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New Asylum Trial For Singaporean


News Briefs

Studies: More Americans Know Gay People Comment

Oh No, Not Again!

As demonstrated by Brian Brooks Moving Company’s premiere at Dance Theater Workshop, some artistic strategies are best avoided. Making movement that’s too often repetitive and rendered slowwwwly over excessive stretches of time, then naming your dance “again again” tempts a viewer’s snarkier inclinations. Allowing movement to be upstaged and engulfed by an unwittingly comical art installation doesn’t help. Comment

Madeleine Takes Manhattan

There is just something about her voice. You know it the minute you hear her sing the first few notes of a song. It’s the way her voice trembles and reverberates with the depth and richness reminiscent of vocalists like Billie Holiday and Peggy Lee. Madeleine Peyroux has a way of phrasing each word with a uniqueness that makes her songs individual and elegant, peaceful and soothing, sophisticated and reflective. While she has been recording music for ten years, the release on September 12 of “Half the Perfect World,” is only her third album. Comment

Into The Labyrinth

Su-Mei Tse pairs two rich and ancient traditions in “Proposition de détour,” a serene installation at Peter Blum Gallery in Chelsea. A labyrinth patterned after the one in Chartres Cathedral and cut out of a colorful Persian carpet occupies the main gallery space’s floor. Comment

The Foley Follies

The quick death but seemingly interminable after-illness of Congressman Mark Foley’s political career have of course offered delights—primarily a tasty nosh over the specter of Republican hypocrisy finally made blatant—and plain—enough for practically all Americans to soak up. Far too many people could not get that it was Dick and Lynne Cheney, and not John Kerry and John Edwards, who were the hypocrites when it came to the question of young Mary’s lesbianism. Comment

Piss-Poor Policing In San Francisco

Old prejudices die hard. One would have thought that by now that members of San Francisco’s police department would be trained to avoid engaging in gay-bashing, but an October 3 decision by U.S. District Judge Claudia Wilken suggests otherwise. The opinion relates Andrew Marconi’s allegations of his brief but horrific experience at the hands of some plainclothes officers in the wee hours of March 7, 2004. Comment

Pride Agenda Hosts Pro-Marriage Senator

When playwright Tony Kushner introduced U.S. Senator Russell D. Feingold at the Fall Dinner, the annual fundraiser benefiting the Empire State Pride Agenda, he did little more than read a list of all the progressive positions held by the senator. Comment


The New York City Bar Association hosts a panel discussion about current judicial, legislative, and political developments on the local, state, and federal levels affecting the legal and civil rights […] Comment

7 Days in dance

Volume 5, Number 41 | October 12 - 18 , 2006 Comment

The Great Appropriation

Why isn’t Donald Baechler a bigger critical hero in the art world? What is it about his particular intersection of cultural investigation, studio practice, and aesthetics that eludes those who might invest some rigor into the position and production of this artist? It’s hard to know why, but the current exhibition at Cheim & Read offers enough material to convince those more qualified than this author to go about the business of mining the intelligence and currency of this work. Comment

Steve Reich Forever

The music may be minimalist, but the numbers are not. At 70, perpetually baseball cap-clad New York composer Steve Reich, whose groundbreaking compositions have helped change the course of music in the latter 20th century, continues to produce works whose repeating patterns and ever-varying textures dazzle the senses with their brilliance and complexity. Comment

Speed Bump for California Nups

Rejecting San Francisco Superior Court Judge Richard Kramer’s March 2005 decision in the California marriage case, a three-judge panel of the state’s 1st District Court of Appeal ruled on October 5 that the Legislature and governor, not the court, should decide who can marry whom there. Comment

Spitzer, Feingold ESPA Headliners

Roughly 1,200 people raised than $1 million for the Empire State Pride Agenda (ESPA) at its Fall Dinner, the annual fundraiser produced by the statewide gay lobbying group. Comment

Indonesian Gays Fight Back

“Many LGBT people are arrested and detained, often without charges or clear reason, only to be released after a few days,” said Widodo “Dodo” Budi Darmo, the 35-year-old director of campaigning for Arus Pelangi, which was formed in January this year as Indonesia’s first explicitly activist LGBT group on the legal and political fronts. Comment

Was the Pass Merely a Feint?

Everybody at the fabulously successful Empire State Pride Agenda Fall Dinner understood that persuading the state Assembly to pass a gay marriage bill was task number one for next year. Comment

All You Need Is Love (And Sex)

Ah love. It takes many forms and makes itself felt in different ways in different films. Often love is a man protecting his family in an action movie, a girl and her wild horse in a sentimental drama, or more commonplace, a man and a woman and the infinite variations that Hollywood seems to spin on that tried and true formula. For independent filmmaker John Cameron Mitchell however, love is a bit different. It comes from the front, from behind, in groups of two, three, or 20—or, in one very memorable scene, love comes from and into you. Comment

Casting For Revivals

The first weeks of the Metropolitan Opera’s season suggest that the real challenge facing new General Manager Peter Gelb is not so much glossy new productions but rather interesting and appropriate casting of revivals. Comment

7 Days and 7 Nights

The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center presents artist Judith Z. Miller’s exhibit “Sticks & Stones: Primal One-of-a- Kind Wearable Art and Sculpture.” Miller is a self-taught artist inspired by the beauty of nature and the guiding force of her intuition. She creates primal, wearable art and sculpture, ritual staffs, and hiking sticks from tree branches, stones, and paint. Her designs are entirely hand-made and one-of-a-kind, using no electric tools. The Center is located at 208 W. 13th St. 212-620-7310. Free. Through Nov. 10. Comment

7 Days in cinema


Confirmed Dead and Wounded

The following members of the United States Armed Forces died during the past two weeks in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Since the inception of hostilities, 2,745 service members have died, 2,601 of them since President George W. Bush declared an end to major combat operations on May 1, 2003. Thus far 20,687 service members have been wounded in action. Comment

Debacle Threatens AIDS Housing

Elected officials and advocates for people living with HIV or AIDS gathered Tuesday in Midtown to skewer the Pataki administration over an adjustment in the way rent is calculated for PWAs in the city who live in government-subsidized housing so that their monthly payment will no longer be limited to 30 percent of their income, but could well exceed 50 percent. Comment

Gay Bash Victim Clings to Life

Three men have been charged with assault and robbery, both of the charges carrying an enhanced penalty potential because police view them as hate crimes, in an attack on a 28-year-old gay man that began in a parking lot situated between the Belt Parkway and Plum Beach, near Brooklyn’s Sheepshead Bay neighborhood. Comment

Gay Power Politics in Berlin

“Will Wowi become the first gay chancellor?” was the headline of Germany’s largest circulating newspaper, Bild, following the re-election victory of Berlin’s openly gay mayor, Klaus Wowereit. The mayor, a member of the Social Democratic Party (SPD), Germany’s leading left-of-center party, is universally known as Wowi in this capital city of 3.4 million. His stunning victory on September 17 has catapulted him onto the national political stage in Europe’s largest nation; with a population of 82 million, Germany tops Britain, France, and Italy each by more than 20 million people. Comment

Foley scandal briefs

Hastert Will Fire, But Not Resign Comment


Volume 5, Number 41 | October 12 - 18 , 2006 Comment

Delightful Disorder

Many years ago, I had the opportunity to work with Shari Lewis and saw first-hand from a few feet away how magical ventriloquism is. I will go to my grave absolutely convinced that a dressed-up sock could talk, and I am probably among the relatively small handful of people who have ever experienced the salty side of Lamb Chop responding to a deal gone south. The magic of this art form is that even close-up, it is absolutely credible that an inanimate object could take on a life and a personality. No wonder, ventriloquism has been seen at various times throughout history as a dark art, form of demon possession, or sign of mental illness. Comment

Distilled Agression

When saxophonist John Coltrane went into the studio in February 1967 to record his final full album—“Interstellar Space,” a duet with drummer Rashied Ali—he scarcely could have realized its significance. Dying five months later, this was in essence the final statement he left behind, his career cut short at 40. Since then, almost any avant-garde saxophonist or drummer worth their salt has done an album in the same vein, a rite of passage akin to the solo piano album or “With Strings” disc. But these sax-drum duos are almost never working groups, much like “Interstellar Space” was a one-off project. Comment

Hubris And Contrition

Gay governor, Jim McGreevey, comes clean, speaks out In “The Confession” McGreevey airs his dirty linen in publication and earnestly attempts to deconstruct his former self, which was “pathologically […] Comment

Gay Power Politics in Berlin

“In the beginning I underestimated my power as a symbol,” Wowereit said in August as he headed into the final stretch of his municipal re-election bid. “I have received so many letters, for instance, from the provinces, which showed me how much hope has become attached to me.” Comment

News Briefs

Though he voted for the federal Defense of Marriage Act in 1996, Sen. Joe Lieberman (D-CT), running as an independent versus same-sex marriage supporter Democrat Ned Lamont for Lieberman’s U.S. Senate seat, introduced a bill this week extending federal benefits to same-sex partners who are “unrelated by blood and living together in a committed, intimate relationship.” The bill is co-sponsored by Sen. Gordon Smith, Republican of Oregon. Rep. Barney Frank’s (D-MA) companion bill in the House, introduced last year, has 81 co-sponsors, but has not been allowed a hearing in the Republican-controlled body. Comment

Opera Openings

Moffo Memories, Dombasle Delights, Lady Composers, “Curtains” Sags Beverly Sills proved herself one of the great enduring New Yorkers at the opening night of the New York City Opera (9/19), […] Comment

Ms. Piggee Fired

An Illinois community college did not violate the constitutional rights of a devout Christian teacher in its cosmetology clinical program when it decided not to renew her contract due to her proselytizing of students, the U.S. Court of Appeals in Chicago ruled on September 19. The problems with Ms. Martha Louise Piggee came to light when a gay student objected to anti-gay Christian pamphlets that Piggee urged him to read. Comment

Model Of Taste

The Metropolitan Opera’s new production of “Madama Butterfly” directed by Anthony Minghella, falls under a particularly intense microscope. Not only is the staging judged on its own merits, but a massive publicity blitz has positioned this production as the bellwether of General Manager Peter Gelb’s incoming administration. Comment

Our Mission

We had some sad news from Omaha last week. Cancer ended the life of Aleta Fenceroy, 57. For eight years, Fenceroy and her partner Jean Mayberry ran Fenceberry, an informal news service. Until 2004, when Fenceberry shut down, the two spent many hours a day, without compensation, collecting and distributing news stories, editorials and letters to the editor that were of concern to the lesbian and gay community. Journalists, community members, activists and many others benefited from their work. Comment

Queens Marriage Rally

“Those who put out this decision thought something very, very wrong,” said Christine C. Quinn, speaker of the City Council and an out lesbian, referring to the July 6 ruling from the state’s highest court that barred gay couples from marrying in New York. “They thought it would stop us...We will move forward with our allies and gain our equality.” Comment

Rhode Island-Mass. Border Opens

A Massachusetts Superior Court judge ruled on September 29 that same-sex couples from Rhode Island should be able to marry in Massachusetts, but that couples from New York may not. The ruling came as a follow-up to the decision by the state’s Supreme Judicial Court (SJC) in the Cote-Whitacre case, decided on March 30, which generally upheld the ban on out-of-state gay marriages. Comment

Stacking Up The Grids

Roberto Juarez fills the Charles Cowles Gallery with colorful abstract paintings that recall Shaker “gift” drawings from the 19th century. Networks of grids, drawn with chalk on rice paper, contain layers of diagrammatic systems of patterned circles reminiscent of the phases of the moon. Setting up contradictions between the painterly and geometric, Juarez manages to suspend our ideas surrounding the graphic image and our more sensual pleasures that only great painting can address. Comment

Still Kicking


Gay New Yorkers Will Marry If Spitzer is Elected

Volume 5, Number 40 | October 5 - 11 , 2006 Comment

Sing Out, Shakespeare

What a pleasure to welcome the company Moonwork back to the off-off-Broadway scene. This creative and vibrant company has been MIA for the past three years, and they have been sorely missed. Their insightful and always creative productions of Shakespeare and other classics have always been long on intelligence and innovation. Comment

Lesbian Mom Prevails in Georgia

Reversing a trial court decision that implicitly assumed it is harmful for a child to be raised in a lesbian household, a panel of Georgia’s Court of Appeals ruled on September 27 that a trial court erred by modifying an original custody decree without any evidence that the mother’s relationship with a woman was harmful to her child Comment

Rocker Room

Skint is a British slang word for poor or lacking funds. Raw energy rises from Caitlin Cook’s music and dance performance “SKINT” at The Kitchen September 27-30th, even if it may be under-funded. Curator Sarah Michelson has made no secret of her disenchantment with the poor artist’s plight. Comment

The Nature Of Things

There is a crisis of ideas in the world of today’s theater and film. Whether you’re seeing a top film about the angst of wifedom in white suburbia like in Todd Field’s “Little Children,” or the angst of being a white suburban couple like the one in “The Pain And The Itch” at Playwright’s Horizons, you may be prone to feeling a certain sense of déjà vu. In a world of post-postmodernism, where is there for an artist to go in a world of consistently rehashed subject matter? How about back to basics? Comment

College Curmudgeon

“Reasons for the rejections were all over the map,” the 33-year old author told me. “Some said it was too gay, some said too literary, and some said too commercial.” According to Rauscher, even the gay presses wouldn’t touch it. Yet the reviews, mostly from the deeper recesses of the blogosphere, have been glowing. Comment

Ads With Heat

HIV is a gay disease. Intrigued by that text? Offended? Does it make you resolve to practice safe sex in the future? That phrase is part of an HIV prevention campaign that recently began in Los Angeles and it is intended to wake up a complacent gay community. Comment

7 Days in cinema


7 Days in dance

Volume 5, Number 40 | October 5 - 11 , 2006 Comment

Colorful Topographies

An “open to interpretation” policy is the most realistic gift an artist can give to his or her audience. Although implicitly understood that the artist has a direction or purpose, sometimes the audience fails to properly decode a distinct inspiration. Therefore, the dual understanding that different interpretations come from art is a necessity when presenting abstract imagery. Comment

Council Moves on Clubs

Activists and civil libertarians had mixed reactions to proposed city laws that would require nightclubs to install video cameras and use scanners to check patron’s identifications. Comment

Gender Project 2.0

It’s a man’s world. Even in dance, where women make up the vast majority of the community, men rule. Janis Brenner’s Gender Project proved it, conducting a study that showed by numbers the imbalance in terms of ratio of support for male and female choreographers. Comment

Opera Openings

Moffo Memories, Dombasle Delights, Lady Composers, “Curtains” Sags Beverly Sills proved herself one of the great enduring New Yorkers at the opening night of the New York City Opera (9/19), […] Comment

Gay Jewish Hero

There is an angel at the Bethesda Fountain in Central Park, complete with pigeons perched along both wings; a figure that cries out as a metaphor for the life and times and ineradicable idealism of Tony Kushner, the playwright whose “Angels in America”—loved by many, overrated to some—gained him the Pulitzer Prize in Drama in 1993, when he was a still boyish 37 years old. Comment

Foley’s Smoke and Mirrors

“He’s gay Oh, okay.” The Republican scandal involving Florida Congressman Mark Foley is truly a despicable and revolting episode. First, he resigned in response to an ABC story disclosing his email and internet messages to underage Capitol Hill pages. Then he said he was going into an alcohol rehabilitation program, a la Mel Gibson. Finally, he said that he was molested by a priest as a child. Comment

Foley's Follies

Volume 5, Number 40 | October 5 - 11 , 2006 Comment

Jamaica, Island of Hate

“Jamaica is not a safe environment for gay people to survive in, either physically, emotionally, or psychologically,” said Gareth Williams, the 29-year-old leader of the Jamaican Forum for Lesbians, All-Sexuals, and Gays (J-FLAG), the country’s gay group. Comment


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