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2 Anti-Gay 1st Amendment Losses

Anti-gay, religious demonstrators arrested for their disruptive activities during a 2004 Gay Pride street fair in Philadelphia have lost their federal free speech lawsuit, and, in San Diego, a high school student's bid to wear an anti-gay T-shirt to class has been rejected. Comments (2)

Pro Basketball Player Coming Out is reporting that John Amaechi, a former NBA star with teams in Cleveland, Orlando, and Utah, will be coming out as gay on ESPN's "Outside the Lines" show on Valentine's Day. The Web site got a hold of Amaechi's autobiography, "Man in the Middle," which is to be released next week. It revealed that he had a male partner in Britain while playing in Europe and built up a gay circle of friends in Salt Lake City. Comment

Top Activist: Russia's Putin Signals Support for Gay Rights

By: DOUG IRELAND | Russian President Vladimir Putin last Thursday spoke in public for the first time ever about gays - but interpretations diverge about the meaning of what he said. Comment

Bail Denied in Sandy Murder

By: PAUL SCHINDLER | Bail was denied to Anthony Fortunato, one of four defendants charged in the killing of Michael J. Sandy, at a February 7 hearing before state Judge Jill Konviser-Levine in Brooklyn. Comment

Garzon Murder Defendant Admits Being In New York at Time

By: DUNCAN OSBORNE | The defendant in the killing of Edgar Garzon made statements to police prior to his 2006 arrest that put him in New York City during the 2001 homicide, a police detective said at a February 7 hearing. Comment

Gays, Spitzer, Dems Gain On Long Island

By: PAUL SCHINDLER | In a special election held February 6 in Nassau County, a six-point victory by Democrat Craig Johnson narrowed the Republican majority in the state Senate to 33 to 29, and gave the lesbian and gay community one more advocate for marriage equality. Comment

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Guest Perspective

Consuming Karl

By: SUSIE DAY | Now that I have mastered the art of writing for social change, I have decided to become a famous literary agent! Of course, before I open my own agency, I'll need to practice editing. Luckily, the right manuscript recently came to my attention, and I have just finished crafting this cutting-edge feedback. Comment
Guest Perspective

No Deeper Than Skin

By: KELLY JEAN COGSWELL | You may not know a tailback from a nose tackle, but it was worth watching the Super Bowl last weekend anyway, and not just because there were guys in tight pants. Comment
Guest Perspective

Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary

By: MICHAEL EHRHARDT | If the Bush administration's hubristic foray into Iraq conjures up a scenario from the tragedies of Sophocles, the latest sitcom installment of the gang that couldn't shoot straight - no pun intended - could have been scripted by Aristophanes. It's got all the elements of a satire along the lines of "Lysistrata" - sex, war, feminism, buffoonery, and hypocrisy. Comment
New York State

"Dangerous" Candy Ad Pulled

By: ANDY HUMM | The people who make Snickers thought it would be funny to do an ad during the Super Bowl showing two men eating the candy bar from both ends, consummating in an "accidental" kiss, and then needing to prove their manliness by tearing out their chest hair. Online, the company ran other versions of the ad, including one where one of the men hits the other with a wrench to recover his manhood. Comment
New York State

Haggard "Completely Heterosexual" Now

Disgraced mega-minister Ted Haggard, who resigned as pastor of New Life Church in Colorado Springs and as leader of a national evangelical group after it was revealed he had been blowing male sex worker Mike Jones for several years, has been pronounced "completely heterosexual" by Reverend Ted Ralph, one of a panel of ministers overseeing his three weeks of "intensive counseling." Comment
New York State

Gay Sperm Donor Screening Upheld

By: ARTHUR S. LEONARD | The Court of Appeal for Ontario ruled that the protections afforded a lesbian and the gay man she selected to be her sperm donor under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms were not violated by government regulations that bar men who have had sex with other men from playing such a role unless their sperm is put through a special six-month screening process. Comment

Partner Benefits Barred In Michigan

By: ARTHUR S. LEONARD | When Michigan voters approved a state constitutional amendment in 2004 to ban same-sex marriage, its sponsors assured voters that it was not intended to affect domestic partnership benefits provided by some municipalities and public universities in the state. Comment
From the Editor

Three Snickers and A Blanch

By: PAUL SCHINDLER | I will stipulate right up front that I didn't see the now-infamous Snickers ad when it first ran on Sunday night. Truth be told, it was only on Tuesday that I pieced together the fact that the Colts are no longer in Baltimore. Comment


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