earlier this month by the board of directors of the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) represents an enormous step forward for the transgender community. The lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community’s leading voice in Washington is now clearly on the record saying that transgender inclusion in federal anti-discrimination legislation is essential, not optional. Comment

Digital Video Blurs the Divine

Did you ever expect to see a modern-day telling of the Immaculate Conception set in a dreary little upstate New York town, near the Nanuet Mall? Comment

Dancing to Mozart


Hookers Welcome Elephants

BOMBAY DREAMS The cartoonish plot follows the exploits of Akaash, an “untouchable” from the slums as he tries to break into the Bollywood film industry. Only by becoming a rich movie star can he buy the land on which his family and friends live. He meets a documentary filmmaker slumming to do research and gets a part on a TV show that he turns into an opportunity to be a movie star. And before you can say “Mickey and Judy,” Akaash becomes India’s biggest star. But we all know that even stars have their trials, and Akaash brings on his own by turning his back on the people who made him. The Broadway Theatre, 1681 Broadway at 53rd St., 212 239 6200. (C. Byrn Comment

Gay Rumors Force Out Congressman

On Monday, Representative Edward Schrock, a Virginia Republican, announced that he would not run for a third House term because of allegations that he is gay. Although Schrock did not directly address the allegations in the written statement that announced his retirement, he did say that “In recent weeks, allegations have surfaced that have called into question my ability to represent the citizens of Virginia’s Second Congressional District.” Comment

Gays Rally Against Bush

The crowd gathered at Sheridan Square in Greenwich Village on the morning of August 29 seemed remarkable only in that they were all joined by a common goal—to vocally express their disapproval with the Bush administration by protesting the Republican National Convention. Comment

Hookers Welcome Elephants

The Hookers’ Ball at Crobar on August 26 proved the perfect event to counteract the Republican Convention’s unwonted and, most definitely unwanted, incursion into our city. Hooker delegations proudly represented all 50 states, while a bodacious, blindfolded Bob led the Star Spangled Banner. A gaggle of splendiferously accoutered freaks and those who love them assembled for a costume contest, with contestants serving their best Mack Daddy Pimp and Patriotic Showgirl Hooker Glamour looks. Comment

History and Homosexuality

Just back from across the pond and you’ll never believe what is packing them in. Comment

Conservative, But Also Focused

“I think the vice president has been a great, positive influence on a number of issues,” New York Gov. George Pataki said, responding to a question about Dick Cheney’s comments last week opposing a federal constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage. “Certainly that’s one of them.” Comment

A Pretty Face, But a Foul Mouth

If the Republican Party is a big tent, then I suppose that John McCain, Rudy Giuliani and Arnold Schwarzenegger were meant to be its chief circus barkers as its national convention opened early this week. Comment

AMERICA'S Largest Circulation Gay Newspaper


A Season to Create Protests

The New York art world is abuzz with political activity. A number of Brooklyn and Manhattan protest-themed exhibitions have opened in the past few weeks and long-time veterans of guerilla action have popped up around the city in places like Grand Central Terminal to do political work with artful skill. Comment


Lorenzo Ciniglio Comment

Come to Suck Your Pockets Dry

A glance at the Playbill title page for “Dracula, The Musical” should have been the tip-off. Comment

Can Kerry Survive Insurgent Bush Bounce?

Everybody has said the election would be close, but I thought Sen. John Kerry would trounce the Bush administration in November for its failures and favoritism to the rich. Kerry’s campaign would tie together tax cuts for the rich, poor job creation and mismanaged wars in Iraq and Afghanistan as potent campaign issues for Democrats. Kerry would run as a proud Democrat saying the Republicans have shown their true colors, providing comfort to the comfortable, economic assistance to the well-to-do. I expected Kerry to make it clear that he is a leader who could unite the left and the center to oppose the power of lobbyists and campaign contributors. Comment

Just Us Girls

Don’t go to see “The ‘All Male’ Importance of Being Earnest” with high expectations, and you’ll have a great time. It’s a campy re-telling of the classic Oscar Wilde play set in New York and the Hamptons that is a campy romp with an attractive cast who throw themselves into the silliness required by the occasion. The show began at the Fringe Festival in 1998 and has been flitting around the city in occasional revivals since then. It is now playing in a limited engagement at the Sanford Meisner Theatre where it is selling out. Comment

Just Us Girls

Wilde and Shakespeare in Off-Broadway deliveries, fluffy and earnest Comment

Slow Rise, Fast Fall

Standing with the chair of the Log Cabin Republican’s national board, a second board member, and LCR’s political director, Patrick Guerriero, the organization’s executive director, fired the latest salvo in what has been a long-running battle between the gay Republican group and the right wingers who dominate the Republican Party. Comment

Sculpture in a Park

Around Labor Day, patrons, dealers, artists and anyone else who can afford it, seems to be on vacation. So it’s a pleasure to see large-scale sculpture, prominently placed outside in public space, for city dwellers and visitors alike. Comment

Sating a Moviegoer’s Thrill-Seeking

You don’t want to travel with Antoine and Hélène—they constantly bicker. You don’t want to go with them to the Basque country to pick up their children from camp, because Antoine likes to stop frequently along the road to have a whiskey. And he makes each whiskey a double. Comment

Struggling for Inclusiveness

Patrik-Ian Polk’s “Noah’s Arc” provides a real alternative to the white-bread ethos of “Queer as Folk” as well so many other gay-targeted entertainments. Comment

Taking On Murder Music

As New York queers take to the streets to protest the Republican National Committee, local activism burns hot. Comment

The Worst Part of Candor

There was a time when gay marriage referred only to the particularly trenchant bond between lights and music at The Saint discothèque on a Saturday night. Comment

The Rage Explodes Within

On Wednesday morning, about ten members of the AIDS activist group ACT UP interrupted a speech by White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card, Jr. during a Republican youth event at Madison Square Garden. The activists committed a daring foray into the heavily fortressed site where Pres. George W. Bush hopes to seal the deal in his quest for another term in office. Comment

RNC Youth Have Mixed Profile

Young Republicans have descended on New York City for the Republican National Convention to re-elect Pres. George W. Bush and Vice Pres. Dick Cheney. They may be party loyalists, but not all align themselves neatly with the policies of the incumbent administration and some are even uncertain about who they will vote for on Election Day. Comment

Public Citizen Number 1

Julian Barnett presents “Float” at Dancenow’s finale at a Dancemopolitan event at Joe’s Pub on September 18 at 9:30 p.m. Comment

Log Cabin Republicans Fault Platform

The Log Cabin Republicans are tired of hearing the “o” word—oxymoron, that is. Comment

Pro-Choice Rally Draws Thousands

More than 20,000 people marched across the Brooklyn Bridge from Cadman Plaza on August 28 and converged on City Hall Park in support of reproductive freedom, just two days before the opening of the Republican National Convention in Madison Square Garden. Comment

Nazis Gone, Life Resumes

“We had to invent the direction of the film, because the book is a succession of little stories that make up one big story. For example, the end of the movie is a big party on the grass. In the book that’s told in a series of letters. We made a whole sequence of it.” Comment


Golan Cipel now says he will not file a sexual harassment suit against New Jersey Gov. James McGreevey, who cited the pair’s consensual sexual relatonship as his reason for stepping down in November. Rachel Yosevitz, Cipel’s attorney, said her client “has no desire to have the taxpayers of New Jersey pay for Mr. McGreevey’s reprehensible conduct.” August 30 was the statute of limitations deadline for a harassment lawsuit, two years after Cipel resigned as an advisor to McGreevey. In a statement, Cipel said, “It is clear to all that McGreevey resigned because he sexually harassed me and that a man of his standing would not have resigned because of sexual orientation or an extramarital affair.” Comment

President Blasted on Gender Politics

A crowd of about 200 filled the Graduate Center of CUNY’s Proshansky Auditorium on August 25 for “Talking Back to the Backlash,” a pre-Republican National Convention forum discussing what was characterized as Pres. George W. Bush’s war on women. Comment

No Support Burden on Lesbian Ex-Partner

By a sharply divided 4-3 vote, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court ruled on August 25 that although a lesbian co-parent promised to contribute support for the child born to her former partner, such a promise was not a binding contract in the state and that the courts could not order her to support the child. Comment




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