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Letters to the editor

January 14, 2004 Comment

News Briefs

Cheney Betrays Lesbian Daughter Comment

The Time For Leadership

Syphilis rates among gay and bisexual men are up all around the country. Rates of new HIV infections among men who have sex with men are also rising. And this week, The New York Times ran a front page Metro section story about the epidemic of crystal meth addiction spreading throughout New York’s gay community. Comment


To honor and celebrate the achievements and personal struggles of Latina lesbian and bisexual women and the organizations devoted to improving the socio-cultural status of women, LLEGO, a Latino LGBT advocacy group, is sponsoring a breakfast, “Es el Tiempo de Nuestras Doñas” on Sunday, January 25. Comment

How Indian Point Could End Unsightly Dandruff

Welcome, hapless reader, to one of those infomercials, masquerading as responsible journalism, that has been cleverly sandwiched between the pages of this fine gay and lesbian periodical. Comment

In Our Own Write

Depending on your definition of gay culture, Whitaker may have a point. According to Whitaker, by the end of the 20th century, which he labels “The Gay Century,” the unique subversive gay style, borne of oppression, had evaporated with the advent of hard-won gay liberation and assimilation. He contends that any remnants of queer culture are exploited by big business and mainstreamed into downright wholesome entertainment, a la the NBC hit “Will & Grace,” palatable to the American masses. Comment

No Jail Time For Coming Out

son he’s gay, but maintains visitation limits Comment

Progress Enacted Without Racor

In a public ceremony in Trenton Monday, New Jersey Governor James McGreevey signed the Domestic Partnership Act, making the Garden State only the fifth in the nation to formally recognize in comprehensive fashion the rights of gay and lesbian couples. Comment

The Heights of Hilarity

“Vertical” is just such an accomplishment, and takes its title to a literal extreme. Unlike most comic books, which are six inches wide by ten inches high, “Vertical” is three by ten inches, stapled at the top, and opens heightwise, allowing for 20-inch high spreads. In moviespeak, it would be dubbed a “tall screen” spectacle. Comment

While trenton decides, albany dithers

As New Jersey enacts its new domestic partnership law, New York State is increasingly falling behind its neighbors in recognizing the rights of lesbian and gay partners. Already, courts in Ontario and Massachusetts have approved same-sex marriage and Vermont pioneered civil unions, which confer on gay and lesbian couples all the rights and responsibilities of married spouses governed by state law. Comment

Supporters See NY as Dean’s Firewall

The Gay and Lesbian Independent Democrats (GLID) and the presidential campaign of former Gov. Howard Dean sponsored a forum, “Downtown for Dean,” on January 11 at the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Community Center that signaled the strong support in the city coalescing around Dean’s candidacy. Comment

Schubert, Courtesy of a Gay Hermeneutic

“Now we’re finally talking about something important,” Jonathan Sheffer said with a laugh. Comment

Reading Room

Thursday January 15 Comment

Gay HIV Infections Rise

In a 2001 study, gay and bisexual men in New York City were infected with HIV at a rate that was nearly ten times higher than the rate for all the study participants citywide, according to city health department records. Comment

Gay Absence on Judicial Panels

Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Sen. Chuck Schumer, and Gov. George Pataki have failed to appoint any out lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgendered legal experts to their panels for screening candidates for the judiciary despite years of lobbying from a coalition of gay and non-gay legal groups. And between them, they have appointed a total of zero members of the LGBT community to the benches for which they are responsible. Comment

CDC Says AIDS Effort Not Enough

“My personal opinion is the answer to that is no,” said Dr. Ronald O. Valdiserri, deputy director at the National Center for HIV, STD and TB Prevention at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. “The AIDS groups are struggling with how to retool and refocus HIV prevention messages and efforts in this new era that we find ourselves in.” Comment

Channeling the Celebrity Spirits

It was surely the first time in his life that Charles Busch ever got a laugh just by saying “Chapter 43.” Comment

A Whiny Right Wing Double Standard

Readers may recall that throughout the Clinton administration, America’s right wing did not hesitate to smear the Clintons, anyone in that administration, and the Democrats generally, with outrageous charges. Comment

Artful dodging

New Year, same ol’ story. Comment

A Life of Quiet Desperation

Directed by Jafir Panahi and written by acclaimed Iranian filmmaker Abbas Kiarostami, “Crimson Gold,” a riveting character study of a broken man, is utterly relentless and absolutely remarkable. Comment

America’s Enigmatic Racial Lines

Any project that aims to investigate something as vast and layered as American racial identity, or lack thereof, has at least 300 million factors to consider: 300 million subjects created from an amalgam of experiences. It is an undertaking, by definition, riddled with concerns of politics, representation, organization, perspective, and, of course, the big kahuna underlying all of these, power. Comment


21 GRAMS Comment

Reading Room

This is such a wonderful evening of theater that even though it deals with such somber subjects as physical and emotional decay, the alienation of the spirit, and life’s incessant wearing upon the soul, one leaves the theater uplifted and enthusiastic. Part of this is because both playwrights––Samuel Beckett and Edward Albee—are so accomplished at exploring the dark and fearful corners of the heart that most of us have created entire lives to avoid. They grab despair by the throat and have the courage to create real and challenging catharsis in the structure of their plays, however absurdist the situations. On top of that, to see two such astonish Comment

Homosocial Intimacy in the Old West

I am a Mormon with same-sex attraction. My wife is threatening divorce because I have confided this to her. Do you have any more information regarding this subject in the Mormon communities? Comment

Fairies Gone Wild, Fa-la

Strephon, a 24-year old pretty boy who freely admits he’s “half a fairy,” laments living in a land where marrying his true love is illegal. Comment

Dispute on Queer Non-Profit Name is Resolved

The New York Department of State has reversed an earlier decision and will allow two gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender groups to incorporate as non-profit organizations using the term “queer” in their names. Upon re-submitting their applications, Queer Awareness and Queers for Economic Justice expect their applications to be approved by the division in the Department of State responsible for overseeing the incorporations. Comment

Disguising Patriotism with Desert Hues

So ubiquitous is the fashionability of camouflage patterns in our culture, it blinds one to the militarization that it suggests. Andy Warhol’s series of camouflage abstract paintings, so foreboding and prescient in their day, now take on a wholly naïve character. Jane Benson, obscuring the glitz of holiday foil garlands with camouflage-colored spray paint, emphasizes a shift from fashion as ornamentation to fashion as not-so-secret weapon. Comment

Dance Card

WOW Moves Dance Fest presents an eight-week winter festival of burlesque, movement theater, and dance. The festival starts with Erika Bernabei’s “Brrrrr-lesque,” billed as a night in […] Comment

7 Days & 7 Nights

Out Professionals, the LGBT white collar networking group, presents “How Changing Your Career Can Change Your Luck,” a 90-minute workshop with Career Coach Ed Vladich, a member of the Society for Human Resources Management. Because Ed earned his HR stripes at some of the best-known Fortune 500 companies, he can help you identify and overcome the stumbling blocks that any lesbian or gay professional may face in managing a career. 6:15 p.m. at the LGBT Community Center, 208 W. 13th St. $12 for members, $9 for non-members Comment


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