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In a Lonely Street

BY IOANNIS MOOKAS | Midway between the epic Indian-hating of "The Searchers" (1956) and the baroque half-breed caricature of "Nevada Smith" (1966) there appeared, from Hollywood's margins, a movie about Indians - real American Indians, not bronzed whites - unlike any before it, and comparable to very few since. Comment

Died on the Fourth of July

BY PAUL SCHINDLER | When news surfaced last Friday that former North Carolina Senator Jesse Helms had died at 86, there was ample reason to remember that man's many evil deeds, and fortunately a good number of people spoke up about them. Comment

A Little Nothing For Everybody

If making documentaries about the Iraq War could end it, it would have been over a long time ago. And if writing think pieces about Americans' apathy toward films about that war could encourage spectators to go see them, Nick Broomfield's "Battle for Haditha" would have played for several months at Film Forum, rather than two weeks, and Kimberly Peirce's "Stop-Loss," produced by MTV Films, would have attracted crowds of screaming teenagers. Comment

Mongolian Lesbian Denied Asylum

BY ARTHUR S. LEONARD | A panel of the US Court of Appeals for the 3rd Circuit, based in Philadelphia, has rejected a petition from a Mongolian lesbian asylum-seeker asking that the Board of Immigration Appeals decision to uphold a ruling that she is not a credible claimant be reviewed. Comment

Lesbian Divorce Not OK

BY ARTHUR S. LEONARD | In a case involving a trial judge who granted a divorce to a couple he did not know included two women, the Oklahoma Supreme Court unanimously upheld that judge's decision to vacate his order granting the divorce. Comment

Vicious Mayhem in Budapest

BY DOUG IRELAND | Well-organized gangs of fascist thugs, numbering in the hundreds and yelling anti-gay and anti-Semitic slogans, brutally attacked the Budapest Gay Pride March on Saturday, July 5, at a number of points along the mile-long, center-city route. The miscreants threw Molotov cocktails, rocks, bottles, feces, and rotten eggs, and fought pitched battles with the police. Comment

Florent Packs It In

BY GABRIEL ZUCKER | "I realized a long time ago that being angry and staying angry only hurts oneself," said Florent Morellet, speaking two days after his famed Florent diner closed in the Meat Market. Comment

A Gansevoort Déjà Vu

BY PATRICK HEDLUND | Just as celebrated restaurateur and gay advocate Florent Morellet was shuttering his famed Meatpacking District diner for good on June 29 after months of speculation over the space's fate, news broke that the landmark property's owner planned to reopen it immediately as a restaurant - with the same menu and staff that Florent had. Comment

A Pride Boost For Bob Zuckerman

BY PAUL SCHINDLER | Bob Zuckerman, an out gay hopeful for the 39th District City Council seat in Brooklyn that will be vacant in the 2009 election, got support from local politicos and some citywide LGBT leaders at a fundraising barbeque at Cattyshack, the popular lesbian club on Fourth Avenue in Park Slope, on June 28. Comment

Keep Your Ears Open

BY ELI JACOBSON | The word "diva" has become overused and abused and the homosexuals - yes, that means you Missy! - are partially to blame. Rightfully bestowed in its original usage to honor such immortals as Maria Callas, Joan Sutherland, and even Anna Netrebko of late, it also has often been applied to any popular, prominent female performer. The title is appropriate to such undeniably fierce female pop stars as Aretha Franklin but becomes meaningless when bestowed on pop tarts who have passed their sell-by date. Comment

The Audacity of Politics

BY ANTHONY M. BROWN | If any Democrat seriously worries that Barack Obama is irretrievably turning right, I have two words of advice - get real. This is presidential politics at its best. And if we are sincere in our desire to change Washington, we need to see the forest and not simply the trees. Comment

Lesbian Writer's Block In Paris

BY KELLY JEAN COGSWELL | There's free wifi in Paris at all of the libraries, and most of the parks and municipal buildings. A great thing, right? But for a while now the program's pornography filter has been blocking almost every web page with the words "gay" or "lesbian" or "gai" or "goudou" or even "lesbiana." I can't research queer news or queer history or activism. Worse, I can't access my own Gay City News or Gully online articles, even my blogs. Counting both journalism and activism, almost 15 years of my work and life have disappeared. Comment

Bloody Moon over Thebes

BY ANDY HUMM | You know you're in trouble when you get mooned by the star before anything else happens in the National Theatre of Scotland's production of Euripides' "The Bacchae." John Tiffany - who gave us the much-lauded "Black Watch" last year - directs a new version written by David Grieg that opens the Lincoln Center Festival 08. Comment

Ms. Green Sings the Blues

By day, Ryan Green sits behind that queer spacepod of an elevated desk just inside the front door of the LGBT Community Center on West 13th Street. There he oversees a staff who welcome more than 5,000 Center users each week, a responsibility that includes the Herculean task of keeping the place safe for everyone. That might mean smoothing ruffled feathers, calming frayed nerves, talking down a drama queen, setting some limits, and occasionally even calling an ambulance. Comment

Rocky Road

BY CHRISTOPHER BYRNE | It's a very good thing that Neil LaBute's "reasons to be pretty" has scheduled a Broadway transfer because this play is, quite simply, one of the best new works in New York right now. LaBute, who has chronicled the testosterone-charged, maladaptive, and downright hostile behavior of men in relationship to women, has written a beautifully mature and complex play that kept me on the edge of my seat and my heart racing. Comment

Candid Girls of Summer

BY DAVID NOH | Versatile Veanne Cox personifies the kind of New York actress who is always working, on or Off-Broadway, and never disappoints. She's playing Sister in the Encores! presentation of "Damn Yankees" (through July 27; 212-581-1212 ) and told me, "Sister is a family friend - I come on and say something funny and leave and that happens about four times during the show so all I have to do is have fun. I do a reprise of a song with some children where you get to hear my own voice, which bounces off the back walls with very little subtlety there. I think I was meant to live in another era where you couldn't be on Broadway if you didn't have one of those big old voices which needed no amplification." Comments (1)

Sarcasm Eases the Shocks

BY GARY M. KRAMER | Brent Gorski stars as the title character in "Holding Trevor," a fine romantic comedy-drama he penned about a trio of gay and gay-friendly 20-somethings searching for love and the meaning of life. Comment

New Festival Site Mostly Draws Praise

BY DUNCAN OSBORNE | While the 2008 Pridefest won mixed reviews from attendees, none showed the anger and disappointment that was on display in 2007 when many people came to the festival only to find it had been canceled. Comment

Grand Prospects

BY ELI JACOBSON |The enterprising Peter Gelb decided to jazz up the Metropolitan Opera in the Parks series this summer by substituting a celebrity duo concert for the full-length operas in concert they usually present. Comment

Old Standards in Concert

BY DAVID SHENGOLD | June is generally New York's lightest month for classical music -- certainly for staged opera. Two enjoyable concert stagings of popular favorites enlivened the past few weeks. Comment

Boy Trouble

Despite being somewhat disjointed and incongruous in its approach, the Public Theater's production of "Hamlet" in Central Park nonetheless proved a satisfying evening. While I would quibble with some of the choices made by director Oskar Eustis, he gets high marks for the clarity of the storytelling and the absolute attention to language and diction that keep this production clear and always comprehensible. Comment

Voiding of Lesbian Divorce Upheld

In a case involving a trial judge who granted a divorce to a couple he did not know included two women, the Oklahoma Supreme Court unanimously upheld that judge's decision to vacate his order granting the divorce. Comment

Trans Activists Demand Respect

Roughly 500 people joined the fourth annual Trans Day of Action for Social and Economic Justice that stepped off from City Hall Park, went through the Wall Street area, pausing for a brief protest in front of the city Human Resources Administration (HRA) headquarters, and then ended near the South Street Seaport. Comment

380, Some Stars Included, Turn Out for LGBT Youth

BY PAUL SCHINDLER | At a June 30 dinner at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Columbus Circle, the Trevor Project, a non-profit that operates the only nationwide, around-the-clock suicide prevention helpline for gay and questioning youth, raised nearly $175,000 to support its programs. In addition to the helpline, the group, on its website, offers a confidential resource, "Dear Trevor," through which youth can ask questions about sexual orientation and identity issues, and provides lifesaving information for parents and educators in identifying and assisting potentially suicidal youth. Comment

Paris: Not So Gay for Dykes

BY KELLY JEAN COGSWELL | You'd think lesbian culture would flower here in Paris, the city that welcomed Natalie Clifford Barney, Janet Flanner, Gertrude Stein, and Colette, who once ran around my current neighborhood half-naked with bliss. But Saturday, we could barely get a dozen girls to march in the Paris Pride Parade as "Goudou explosive," Explosive Dyke. Comment

Records, Repression Globally

BY DOUG IRELAND | Gay Pride events worldwide during the week ending June 29 were marked with violent attacks by right-wing thugs in the Czech Republic and Bulgaria, while in Hungary a gay bar was firebombed; the Cuban government's break-up of Havana's first-ever attempt to hold a pride march; the largest-ever pride march in France, where 700,000 crowded Paris; the first-ever pride march in New Delhi, India; and a rain-soaked event in Berlin where the honored guest was a 95-year-old man thought to be perhaps the only living survivor of the Nazis' gay holocaust. Comment

Coming Up Roses

BY NATHAN RILEY | Something new is happening this election year, and my anxieties don't gnaw anymore. When after the kiss and make-up, I made a contribution to Hillary Clinton to help with her debt, I felt optimistic without feeling manic. Comment

First Post-Stonewall Spark Recalled

BY ANDY HUMM | "On June 26, 1969, the thought of a gay community center or even a gay community would have been impossible," said Jerry Hoose, moderating a forum sponsored by SAGE, Services and Advocacy for GLBT Elders, on the emergence of the Gay Liberation Front (GLF) shortly after that date. "But on the night of June 27, 1969, things changed." Comment

Council OKs HIV Cuts

BY DUNCAN OSBORNE | The City Council passed a 2009 budget on June 29 that succeeded only in reducing the cuts to HIV services made by the Bloomberg administration and did not maintain any funding for hepatitis C and crystal meth programs. Comment

Some Like it Wet

BY WINNIE McCROY | Lesbian visibility in all its diversity was the order of the day on Saturday, June 28 when the 16th annual New York City Dyke March stepped off from Bryant Park at 42nd Street, traveling to Washington Square Park in Greenwich Village. Befitting the theme of "Sexy, Screaming Sixteen," participants ran the gamut -from lipstick lesbians and high femme bisexuals to minivan moms fighting for marriage equality to transmen celebrating gender identity and expression. Comment

No Dutch Treat

Part of this year's "New Directors/New Films" series, co-presented by MoMA and the Film Society of Lincoln Center, "La France" is undoubtedly the best gender-bending World War I musical you'll ever see. Impossible to classify, it's a war movie with a love story that only flowers in its beginning and then in its closing moments. It's far more fully realized than the kind of promising but not quite accomplished film "New Directors/New Films" often showcases. Comment


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