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Cops on the Lookout

Some defense attorneys who are representing men who have been arrested for public lewdness in New Jersey’s Palisades Interstate Park are charging that the police, the prosecutor and the judge in those cases are motivated by anti-gay bias. Comment

Compromising on Our Human Rights

“Armageddon had been averted, and thank God.” So said New York Sen. Charles Schumer in a written statement on Tuesday, expressing the collective relief undoubtedly felt by many of his colleagues, Democrats and Republicans alike, after the Senate averted a showdown vote on whether or not to change the rules to end filibusters in the case of federal judicial nominations. Comment

Elegy and Feast

Choreographer Fiona Marcotty-Dolenga and her ensemble Beat Upon Beat offer a sensory feast in “Paradise Strategies,” an elegy for dance world friends Homer Avila, Alan Eto, Dani Nikas and Amy Sue Rosen. Comment

Eruptions Galore

“Drawn to the Sublime,” Heide Fasnacht’s current exhibition of drawings and sculpture at Kent Gallery intelligently complements the work that has made contemporary drawing art’s most fertile territory. The exhibition presents work made since 1996, shedding well-deserved light on Fasnacht’s complex and original vision. Comment

Enlistment Shortage Jars Congress

On May 25, the House of Representatives approved an amendment to a defense authorization bill offered by Rep. John Hostettler, an Indiana Republican that would grant “special immigrant status” to 63 foreign-born Arabic and Farsi translators who have been working with the U.S. military in Iraq and Afghanistan. Comment

Compromise Advances Anti-Gay Appointment

Senate Republicans and Democrats have brokered a deal that would avert any confrontation over the use of the filibuster against Pres. George W. Bush’s judicial nominees. Comment

Bush Watchdog Grilled

A White House appointee responsible for ensuring fair employment practices testified on Capitol Hill on May 24 that gay federal employees have no job protections that ensure that they will not be dismissed because of their sexual orientation, said Scott Bloch, director of the Office of Special Counsel (OSC), an employment watchdog agency. Comment

A Day for George C. Wolfe

If—God forbid—a bomb had been dropped on the Marriott Marquis on May 17, New York theater would have ceased to exist. Comment

7 Days and 7 Nights

Summer Camp Enrollment Comment

Attention-Seeking Lover

Ever had a hopeless crush on somebody? Nineteen-year-old Nathan Leopold had the ultimate crush. He took his love for the 18-year-old Richard Loeb to such an extreme length that he was rewarded with “life plus 99 years.” Comment

A Wife With Undying Allure

In H.C. Westermann’s show of drawings, sculpture, and prints at Lennon Weinberg’s new Chelsea space, a post-mortem show explores images of his wife, Joanna, in many incarnations—as film star, goddess, seductress, slut and object of desire, as she inhabits one film noir landscape after another. Comment

Barren Moonscape


Honoring a Music Man’s Life

Cy Coleman did not intend to die. He probably intended never to die. Certainly his music is never going to die. Just for one creation that has rung in my own ears for 23 years now, since I first saw “Little Me,” da-da-da-dahh, da-da-da-da-da-daah — or, in Carolyn Leigh’s words, “Pardon me, miss / but I’ve never done this / with a real-live girl … ” Comment

Gay Democrats Honor Thompson

On May 19, the Gay and Lesbian Independent Democrats held its annual spring event at Therapy, a gay bar on West 52nd Street, and honored the public service of City Comptroller William C. Thompson, City Councilman Alan Gerson of Manhattan, both Democrats, and Michelle Maglione, the city’s former director of Citizen Action New York. Thompson is seen receiving his award from Melissa Sklarz, the political club’s president. For more than a decade, GLID has been instrumental in helping openly gay and lesbian candidates to achieve elected office, including Assemblywoman Deborah Glick, a former GLID president, Assemblyman Daniel O’Donnell and State Senator Tom Duane. Comment

Spare Portraits of Family Life

I call “Mother of Sorrows” an arresting collection of stories, a refreshment of tellings. Comment

Panel OKs Transgendered Marriage

The Board of Immigration Appeals has approved a visa petition filed by a transgendered woman on behalf of her male spouse from El Salvador, overturning a denial by the Department of Homeland Security’s Nebraska service center director. Comment


The Lucille Lortel Theater on Christopher Street played host on May 23 to the annual benefit for the Ali Forney Center, a non-profit agency founded by Carl Siciliano that operates two apartment settings—in Hell’s Kitchen and Fort Greene, Brooklyn—with 42 beds for homeless queer youth and has just launched a day center for homeless youth in Chelsea. In a star studded evening of entertainment, sexy pop star Ari Gold and the women’s band BETTY were among the standouts on stage. Comment

Thousands March for Gay Marriage

Roughly 2,000 people, including several leading local political figures, braved threatening skies and unseasonably cool temperatures this past Sunday for a Wedding March from Lower Manhattan across the Brooklyn Bridge to demonstrate support for gay civil marriage in New York State. Comment

Youths Stage One-Acts

Violence permeates American society. Whether it’s the innocent cliff-diving comedy of animated Saturday morning cartoons or the summer blockbuster where the flavor-of-the-year action-star storms his way through a barrage of special effects and choreographed fight scenes, we are a culture that has acclimated itself to violence as a norm. Sexual expression on television continues to be an issue of grave social concern, yet violent imagery is given free reign to trot across screens at every instance possible. Comment

News Briefs

Hate Crimes Bill Now Trans-Inclusive Comment

More Stringent Sex Club Inspections

Services Comment

Lesbian Powerhouse of Funding

The Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice borrows its name from the goddess of justice, the last to abandon Earth and head to the stars, to become the constellation Virgo. Comment

Imp Softens a Hard Heart

The little boy is a Jew, but the old man doesn’t know that. Comment

Life’s Likely Happenstances

Services Comment

Living Wills and the Marriage Debate

Gays and lesbians have long known that without a complex package of legal documents protecting certain rights, same-sex couples are vulnerable to obstacles and setbacks. The appointment of a health-care proxy is a standard part of that package that has also come to include a living will. Comment

Twenty Years Fighting a Scourge

For the 45,000 people who came to Central Park on the morning of Sunday, May 15, for the 20th Annual AIDS Walk New York, it was a time to remember loved ones lost to the disease and to help raise funds to treat new infections. But while the threat of HIV has continued, the face of the epidemic has changed. Where the gay community was once in the vanguard fighting first for its own survival, now it finds itself as the minority community rallying troops to battle the spread of HIV among women and heterosexuals. Comment

When the Lens Gets Too Close

Films don’t get any more oedipal than “Tell Them Who You Are,” a documentary about director/cinematographer Haskell Wexler made by his son Mark. Comment

Touch at Your Own Risk

You can kiss, you can hold hands, and you can hug, but fondling your partner’s nipples is prohibited in city parks. Comment

Fund-Raiser Benefits Service Providers

On May 5, the Gay Men’s Networking organization hosted a fund-raising benefit, “Hard for the Money,” for various agencies, including Bailey House, a residence for homeless, HIV-positive people, Gay Men’s Health Crisis, a health-care provider and God’s Love We Deliver, a social services agency. The event was produced by Raymond Cashman and Amiel Weisblum and was emceed by Bobby Rivers (“Food Network”) and DJ David Gable. Ari Gold, Keyth Lawrence, Tom Vee and Josh Zuckerman provided live entertainment. State Sen. Tom Duane (D-Manhattan), a gay man who is HIV-positive, seen above flanked by Cashman and Weisblum, was a guest of honor. Comment

Focus on Middle-Aged Gays

A forum on gay men and mid-life drew roughly 250 men and women to the Fashion Institute on Technology on May 16. Comment

Gay Man Among Love Letter Winners

Among this year’s winners of a love letter writing competition is a gay man, Anthony Broswell, who lost his lover ten years ago to AIDS. “In the ten years since you died, I have tried so very hard to hold onto that faith in our love. The concept that we would be together again somewhere, someday, seemed easy at first. The trips to your graveside, the letters left, flowers arranged, anniversaries and birthdays marked, became rituals that enforced my commitment. The dates come faster now, but are all the more significant for me. They have become the stepping stones across some vast lake that I must cross to see you again,” wrote Broswell. Comment

How to Network Successfully

Services Comment

City Council Supports Gays in Uniforms

On Wednesday, May 11, the New York City Council passed a resolution urging Congress to repeal the ban on gay and lesbian service members serving openly in the armed force. The resolution was requested by American Veterans For Equal Rights N.Y. (AVERNY) and was introduced by Councilman Alan Gerson, a Manhattan Democrat. Seen on the steps of City Hall on May 11 are Billiam van Roestenberg; James Reilly; Maj. Jeff McGowan, Ret.; Claude Ashby, Jr.; Denny Meyer, president of AVERNY; and City Councilman Alan Gerson. Van Roestenberg and McGowan were married last year by Mayor Jason West of Nyack, and are now plaintiffs in a lawsuit suing New York for the right to have their marriage legally recognized. Comment

A Canon Long Familiar

This assembled collection of early to mid-‘60s artworks by Claes Oldenburg, Andy Warhol, Sigmar Polke, Gerhard Richter, Roy Lichtenstein and Konrad Lueg has an overall effect similar to seeing the Elgin Marbles for the first time. Comment

Casting a Spell

Rocker and satirist Frank Zappa once quipped, “the older you get, the more you realize that life is exactly like high school.” Comment

A Filmic Quartet

Three prominent Australian artists––Gideon Obarzanek, artistic director of the extraordinary group Chunky Move, choreographer Lucy Guerin and theater director Michael Kantor––created “Tense Dave,” a psychological merry-go-round that generates the effect of a montage film. Comment

A Good Hand for Color

Marc-Antoine Dupont’s abstract photograms, all dating from 2004 and 2005, pack loads of bold color and graphic snap. With their jazzy geometry of layers and transparencies, soft and crisp edges, they exude a hybrid Mondrian-Photoshop aesthetic. Comment

Beauty Unmatched by Timbre

Services Comment


On May 17, at festive celebrations across Massachusetts, the lesbian and gay community, their friends, families and allies celebrated the first anniversary of legalized same-sex marriage in the only state where such liberty is currently available. Comment

Levada an Enigma in San Francisco

“It’s like the old days of gay lib. We’ll have to go a lot further than Levada to get full equality from the church hierarchy.” Comment

Senate Showdown on Judges

On May 18, the Republican majority leader of the United States Senate, Bill Frist, a Tennessee Republican, kept his promise to help resolve the fate of several of President George W. Bush’s controversial nominees before Memorial Day. Frsit called for a floor vote on the appointment of Judge Priscilla Owen to a federal appellate court. The outcome hinges on whether Republicans can force a rule change that would prevent filibusters by Democrats on appellate court nominations, a shift with potentially significant implications on the constitutional separation of powers between the executive and legislative branches of the federal government. Comment

Rights Group Honors World Leaders

Dressed in a pink plaid shirt and dress slacks, her hair in thin braids, Fadzai Muparutsa could easily pass as another New York lesbian of color, out for a good time on a Friday night. But this 25-year-old activist takes her safety in her own hands every time she leaves her home in her native land. Muparutsa is head of the gender advocacy program of the Gays and Lesbians of Zimbabwe, a group that fights for gay rights and visibility in a country whose president, Robert Mugabe, openly refers to gays as “dogs and pigs.” Comment

Shakespeare, Supersized

As a member of the Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Company, Larry Goldhuber made modern dance safe for big people. The oversize gazelle, whose theater dance pieces are becoming a hot downtown dance ticket, premiered his latest dance theater opus, “Julius Caesar Superstar,” at Danspace Project, May 12 to 16. Comment

Singing Actresses, Past and Present

Services Comment

Sins of Our Fathers

Services Comment

Porn Meets Grand Opera

Spring has definitely sprung, what with all the testosterone oozing everywhere in the lovely, hard-won weather we’re having. Comment

Over the Moon for Manhattan

There is a little nondescript structure—a tool shed or something of the sort—at the corner of Spring Street and Hudson. For the past two weeks, this little cube was plastered on all four sides with posters that merely said FUSE over and over again—an ad for something, a movie or a rock group or I don’t know what. Or care. Comment

Moralizing Amidst the Noise and Haste

If Joan Crawford had made no movie other than “A Woman’s Face” (1941, opposite Conrad Veidt and Melvyn Douglas), she would be in cinema’s all-stars book forever, but in fact she made 97 movies from “Proud Flesh” (1925) to “We’re Coming to Scare You to Death” (1975). Comment

Nebraska Marriage Ban Struck Down

Firing a new shot in the culture wars surrounding same-sex marriage, a federal judge in Nebraska ruled on May 12 that voters in that state violated the constitutional rights of lesbians and gay men under three different legal theories when they amended their state constitution in 2000 to ban same-sex marriages and any other form of legal recognition for unmarried couples. Comment

News Briefs

Communion and the Sash Comment

No Encore, Just Curtains

On Saturday, July 30, 2005, the monster sale ends and the applause stops. As of that date, Applause Books, in the words of the man who founded it and run it for 25 years, “is history.” Kaput. Gone away. Closed. Comment

NJ Partnerships Broadened

Following in the path blazed by a tax court judge earlier this year, another New Jersey trial judge has interpreted the state’s domestic partnership statute to go beyond the rights specified when he upheld the right of a domestic partner to sue for “loss of consortium,” a legal vehicle spouses have for making claims related to suffering or injury their partner endures. Comment

7 Days and 7 Nights

Gay Literary Journal Comment


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