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Feds Target New York Crystal Dealers and Users

At a February 8 town meeting on crystal meth use and HIV among gay men there was a brief discussion on the wisdom of calling on law enforcement to respond to the problem in the gay community. Comment

Embracing a Mission

On that day, in those 19 hours five Octobers ago, it wasn’t love that embraced him, it was the fence to which he was tied and left to die, slowly, beaten, crucified, freezing, in the desolate hills outside Laramie, Wyoming. Comment

The Games Ashcroft Plays

I believe if you’re queer, it is a no brainer that you’d be against the USA Patriot Act. But I’ve argued with two friends––and they are not Republicans!— about the Patriot Act. It expires next year and John Ashcroft would like to install it forever. Gay people should be more worried about it since much of it is about the government taking away privacy. I can’t convince these two friends that it is something they should worry about. They just say, oh we have to fight terrorists. They don’t seem to be educated about what it does. Can you help? Comment

Filling in the Gay Gaps for Dubya

There is nothing more offensive than watching mainstream reporters assist the White House in executing a public relations strategy, but when it comes to reporting on gay marriage giving the Bush administration a hand seems to be all that some reporters are doing. Comment

Harlem Event Targets Women with HIV

On February 7, the Harlem Directors Group, an HIV/AIDS advocacy and policy association, hosted an event at the National Black Theatre in Harlem in recognition of National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness and Information Day. Comment

Huge Turnout for Crystal Forum

Roughly 700 people turned out for a town meeting on crystal meth use and the role the drug is playing in a rising number of HIV infections among gay men in New York City. Comment

Historic Session Convenes in Boston

With thousands of citizens swarming the halls of the statehouse on February 11, members of the Massachusetts Legislature failed to reach a final vote on a proposed amendment to the state Constitution that would prohibit same-sex marriage. Comment

Reading Room

ALICE IN WONDERLAND Bill Osco, the salacious writer/producer/director is back with his first play, an Off-Broadway musical adaptation of 1977’s wicked “Alice in Wonderland,” which re-imagines Alice as a sexual neophyte on a titillating journey of self-discovery and carnal knowledge. This musical comedy is prescribed for “mature audiences” due to “full nudity.” Alice lives with her boozed-up mamma in a trailer park in Weehawken, New Jersey. Wearing a white halter top and skimpy low-rise cut-offs, Alice dreams that a giant Rabbit (Kris Kloss) lures her into his drug-filled domain of iniquity, as she dozes while reading––what else–– ̶ Comment

Confirmed Dead:  Bush's War

The following members of the United States Armed Forces died this past week in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Since the inception of hostilities, 536 service members have died, 398 of them since Pres. George W. Bush declared an end to major combat operations on May 1, 2003. Comment

A Refuge Much Like New York

Call “Valhalla” the swish alternative to “Take Me Out.” The most talked about gay play of 2003 explored masculinity through the eyes of a gay baseball player and his butched-up teammates, while Paul Rudnick’s new gilded gay play examines similar issues through the eyes of a flaming gay king and his sexual renegade doppelganger. Comment

7 Days & 7 Nights

THU. FEB. 12 Poking Fun at Bush Chicago City Limits, New York’s longest running comedy review, presents a biased political comedy for an election year, “Chicago City Limits Gets AmBUSHed, […]Comment

Baring a Young Soul

But it was Hahn’s début recording of three of J.S. Bach’s sonatas and partitas for solo violin, set down for Sony when she was 17, that immediately put her in the international spotlight. That she sailed through Bach’s technically challenging compositions with ease was less astonishing than how she invested those works with emotional nuance and textual coherence. Comment

Better Late Than Never

Tom Judson, aka Falcon porno star Gus Mattox, is unabashedly 43 years old and has had a life in stories, music, experimental theater, Broadway footlights, and adventure to prove he has lived a full life. Comment


BLIND SHAFT Adapted from a novel by Liu Qingbang, “Blind Shaft” is a gritty fable of morality and murder. Set against the backdrop of China’s illegal mining and the nation’s deteriorating […] Comment

Cantone, Dramatis Persona

Cantone has the good fortune of going back 21 years with Michael Patrick King, the bald honcho from “Sex” who surfaces every year around Emmy time. Comment

Kerry Dances as Legislature Meets

“Senator Kerry is tip-toeing around both the state and federal marriage amendment, which I think is unfortunate, to say the least,” said Matt Foreman, leader of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force (NGLTF). “Our position is that the Democratic nominee for president must be unequivocally opposed to state and federal constitutional amendments that seek to enshrine our second class citizenship.” Comment

Keynote Neglects Evening’s Main Theme

The Human Rights Campaign’s (HRC) annual gala dinner blended a celebration of progress with the immediacy of a crisis at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel’s grand ballroom this past Saturday. Comment

The Resurrection of Magic

Once upon a time, during a long bitter winter, there came one night a rare mid-February thaw. In the chilled hearts of the citizens, the brief respite awakened bittersweet musings. In a fitful sleep charged with myth, a queer little boy traveled to a turreted castle set high on a snow-shrouded peak. Comment

Slackers and Blur Disease

Both sides of the gallery’s center wall were covered by loads of photos of guys and choice vacation spots in all manner of framed, unframed, color and black and white prints, pinned up, loosely and overlapping, salon style. This tack board method of displaying 76 images doesn’t really help a lot of the obviously weak work. Comment

Three Way Arabesques

“I was clueless, so I just did stuff. I did every little showcase. I was just making dances, I had nothing to lose,” Pam Tanowitz said about her arrival, young and naïve from Westchester, in New York City. Comment

Uma, courtney, and donna summer moments

The rich, the famous, and the fashionable don’t let a snowstorm keep them from a free meal. Despite several inches of the white stuff, when KOJI IMAI opened the doors to his new restaurant, Megu (62 Thomas St.) for a preview tasting, the house was packed. We’d make the journey again just to see the décor. Comment

X-Rated Cop’s Speech Rights Upheld

The majority and dissent argued furiously about how to interpret the Supreme Court’s rule that public employees are protected from disciplinary action only for speech on matters of “public concern.” A majority held that the officer’s videos fell within this category, a conclusion that left the dissenter figuratively sputtering in outrage. Comment

Will San Francisco Beat Boston?

If he goes through with his plan, it will be a race to see if America’s first same-sex marriages are in Massachusetts, or in the sovereign state of San Francisco. Comment

Schools Seek Sex Ed Revamp

Chancellor Joel I. Klein acknowledged that the city’s public schools were not delivering effective HIV training or sex education to the city’s 1.1 million students at a February 5 joint hearing held by the state Assembly’s education and health committees. Comment

Reading Room

Poet Debra Weinstein will read from her first novel and sign copies. “Apprentice to the Flower Poet Z” is about language, writing and about the relationship of two women, an older mentor and a younger student of poetry. 7:30 p.m. at Barnes and Noble Astor Place. Comment

Running In Front of the Wedge

Democrats are hungry to win this year. That’s the message pounded home by pundits as they follow each primary contest won by a resurrected Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry, the Democratic frontrunner. Comment

Lesbian Spirit Fuels Artistic Venue

When 27-year old Janine Avril moved to Manhattan five years ago from Roslyn, Long Island, her initial introduction to the lesbian social scene left her feeling somewhat disillusioned. Comment

Lyrics Inspired by Loss and Triumph

As a performer, Andersen has an easy style, abundant wit, and wonderful voice that enliven his songs. As a songwriter, he is a superlative storyteller, looking for the kernels of human truth in the tales he recounts, and, like the best storytellers, Andersen excels at the seemingly dichotomous feat of being at once present and in the background, allowing listeners to have their own experience and responses to songs. Comment

Pentagon Bullet Slays Brooklyn Youth

A detailed forensic examination of the scene of a fatal shooting has revealed that the bullet that killed a 19-year-old African American youth on a Brooklyn rooftop actually came from the service revolver of U.S. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld. Comment

News Briefs

The Lesbian and Gay Rights Project of the American Civil Liberties Union has won a settlement with the New York State Department of Labor allowing domestic partners of New Yorkers who have to relocate eligibility for unemployment benefits. Comment

New HRC Chief Visits NY

On the weekend before the Massachusetts Legislature’s historic constitutional convention tackling the issue of same-sex marriage there, Cheryl Jacques, who just last month resigned her seat in that state’s Senate, was in New York City in her new position as executive director of the Human Rights Campaign (HRC). Comment

Witty Romps on Stage

David Parker and the Bang Group’s current evening at Dance Theater Workshop is a driven, busy romp that, in the six pieces shown, demonstrates a great range of emotions expressed with the group’s particular style. It reads a lot like a retrospective. Comment

The False Seduction of Preferred Drug Lists

A debate is raging in the HIV/AIDS community about how to rein in soaring drug costs without hurting consumer access. Comment

Court Orders Marriage, Not Civil Unions

By the same 4-3 vote that ruled in Goodridge v. Department of Public Health on November 18 that refusing to let same-sex couples marry violates the Massachusetts constitution, that state’s highest court told the Massachusetts Senate on February 3 that a proposed civil unions bill that would allow same-sex partners all the same rights and responsibilities under state law as married couples but not call themselves “married” would not satisfy the state’s constitutional requirements. Comment

Confirmed Dead:  Bush's War

Jan. 28-Feb. 4, 2004 Comment


21 GRAMS It takes about 15 minutes to start to make sense out of what’s going on in this movie because director Alejandro González Iñárritu, screenwriter Guillermo Arriaga and […] Comment


Actor Harvey Fierstein will moderate The Crystal Meth-HIV Connection, the second in a series of town meetings on HIV and gay men. Comment

Reading Room

This is such a wonderful evening of theater that even though it deals with such somber subjects as physical and emotional decay, the alienation of the spirit, and life’s incessant wearing upon the soul, one leaves the theater uplifted and enthusiastic. Part of this is because both playwrights––Samuel Beckett and Edward Albee—are so accomplished at exploring the dark and fearful corners of the heart that most of us have created entire lives to avoid. They grab despair by the throat and have the courage to create real and challenging catharsis in the structure of their plays, however absurdist the situations. On top of that, to see two such astoni Comment


What was a local outbreak of antibiotic resistant bacterial infections that hit dozens of gay men on the West Coast in late 2002 and early 2003 appears to have quickly swelled into outbreaks in several cities affecting hundreds of gay men across America. Comment

Dancing Bear

Larry Goldhuber, the biggest man in modern dance, is perhaps most renowned for his performances with the Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Company. He was hired in the mid-80s, a time he recounts, “when a lot of people were coming to New York to reinvent themselves.“ Comment

Bush Requests $2.8 Billion for AIDS

George W. Bush submitted a $2.4 trillion budget on February 2 that would increase spending for the military and national security in the new fiscal year, but cut back on discretionary programs. Comment


New Yorkers have the chance to hear Degout’s North American debut in a song recital that, like those of his great Gallic precursor, the revered Gérard Souzay, mixes French mélodies (Debussy, Ravel, and Duparc) with German Lieder (Robert Schumann, Brahms, and Richard Strauss). Pianist Hélène Lucas accompanies. Hearing a sensitive native French singer take on the exquisite works of Henri Duparc should itself be worth the (modest) price of admission. Comment

Accolades for a Young Athlete

Last Saturday night, Front Runners New York (FRNY) launched the start of their twenty-fifth year at their Annual Awards Dinner in the Refectory Hall at Union Theological Seminary in Upper Manhattan. Comment

7 Days & 7 Nights

Written and performed by Lacey Langston, “Cat Fight,” is the true story of the divine feud between Bette Davis and Joan Crawford acted out with Barbie Dolls. The two stars of Hollywood’s Golden Age appeared together only once in the classic horror film “Whatever Happened to Baby Jane.” Find out what really happened on the set. Thursdays at 9 p.m. at Rose’s Turn, 55 Grove St. Call 212 366 5438 for reservations. Comment

A Depiction of Women Enslaved

We have heard tales of life under the Taliban, how the social repression of woman in an impoverished Afghanistan made it one of the world’s most misogynistic societies. Now, with the release of “Osama,” the first Afghan film made since the Taliban’s fall after the U.S. invasion, these former daily miseries are vividly, unsparingly depicted on film. Comment

A Lens’ Youthful Focus

It is a bitingly cold day in New York City, eight days into the new year. At dusk, New Yorkers dash past each other on the streets, bundled to their necks, bound for the warmth of home. Comment


Bailey House’s 16th annual Open Your Heart Auction will be held Thursday, February 12 from 7:30 to 10:30 p.m. at the Puck Building, 295 Lafayette St. at Houston. Kim Cattrall, Alan Cumming, Todd Oldham, Susan Sarandon, and Natasha Richardson are among the honorary co-chairs, and the evening will include the sale of trips to Puerto Rico, Mexico, and an English country estate, paintings by Mark Beard, photography by David LaChapelle, John Dugdale, and William Wegman, and Oldham-designed La-Z-Boy furniture. Comment

Outspoken Housing Advocate

Gina R. Quattrochi, the executive director of Bailey House, which provides housing and housing support services to roughly 500 New Yorkers living with HIV, is not one to pull her punches. Comment

Tender to the Touch

My cousin has been completely behind me about being gay. I told her about eight years ago and at the time she even bought a book about it for me. I now live a block from her with my boyfriend and she is married with a four-year-old. We spend a lot of time together. Comment


Male and Female Open Category 20-29 Comment

Once Banned, Now Danced

In the early 19th century, British colonial administrators in India passed laws banning classical Indian dance. Odissi, one form of dance, had been performed for centuries, but the British regarded it as deviant, primarily because the female performers were associated with prostitution. The dance got driven underground. Comment

News Briefs

Lambda Legal Defense brought suit against the organization for its discrimination and last week the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, after an investigation, proposed that the case go to the mediation table. Comment

Murder in a Day’s Work

Before the term “controversy” became a publicity buzzword for diets, music videos, and feature films, for certain artists it signified putting themselves at risk in order to bring their work into the world. Writer, director Li Yang deserves laurels for his small yet stirring directorial debut in “Blind Shaft” which created such legitimate controversy in his native China that the government banned his film. Comment

Paternal Perestroika

To even the most casual art historian, the sharply foreshortened figure registers as a dead ringer for “The Lamentation Over the Dead Christ” painting by Andrea Mantenga, one of the most masterful and influential artists of the Italian Renaissance. The only discernible difference is the lack of stigmata on the actor’s hands and feet. Comment


Gay Men’s Health Crisis hosts a panel discussion, “Global Prevention/Global Treatment” to address the question of how the world community is going to stem the tide of new HIV infections and prevent the needless deaths of millions of people living with HIV/AIDS? Comment

Same-Sex Weddings in Bay State

Freedom to Marry Week is Feb. 8-14, but the high court of Massachusetts started the celebration early with its Wednesday clarification for state lawmakers that offering gay couples “civil unions” instead of marriage would not be a constitutionally acceptable compromise. Comment

Recording Artists

The city recently witnessed three concerts involving some of the very few classical vocalists still headlining recording projects. That all three events proved highly worthwhile flew in the face of much critical and fan-based grumbling about dwindling standards. One does regret, in this regard, that the Newspaper of Record chooses to devote so much of its shrinking vocal music coverage to touting crossover frauds like Josh Groban and Britain’s Russell Watson and Amici Forever; British audiences apparently have an undiminishable thirst for this watered-down, airbrushed junk. Comment

Letters to the editor

February 2, 2004 Comment

Making the Tough Call

Legislative leaders in Massachusetts tried to call the bluff of that state’s Supreme Judicial Court, which in November gave them 180 days to conform the law to its ruling that same-sex couples cannot be excluded from the institution of civil marriage. Thankfully, the Court didn’t blink. Comment

Healthy Dose of Queer Attitude

In his seventh exhibition at Matthew Marks Gallery, Nayland Blake steals cultural narratives and applies a queer-black eye upon things associated with the straight gal or guy. Comment

Getting Beyond the Gimmick

The release of three films with common characters helmed by one director in a two-week span certainly seems like a trick to coax you out of $30 or more, doesn’t it? Comment

His Fascinations Are Our Delights

Onstage, nothing upstages a dance like a trivial mishap, so when Peggy Seipp’s toe shoe ribbon comes untied, we can’t see anything else that’s happening in the airy, strutting-about ballet to J.S. Bach music. As we pray she’ll find a place to exit gracefully and repair the problem, one of the lights falls from above and swings perilously above the dancers’ heads. Comment

Homeboys with Issues

In New York’s vogue balls in the late 1980s and early 1990s, the “Banjee Realness” category was an eye-pleasing competition. Mouthwatering black and Latino guys dressed in the latest hip-hop fashions strutted on runways impersonating straight homeboys. Comment

Lessons from Vermont’s Experience

In “Civil Wars,” Moats presents an account of the successful effort to enact civil unions in Vermont that is an easy and quick read. As the editorial page editor at Vermont’s Rutland Herald, Moats witnessed that struggle firsthand and he won a Pulitzer Prize––the Herald’s first––for the editorials he wrote in support of civil unions. Comment

Inchoate Borders Between Brush and Lens

Loretta Lux has remarkable color photographs on view at Yossi Milo Gallery. Lux is a German artist living and working in Ireland, and this is her first New York show. Comment

17-Year Sodomy Sentence

Adopting an extremely narrow view of the scope of two key U.S. Supreme Court pro-gay rulings, including last summer’s sodomy decision, a three-judge panel of the Kansas Court of Appeals voted 2-1 on January 30 to reject a challenge to 17-year prison sentence imposed on Matthew R. Limon, who just after turning 18 engaged in consensual oral sex with another youth who was almost 15. Comment


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