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Iranian Sources Question Rape Charges in Teen Executions

As worldwide protests are taking place against the death penalty and criminalization of homosexuality in Iran in the wake of the hanging of two teenage males in the Iranian city of Mashad, new information is coming in from that country casting doubt on the validity of the rape charges the government there used to justify the death sentences. Comments (2)

Cal. Registered Partner Rights Advance

The California Supreme Court ruled on August 1 that registered domestic partners are protected from discrimination under California’s Unruh Civil Rights Law, a statute that forbids discrimination by “places of public accommodation.” Comment

Black Pride Amidst Crisis

In 2001, a group of black gay men met in New York City to discuss what they saw as the shortcomings in science and studies about the lives in their community. There was not enough research on the lives of African-American gay and bisexual men and what little there was tended to focus on HIV and AIDS. Comment

Confirmed Dead and Wounded

The following members of the United States Armed Forces died during the past two weeks in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Since the inception of hostilities, 1,816 service members have died, 1,672 of them since Pres. George W. Bush declared an end to major combat operations on May 1, 2003. Thus far, 13, 769 service members have been wounded in action. Comment

Death Be Not Proud

Services Comment

Defending Marriage for Black, Same-Sex Couples

There are few institutions in the world more popular than marriage. After all, marriage is one of the few institutions that is common to every culture, race and religion, transcending borders and governments. Comment

Black Gay Men at HIV Epidemic’s Crossroads

The 2005 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention National HIV Prevention Conference held in Atlanta in June should be a wake-up call for black gay men —and anyone else serious about bringing the HIV epidemic under control in the United States. Comment

Arsonists Torch Gay Couple’s Home

On July 25, in an incident reminiscent of an earlier, hate-filled racist era, arsonists torched and burglarized the home of a young Florida couple long subjected to anti-gay taunts and threats. The arsonist’s intent was made clear by the chilling message spray-painted on the low stoop of the men’s home: “Die Fag.” Comment

A Harlem Gathering to Fight Homophobia

On Sunday, July 31, leaders in the gay and lesbian community, clergy members and elected officials hosted a meeting at Riverside Church to call attention to a series of violent attacks against African-American lesbian, gay and transgendered people in what the event’s organizers are calling a state of emergency. Comment

And the Child Shall Lead Them

Tam Ochiai’s new show at the Team Gallery uses kids from the hood to create an installation and prove a point. Comment

An Intimate Narrative

Matthew Marks is presenting its third posthumous exhibition of works by Peter Cain. A young artist of the generation that reintroduced subjective imagery in the 1990s, he is best known for a series of large-scale, mutated automobile paintings. Tapping a realist vein opened by James Rosenquist, Cain riffs on the work of Gerhard Richter and Chuck Close, painting the recognizable through the altering lens of photography. Comment

A Relativism that Offends

What becomes clear on the meandering walk through the Guggenheim’s exhibition of “Robert Mapplethorpe and the Classical Tradition” is the sense of why this photographer’s legacy is so important. Comment

Democrats’ Consensus-Building vs. True Convictions

At the end of July, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton broadened her alliance with the Democratic Leadership Council, a group that maneuvers to play a major role in selecting the party’s presidential nominee, by accepting a leadership role in the organization. Comment

Human Misery’s Globalization

The European demand for a giant fish creates impoverishment in Africa Maggots squirm around the muddy toes of a reed-thin woman as she works the drying racks containing discarded carcasses of Nile perch, […] Comment

Paradise Regained

Come with me tonight Comment

Reverie and Regret

Wong Kar-wai’s latest film, “2046,” is a film of blurs. More often than not, when two characters share the screen, one’s face is out of focus. If you wear glasses, the cinematography will leave you wondering if you washed them properly. Comment

Scientology Flap Snares Lopez

The Manhattan borough president campaign of Margarita Lopez was knocked off stride this week by a one-two punch—from the right and the left as it were—about ties between the Lower East Side lesbian city councilwoman and the Church of Scientology. Comment

Super-Virus or Just Dual-Infection?

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Obscenity Challenge Founders

Finding that it was impossible to establish the degree to which constitutionally-protected speech might be inhibited by the obscenity provisions of the federal Communications Decency Act, a special three-judge federal court ruled late in July against a challenge to the statute by Barbara Nitke, a photographer who specializes in sexually-oriented subjects, and the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom. Comment

News Briefs

Jail Time for Lesbian Leader’s Killer Comment

Kicking and Screaming

A promising entry at Midtown International; “Fatal Attraction”brilliantly de-constructed Kathleen Warnock’s new play “Grieving for Genevieve” is well on the way to becoming […] Comment


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Mayor Takes on Bush on AIDS

New York’s mayor, lawmakers, AIDS advocates and public health administrators are scrambling to stop a Bush administration plan that would slash federal funding to New York City’s AIDS programs. The plan, announced last Wednesday by the federal Department of Health and Human Services, would revamp the Ryan White CARE Act, the federal government’s main funding vehicle for AIDS services, and would transfer money to rural areas at the expense of cities like New York. Comment

Mixing Business with Family

There’s one great scene in “Junebug,” a moment worthy of John Ford. At a North Carolina church dinner, the pastor persuades George (Alessandro Nivola), who lives in Chicago with his wife Madeleine (Embeth Davidtz), to sing a hymn. At first, George sings alone, but two other men join in. Their passion is contagious. The whole room watches, fascinated. The lines of community are being drawn. Despite the pastor’s best intentions, they exclude Madeleine, who watches this surprise demonstration of faith, talent and allegiance with a detached, anthropological gaze. Comment

A Broadway Doyenne’s Journey

On Thursday evening, August 18, five days after her 77th birthday, Marian Seldes will make her character’s entrance down an aisle of a theater on East 59th Street, saying to the actor who portrays her driver, morphine supplier, and aide, “Gently, gently. You’re a sadist, Edward.” Comment

7 Days and 7 Nights

THU. AUG. 4 As part of “Pride in the City 2005,” a celebration of African-American LGBT Pride, The Black Gay Research Group presents a two-day summit meeting entitled “Untying Tongues: […] Comment

Iran Executes Two Teens

After an international outpouring of anger from gay organizations at the news that the Iranian government had executed two young men because they were homosexual, human rights groups are saying that while they strongly object to executing minors the two men may have committed a crime. “So far the only thing that we have been able to corroborate is that they were convicted of sexual assault on a 13-year-old boy,” said Ariel Herrera, acting director of Outfront, the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Human Rights Program at Amnesty International, in a July 26 interview. “We couldn’t corroborate the charge of homosexuality at this point.” Comment

Hangings Awaken Long-Overdue Outrage

The report on the hanging of two Iranian teenagers for being gay, the controversies surrounding the initial reports, and the way in which the story has evolved illustrate a number of problems that should concern sentient gay and lesbian people here in the U.S. Comment

Lesbians Lose Job Bias Case

Two lesbian former Columbia University employees lost a summary judgment motion in federal court on July 20 in a sex discrimination suit against their former supervisor, a gay man, Ethan Hanabury.  United States District Judge Denise Cote found that there was no evidence of sex discrimination because Hanabury’s motivation for allegedly treating them differently from other employees was their sexual orientation, not their gender. Comment

Manzano Promises Energetic Initiative

In an interview with Gay City News conducted in May, long before the terrorist bombings in London brought everyday safety back to the forefront in the minds of New Yorkers, Carlos Manzano, a candidate for Manhattan borough president, started the discussion with his ideas on homeland security issues. Comment

Hands and Feet in Buddhist Art

The Rubin Museum is not familiar to many people. It is located in the building formerly occupied by Barney’s on 17th Street at Seventh Avenue. Its artistic mission is to show art from the Himalayan region. Built around a fantastic collection of primarily Tibetan art, the museums’ changing exhibitions explore the sources, themes and ramification of Tibetan—read Buddhist—art. So what was once a kind of temple of retail opportunity is now a kind of temple of spiritual opportunity. Comment

Forging New Shapes, Tones

For a third consecutive season, the New York-based Shen Wei Dance Arts brought uniquely modern choreography to the annual Lincoln Center Festival of performing arts. Comment

Abortion is the GOP’s Third Rail

Be-careful-of-what-you-wish-for has always been the Republican policy regarding reproductive rights. On the one hand, they won the allegiance of social conservatives by attacking abortion. On the other hand, they are prevented from outlawing it because the Supreme Court has ruled that the right to privacy includes a woman’s right to chose. Comment

Bittersweet Teen Awakenings

It is not surprising that the world’s most populous nation, China, an economic powerhouse with limited Western contact, is the subject of a spate of recent films. Comment

Destination Unknown

Given the strength of Ireland’s economy, dubbed the “Celtic Tiger,” it might be tough to remember a time when the nation’s young people flocked to the United States for a chance at opportunity, even if that meant taking a menial job. Comment

Fascist Panic Attack

If ever anyone relished the pivotal truth that dreams are movies, movies are dreams, it is Bernardo Bertolucci in 1970. A prize-winning poet not yet 30 years old, Bertolucci wrote and directed the movie “Il Conformista” (from the Alberto Moravia novel) that is in itself one great compulsive, overpowering dream, recalled almost entirely in flashback by the buttoned-up, starch-faced Marcello Clerici – the extraordinary Jean-Louis Trintignant – in the back seat of a car that is being driven through the night to where he has been assigned to murder the anti-Fascist professor who was a hero of this aspiring Mussolini-era apparatchik’s university days. Comment

Minorities File for Tobacco Money

Members of various minority groups, including the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered community, have filed a friend of the court brief demanding that the settlement in the Department of Justice lawsuit against the tobacco industry provide over $50 million to remedy the ill health effects caused by smoking in minority populations. Comment

Ohio Court Upholds Partnership Law

An Ohio state appellate court in Cuyahoga County ruled against a constitutional challenge to the domestic partnership registry that was established in 2003 by the city of Cleveland Heights.  The July 14 decision was unanimous in rejecting a bid by a dissident city council member to get an injunction against operation of the registry. Comment

Surrealists Return to the Village

Everything old is new again. Welcome to 1955, when a young woman named Julie Bovasso, an inspired 22-year-old from Brooklyn, is introducing Jean Genet, Eugene Ionesco and Michel de Ghelderode to the United States of America, and vice versa, at the tiny Tempo Playhouse she’s built with her own hands at 4 St. Mark’s Place. Comment

Times Square Thunderbird

Services Comment

Waiting For Karl Rove

Hi, I’m a mainstream pundit. You may remember me from such commentaries as “The GOP and Its Acronym” and “Why Must the Poor Have Such Bad Taste in Clothes?” As a pundit, one of my duties is to impart to you my sense of stylish pique concerning the war in Iraq. The war, when you think about it, is really quite tragic.     Comment

Women’s Lib in a Meat Market

For the women who work the slaughterhouses of late 19th century London, the stench of rotting carcasses and offal is the smell of money. Financial independence from a man is the ability to live as one wants, to keep the bawdy jokes flying, with nothing to think about but “buying a new hat, or being the queen of England” as one of the characters in the Sarah Daniels play “The Gut Girls” tells a new hire. Comment

Spitzer Wins Plaudits at Center

Democratic Attorney General Eliot Spitzer is running for governor next year on a record of having taken on some of the most powerful industries in the state, and last Wednesday evening he appeared before some of the most influential supporters of the LGBT Community Center in an on-the-record appearance. Comment

Serving Under Duress

Margarethe Cammermeyer was a colonel who served as the chief nurse for the Washington State Army National Guard and who admitted being a lesbian during a security clearance interview. She remains the highest-ranking military official to acknowledge her homosexuality while still in the service for which, despite an otherwise exemplary record, Cammermeyer was discharged. Comment

Police Arrest Drifter in Downtown Murder

On July 18, two days after police made the grisly discovery of the beaten and stabbed corpse of elderly Chinatown resident, detectives arrested José Louis Bustos Magana, 28, and said he has confessed to the brutal murder. Comment

Ponderous Musical Performances

Two new Lincoln Center musical theater performances this summer shared a certain commonality. Both “I La Galigo” and “Shadowtime” ran for over two hours without an intermission. Sitting in the dark that long, I wondered why producers of modern opera do not include an intermission. A fellow reviewer ventured, “Because they wouldn’t dare,” when I mentioned my concern.   Comment

Promoting Women in the Film Industry

The third annual Reel Venus Film Festival, a three-day independent film screening dedicated to showcasing a diverse range of short films directed by women, was held July 20-22 in the Leonard Nimoy Thalia Theater at Symphony Space, located on Manhattan’s Upper West Side. The festival featured a total of 45 short films chosen by Reel Venus founder and organizer, Melissa Fowler, for their “compelling, up-to-date subject matter, originality in storytelling, overall production quality and level of sophistication in use of media and technology.” Comment

Retrospective of a Comedic Master

Of all the relatively unsung directors of Hollywood’s Golden Age, few are as in need of recognition than Gregory La Cava who died in 1952. La Cava was that rare maverick free-lancer, whose singular skill as a writer and director made him an easy hire by every major studio for nearly thirty years. La Cava’s comedic mastery was honed by his early silent work with the comedienne Bebe Daniels (“Feel My Pulse”) and W.C. Fields, with whom he made two of that actor’s greatest films, “So’s Your Old Man” and “Running Wild.” Comment

NJ Lewdness Arrests Spark Outrage

Garden State Equality, New Jersey’s gay lobbying group, and the American Civil Liberties Union of New Jersey have called on Trenton officials and the commission that oversees the Palisades Interstate Park to investigate lewdness arrests made by the park police and the harsh sentences given to gay and bisexual men who were convicted of or pleaded guilty to lewdness. Comment


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