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Kelly Jean Cogswell

Eating Raul Castro: Brother Act, Too

Last Thursday, as Iraq burned and flared and burst into an S-O-S of body parts, the visionaries responsible for producing that bomb sat comfortably in D.C. writing the script for a post-Castro Cuba. Comment
Nathan Riley

Fresh Start in 2007 Via Brussels

Before Congress sends more troops to Iraq, it had better ask just what they will be doing. A new report from a non-governmental organization concludes that strengthening the current government will aggravate existing problems. Comment

Spitzer Health, Welfare Picks Praised

AIDS and gay groups are praising the appointment of Dennis P. Whalen to be deputy secretary for health in the administration of Governor-elect Eliot Spitzer and the nomination by Spitzer of David A. Hansell to be the state's commissioner of the Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance (OTDA). Comment

Don't Say No Exit

Crystal methamphetamine-known variously as meth, tina, crank, and ice, among other nomenclature-has over its century-long lifespan been the drug of choice of soldiers, cyclists, and Stepford wives intent on staying svelte. Comments (1)

The United Nations at the Fulcrum

The United Nations at the Fulcrum|When future gay historians examine 2006, they may well conclude that this year marked the point at which the United Nations became the new battleground of struggle for the global LGBT movement. Several reasons stand out. Comment
From the Editor

Brokeback Moment

A couple of hours after my dad arrived Saturday for a holiday visit of several weeks, I asked him if he wanted to watch "the gay cowboy movie." HBO has been playing the hell out of "Brokeback Mountain" all month, I suppose to mark the one-year anniversary of its theatrical release. Comment

We'll Always Be Bosom Buddies

Elderly English sisters living together in their family home and fearing that inheritance taxes might force the survivor to sell if one dies have narrowly lost their claim that this situation violates their basic human rights under the European Convention. Comment

Helping Those Queer at CUNY

Terri Clark, (no, not she of "cry-into-your-beer" country music fame) is an irrepressibly upbeat force of nature in the lives of young students at downtown Brooklyn's New York City College of Technology. Clark, 47, runs the CUNY school's Student Wellness Center and takes special care with young people who are exploring their identity or running into any trouble based on their sexuality or gender. Comment

No Toronto Nups for Irish

The High Court in Dublin has ruled that an Irish same-sex couple married in Canada is not entitled to legal recognition for that union under the tax laws of the Irish Republic. The December 15 decision by Justice Elizabeth Dunne turned largely on her view that the 1937 Constitution should be interpreted according to the meaning its drafters would have intended, which cannot seriously be argued to include same-sex marriage. Comment

Iranian President Stumbles at Polls

Municipal elections in Iran last Friday gave a black eye to hard-line fundamentalist, ultra-homophobic President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, as his supporters suffered a string of defeats. Comment

The State of Our States

As the Human Rights Campaign, the Washington-based LGBT lobby, gets ready for the first possible forward progress in years in Congress under new Democratic leadership, it previewed a report due in January on action on gay and transgender issues at the state level where 379 bills for and against LGBT rights were considered in 2006-about the same number as the previous year. Comment
From the Editor

A Home For The Holiday

"If I only get three more years on this job, there will be no child sleeping on the streets of this city for want of a shelter bed," said Brooklyn Councilman Lew Fidler on Monday, at the second of two City Hall press conferences in five days regarding housing for homeless youth in New York. Comments (1)


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