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VOLUME 3, ISSUE 352 | Dec. 23 - 29, 2004 Comment

‘Phantom’ Lurks Again

The sixth film version of “The Phantom of the Opera,” Gaston Leroux’s enduringly popular musical, is literally awash in the Andrew Lloyd Webber music that made it such a mega-hit on international stages. Webber produced and co-wrote this film, which means that every note of his score has been immortally preserved in the amber of film as if it were Verdi or Puccini. Comment

Merman and Martin Raise the Roof

Broadway legends revisited in recent DVD releases, just in time of holidays We also publish: […] Comment

Manifest Destiny’s Insouciant Babes

We bring guns & ammo, tits & ass. Why worry? Fat Americans. Fat cops. Buxom beauties in tiny bikinis bearing first aid. Comment

How Many Lovers in One Lifetime?

Bored With the Birdcage, Rorem in his 80s, MoMA’s Money Pit Contact David Noh at We also publish: […] Comment


VOLUME 3, ISSUE 352 | Dec. 23 - 29, 2004 Comment

Some Secular Holiday Grandeur

The entire constellation of exhibitions at the Whitney Museum of American Art represent an instance when the parts equal the impressive sum of shows. Comment

The Kinsey Candor Scale: Bush a Perfect 6

“Kinsey,” the movie, is a warts-and-all biopic, which while common for written biographies, is rare in motion pictures. Comment

Veterans Step Up Pentagon Criticism

The same week that U.S. military fatalities in Iraq surpassed 1,300, a fledging New York-based service members’ organization that is critical of the Bush administration’s handling of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan has garnered newfound national attention. Operation Truth, a 300-member advocacy group, has emerged as a forceful counterpoint to Pentagon statements indicating that American troops will eventually succeed in pacifying an increasingly virulent insurgency and establish a democracy in Iraq. Comment


The sun sets over the West Side of Manhattan near the Canal Street headquarters of Gay City News on Monday, December 20, the eve of the winter solstice and the coldest day in New York City since February. Even for the advent of winter, the temperatures were unusually cold, with wind chills dipping below zero. Perhaps in a nod of the hat to the silver lining that days begin to get longer this week, temperatures rebounded to unseasonably mild temperatures as New York prepared for Christmas Day. Comment


If there’s a notable trend in so-called downtown dance, it would be the exploration or questioning of ontologies. Pressed up against the glass of the media screens, we have involuntarily become aware of how our own physicality resists—and desires—simulation. Questions arising from that awareness are now pouring into live performance, which traditionally has shown peculiar resistance to hegemony and media hype. Where does being end and performance begin? In an age when everyone has their own reality show, the answer becomes much more elusive. We are way beyond Erving Goffman now. Comment

The Thing About Walter

Tackling pedophilia on film is risky, and everything about Nicole Kassell’s “The Woodsman” involves risk—from its subject matter to its star casting including its Christmas Eve opening. Audiences are not used to the pedophile being portrayed as a flawed human being; we’re used to hyperbolic monsters emerging from dark shadows backed by the requisite sinister music. Comment

The Manichean Genius of a Janitor

In the distant yet eerily familiar world of Abieannia, bloody war rages between barbaric, child-enslaving adult overlords and an underground resistance of angelic little girls, as comfortable nude as they are frocked, and nearly all endowed with male genitalia. Comment

The Selling of A President

Joe Klein carries heavy water for George W. Bush in Time’s Man of the Year issue We also publish: […] Comment

Home Is Where the Horror Is

The holiday season returns many of us to our families, the original scene of so many of civilization’s horrors. Kim Ji-woon’s “A Tale of Two Sisters,” following on last month’s Korean cinema survey at the Walter Reade Theater, makes for especially thrilling seasonal fare. Comment


The Gay and Lesbian Independent Democrats (GLID), the oldest queer Democratic club in New York, held its annual brunch on Sunday, December 5 at Rosie O’Grady’s Restaurant in Times Square. Comment

City Pension Funds Recognize Gay Marriage

The five pension systems that comprise the retirement funds for New York City municipal employees have all voted to approve a decision announced November 17 by Mayor Michael Bloomberg that the spouses and partners of same-sex marriages sanctioned in other jurisdictions and of Vermont civil unions will be recognized as though they are legal spouses. Comment

Children Returned to Lesbian Mom

A Georgia mother who claims her children were taken from her because she is a lesbian won a unanimous reversal from a state appeals court on December 16. Comment

Bending Towards Justice

In the wake of November’s election, and the passage of anti-gay marriage initiatives in 11 states, the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community finds itself at a crossroads. Comment

A Sister’s Lament

Signature Theatre Company’s current play, “The Baltimore Waltz,” is an AIDS story, and a whole lot more. Comment

A Stab at Alabama Politics Through Gay Marriage Lens

Picture this: A lanky, 40-plus male, very smart, dressed for the Alabama heat lying on a padded bench in the lobby of the Birmingham Festival Theatre. The walls are covered floor to ceiling with framed posters of dozens of plays the theater has produced over the years ranging from Beckett to Mamet to Kushner to Albee and many, many more. In the background, a man and a woman are shouting lines to each other while they rehearse the next production of Albee’s “The Goat.” Comment

Dancing to Finally Cure AIDS

On December 11, “Move Against AIDS,” a fund-raiser sponsored by MZA Events to benefit the Gay Men’s Health Crisis, raised over $750,000 from participants who gathered financial pledges from friends and families and then convened at the Jacob K. Javits Center and danced the night away. Comment

Dispatch from the Sausage Works

The stark, gray sausage factory of politics has always been fodder for theater. Comment

Gay Republicans Seek Albany Clout

Just like many of their peers, gay Republicans were stunned by the overwhelming support for the anti-gay marriage initiatives that voters in 11 states approved on November 2. Comment

Gender Job Guidelines Issued

Nearly three years after the City Council passed and Mayor Michael Bloomberg signed legislation banning discrimination based on gender identity or expression, the city’s Commission on Human Rights has published guidelines intended to aid employers and businesses in implementing the law’s requirements. Comment

A Time For Humility

Very early this month, I was debating the merits of George W. Bush’s policy in Iraq with a supporter of the president. Comment

East Village Art War Rages

Artist Mark Kostabi, who first made his mark in the East Village in the heady 1980s, was less disappointed about being excluded from “East Village USA,” the New Museum of Contemporary Art’s retrospective about the era, than he was about being shut out from the show’s December 9 opening. Comment

Don We Now Our Gay Apparel

“Bah, humbug!” said New York’s gay community to the icy winds of winter as they gathered on the evening of December 20 at the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center for “A Queer Carol.” Comment

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VOLUME 3, ISSUE 352 | Dec. 23 - 29, 2004 Comment


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