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Fear And Loathing In NYC

Perhaps the most urgent documentary to surface this year since “Why We Fight,” the Gotham reality opera “Giuliani Time” critically interrogates the rock-ribbed former mayor’s legacy, unclogging voters’ memory holes just as Run, Rudy boosters crank up their spin machine. Comment

Edmund White’s Own Story

“I never travel without my diary. One should always have something sensational to read in the train.” Comment

A Yank In Euro Clothing

While the dancers stretch and tumble, Antony Rizzi is on the soapbox as we enter the house on opening night, May 2. BAM’s Next Wave Festival offered the100 minute “Kammer/Kammer” by pioneering American born, postmodern ballet choreographer William Forsythe. From the ashes of Ballet Frankfurt, the new Forsythe Company found new homes—and sources of support—in Germany. Rizzi’s biting humor takes aim. We like to laugh at ourselves, right? Comment

Generic Hipness

Xavier, the protagonist of “Russian Dolls,” works on a script for a made-for-TV romance in Paris. His producers tell him to embrace clichés, a request he obliges. “Russian Dolls” mocks the result, staging scenes from the teleplay in overwrought soap opera style. Unfortunately, “Russian Dolls,” directed by Cédric Klapisch, isn’t much superior to its object of ridicule. Its own ideas about love and Generation X are pretty trite. Comment

Gottfried Opposes Frieden

Richard Gottfried, the Chelsea Democrat who is the longtime chair of the New York State Assembly Health Committee, told gay and AIDS activists this week that he opposes City Health Commissioner Thomas Frieden’s proposed relaxation of state laws related to HIV testing and the sharing of patient treatment information, including ending the requirement that patients give written consent prior to testing. Comment


“Goodnight Jim Bob.” Comment

High Court Judge Bows Out on Marriage

Potentially complicating the four gay marriage lawsuits that will be heard by the state’s highest court on May 31, Associate Judge Albert M. Rosenblatt, one of the court’s seven justices, has recused himself. Comment

A Regular Old Fashioned Girl

Monica Bill Barnes is kind of old-fashioned. From the looks of the three or four Barnes works I’ve seen—including “Thank You and Good Night,” recently premiered at Dance New Amsterdam—she’s happy to be that way. She would rather blow confetti in your hair or give your smile muscles and tear ducts a workout than be queen of the downtown scene. Comment

AIDS Pioneer Still Focused on Gay Men

A former public health official who was among those who first investigated HIV in the U.S. said that “denial and complacency are still the greatest obstacles to progress” in the battle against AIDS. Comment

7 Days and 7 Nights

Screening: Reel Venus Film Festival Showcase Comment

7 Days in dance

Volume 5, Number 19 | May 11 - 17, 2006 Comment

7 Days in cinema

Recently Noted: 4 (CHETYRE) An instant sensation upon its premiere at the 2004 Venice Film Festival, Ilya Khrzhanovsky’s debut feature bagged a Tiger Award in Rotterdam last year and floored ’em […] Comment

9-11 Surviving Lesbian Partner Can Sue

A state appeals court in Brooklyn unanimously ruled on May 2 that the surviving lesbian partner of a 9/11 victim can sue the victim’s brother, who is refusing to share benefits paid out by the Federal September 11 Victim Compensation Fund. Comment

7 Days of readings

Recently Noted. Comment

Juan Mendez Is Dead at 41

Born on February 21, 1965 in San Juan, Puerto Rico and raised there, Mendez lived for many years with AIDS, a condition that in recent months forced him to curtail full-time work and rely on disability. According to family members, he was struck down with heart failure in his Chelsea home at the time of his death. Comment


Lambda Legal, one of the nation’s preeminent LGBT legal advocacy groups, which will argue a same-sex marriage case in front of New York State’s highest court on May 31, held its annual Liberty Awards at Manhattan’s Metropolitan Pavilion on Monday, May 8. This year the group honored Bishop Gene V. Robinson, the gay leader of the New Hampshire Episcopal diocese, Tony-Award winning actor B.D. Wong (“M. Butterfly”), and Prudential Financial. Kevin Cathcart, the group’s executive director, is shown here with Robinson and tennis great Billie Jean King. Comment

The Beautiful People

A roomful of beautiful men in black and white makes any trek to DUMBO worth the trip, and Wessel + O’Connor has assembled a striking show of Herb Ritts’ photographs from 1984 to 1995. Ritts—known for his fashion and editorial work, films, and videos, as well as for being a celebrity favorite portraitist, especially of Madonna’s—gives us a peek into his more personal and private life in this show. These images of bodybuilders, circus performers, models, and friends—whether nude, caked with mud, or bathed in sunlight—capture his vision of the idealized male. Comment

True Believers

With “Faith Healer,” playwright Brian Friel delivers one of my favorite types of evenings in the theater—a small story, richly and warmly told that exists as much in the art of the storytelling and the characters as it does in the plot. A series of four monologues, the story is ostensibly about the 20 years that an itinerant faith healer, Frank, spent with his wife, Grace, and manager, Teddy, as they scrapped together a living going town to town in the U.K. That’s at least the surface plot. The real story is about how we create our own realities, how we are separate even in community, and the ways in which the heart can guide choices the head might never make. Comment


The Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund, a Washington-based group that offers strategic, technical, and financial support to openly LGBT candidates and officials, held a fundraiser in Manhattan last week, and honored one of the group’s all-time big winners—New York City’s new City Council speaker, Christine C. Quinn, shown here with board member Scott Widmeyer. Quinn is among more than 300 openly gay, lesbian, and transgendered elected officials across the nation. This year in New York, one of the Victory Fund’s major endorsements is for Sean Patrick Maloney, the former top Clinton White House aide running in the Democratic primary September 12 for state attorney general. Comment

Youths Slain in Anti-Gay Fatwa

A 14-year-old boy has been murdered by Iraqi police for having sex with men and thus “corrupting the community,” according to eyewitness accounts of the killing collected by a London-based group of gay Iraqi exiles, who have also provided details of a second such execution. Comment

Volcanic Archipelago

Two young Japanese girls with impossibly small handbags paused as they walked past the plate glass windows of Galapagos Art Space on North Sixth Street in Williamsburg. Comment

Precocious Partners

Michael Helland and Daniel Linehan first gained notice in a duet they showcased at “Young Americans,” a Food for Thought event curated by Miguel Gutierrez at Danspace Project at St. Mark’s Church in January 2005. The dance, called “Precious Little Something,” is a warm, witty display of resistance to and discovery of young queer love—which turns out to be entirely true. Comment

N.H. Lesbian Partnership Win

In a ruling that could potentially extend a right of same-sex domestic partnership benefits to all state and local government employees in New Hampshire, a trial judge ruled on May 3 that denial of such benefits violates the state’s law banning sexual orientation discrimination. Comment

Layers Of Probing Attention

The current exhibition at Betty Cuningham Gallery by painter Judy Glantzman pairs recent large-scale canvases with an array of small, hand-modeled figurines from 1996. Well-known for her enigmatic figure paintings, Glantzman’s beautiful, tough new works are built up through layer upon layer of probing attention. One can easily imagine the artist in her studio, ruthlessly painting over and then uncovering passages, as the evidence of her process mounts and eventually covers every square inch of the picture. Comment

Making Arguments They Don’t Like

While saying they support gay marriage, Eliot Spitzer, the state attorney general, and Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg are characterizing the anti-gay marriage briefs they filed with the state’s highest court as a requirement of their jobs or a task required of the government agencies that wrote the briefs. Comment

Marriage Defeat Cheers Advocates

A California same-sex couple suffered a setback in their campaign for marriage—but gay public interest legal groups scored a win—when the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit, in San Francisco, ruled on May 5 in the appeal of an earlier decision by District Court Judge Gary Taylor. Comment

New Briefs

More Gay Flak for Howard Dean Just one week after Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean tried to tamp down the suspicion that he had fired Donald Hitchcock, his top advisor on LGBT issues, […] Comment

Mom, Marlene Dietrich, and a Night of Bondage

I think of my mother at some of the strangest times. One of those was a few years back in a Berlin leather club watching people getting tied up. Now, let me explain, before you jump to some strange conclusions. Comment

600 Join Pride Agenda In Albany

The Empire State Pride Agenda had its biggest lobby day ever in Albany on May 8 as 600 people from Suffolk to Buffalo—some of them representing political, religious, union, and social service groups—tried to build support in the state Legislature for same-sex marriage, a stalled anti-bullying bill, and the long overdue inclusion of protections for people of transgender experience in the state human rights law. Comment

The Origin of Hate

It’s always difficult to hear about gay bashing. The recent events in the Caribbean island of St. Maarten, where two gay New Yorkers were brutally attacked while on vacation with friends, only highlight the need to understand what creates this mentality of hate. Comment

Comptroller Challenges AIDS Funds Split

In a letter to New York City Health Commissioner Thomas R. Frieden dated April 27, city Comptroller William C. Thompson, Jr., raised concerns as to whether a major contractor providing $471 million in AID/HIV services was equitably distributing those funds across the five boroughs. Comment

Brutal Realism

The fly wranglers who worked on “The Proposition” must have been very busy. This Australian Western is almost all scuzzy atmosphere. Filmed in extreme heat, it captures the desert so vividly that you might start sweating in sympathy. Its male characters’ faces never seem to have felt the touch of a razor blade or washcloth. Hillcoast de-romanticizes the 19th century, cutting off nostalgia at the pass. His film isn’t free of the past’s bonds, though—it owes a major debt to Clint Eastwood and Sam Peckinpah’s revisionist Westerns but seems content to reprise their innovations. Comment

Dean Fires Domestic Partner of Gay Critic

Democratic National Chairman Howard Dean has fired the party's gay outreach advisor Donald Hitchcock because Hitchcock's domestic partner, Democratic consultant Paul Yandura, criticized the party for not doing anything to oppose anti-gay marriage referendums in the 2004 elections and had no strategy to do so again this year. Comment

Going Global on Gay Rights

May 17 will be the second annual International Day Against Homophobia. This year, IDAHO has been endorsed by the European Parliament, in its landmark resolution condemning homophobia, passed January 18, as well as by the Belgian Parliament, and will be observed with public actions and demonstrations in more than 50 countries, including China and Iran—but not in the United States. Comment

Germany Looks to Its History

Thirty-six years separate the death of the modern German homosexual rights movement and the birth of modern gay liberation movement in America in 1969 on the streets of the West Village. Comment

Broadway Buzz

If Bernadette Peters and Patti Lupone ever decide to really hang it up, there’s a lot of talent waiting in the wings to take over as Broadway Musical Queen. Christine Ebersole is approaching legendary status, playing both Edie Beales in “Grey Gardens,” while Sherie Rene Scott is utterly dazzling in “Landscape of the Body,” and then there’s Marin Mazzie. Having recently triumphed in “On the Twentieth Century” and “Kismet,” Mazzie will be performing at Feinstein’s at the Regency on May 15, hopefully with hubbie, the equally talented Jason Daniely (“The Full Monty,” “South Pacific”). Comment

April Showers Vocal Variety

Steven Blier’s New York Festival of Song filled Merkin Hall April 11 with the kind of fascinating nonpareil exploration of the song literature that makes this venture such a rewarding part of Manhattan’s musical life. The theme, “Godmothers of Song,” took in several centuries’ span of music generated by patronesses—not a few of them lesbian, as Blier pointed out. Comment

7 Days in cinema

Recently Noted: 4 (CHETYRE) An instant sensation upon its premiere at the 2004 Venice Film Festival, Ilya Khrzhanovsky’s debut feature bagged a Tiger Award in Rotterdam last year and floored ’em […] Comment

7 Days of readings

Recently Noted. Comment

Anti-Gay Chaplain Fined

A three-judge panel of the U.S. 6th Circuit Court of Appeals, based in Cincinnati, ruled on April 26 that Ohio prison authorities did not violate the constitutional rights of a state prison chaplain when they fined him two days pay for defying an order to allow an openly gay prisoner to lead a musical group of inmates during prayer services. Comment

Humble Sophistication

The well made, the machine made, and the expertly crafted have retaken ground in studio practice these days. These gestures seem equally matched by those efforts resulting in the nearly made and barely crafted. Allison Smith comes to mind when thinking of the former category. Gedi Sibony in the latter. Comment

Killer Pumps, Achilles!


Shocking, Awful Delights

Dubbed the “Pope of Trash” by William Burroughs, director John Waters is a rare personality whose body of work includes the cult classic films “Hairspray,” “Female Trouble,” and “Pink Flamingos.” His films are about people who would never win in real life, yet they always win in his movies. Comment

Seymour Hersh and The American Brain

Dear New Yorker Magazine. Comment

Suicidal Tendencies

The millennium has come and gone with no apocalypse, and nary a horseman in sight. Still, beneath the blissful glow of globalization, a culture rife with suicide, school shootings, and hatred festers—to say nothing of the young warriors and insurgents initiated since 9/11. Violence wins. Death rules. Comment

The End of ‘Gay USA’ and All Public Access TV

Congress is fast-tracking a bill that would severely cut back on the obligation of cable TV companies to devote channels to public access and fund the facilities to run them. If you care at all about preserving these precious community outlets, go immediately to for the latest information on the bill and how you can stop it. Comment

The Bad And The Beautiful

As the tempest blows over Tribeca, a quiet storm is brewing at the scaffolding-corseted Walter Reade with a panorama of Syrian films, one of the national cinemas yet to enjoy its 15 minutes. Comment

Out In South Africa

Funeka Soldaat is a South African woman who’s determined to live life her way. Although she is expected to look feminine, she flaunts her masculinity. After people warned her that having a lesbian wedding in her community would be like committing suicide, she told her street committee she would be getting married.. Comment


Volume 5, Number 18 | May 4 - 10, 2006 Comment

Letters to the Editor

Please address letters to the editor to Comment

A Giving Priest Who Was Very Much Human

With a debut screening last Thursday of “Saint of 9/11” at the Tribeca Film Festival, director Glenn Holsten and co-producers Brendan Fay and Malcolm Lazin offered up a wonderful gift to humanity and to history. Comment

Mayor, NYPD Punt on Steel Gym

While saying he did not “know the specifics of the case,” Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg defended the police department’s legal action against a gym for allegedly allowing a drug dealer to sell there even though the gym’s owner had asked police to arrest the dealer. Comment

Media Circus for B’way Rainmaker

What is unspeakable about “Three Days of Rain” has very little to do with the play, the production, or even Julia Roberts’ performance. After it opened, I was truly shocked at the lengths people in the press, on chat boards, and in conversation went to heap vitriol on Roberts—so much that it made the national news. Comment

NYPD Seeks Park Slay Witness

Police in Brooklyn are making a full-court press to locate a witness who was the first person to come across the body of William Oliver, 61, who was stabbed to death in Prospect Park on Saturday, April 22. Comment

New Briefs

LGBT Equality and Justice Day, sponsored by the Empire State Pride Agenda, is bringing at least 500 people from around the state to Albany on Monday, May 8 to lobby for equal rights for same-sex couples, an anti-bullying bill, and transgender rights. The assembled are scheduled to hear from state Attorney General Eliot Spitzer, who says he supports the right of gay couples to marry even while he argues before the Court of Appeals on May 31 that the state Constitution currently provides no right to such marriages. Comment

7 Days in dance

Volume 5, Number 18 | May 4 - 10, 2006 Comment


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