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Russian artist: cartoons are protest, not pop 

Claire Oliver Gallery is currently featuring a site-specific installation by the Russian artist Georgii “Gosha” Ostretsov — who has been part of the Moscow art scene since the mid-1980s. Eclectic, and as visually overwhelming as it is enticing, “Coolville” is comprised of painted, mural-sized canvas comic strips that sparkle through vivid color and form. Arranged along the walls, suspended from the ceiling, and contrasted with the occasional life-size figurative sculpture, the paintings have not only taken over the gallery’s exhibition space; they’ve transformed it into a science fiction wonderland. Comment

Prep school fascists navigate power, murder, love

The monsters in Lucy Thurber’s “Monstrosity” are perfectly nice American fascists — prep school kids and their housemasters, not quite what Sinclair Lewis foresaw in his 1935 “It Can’t Happen Here.” Closer to what Calder Willingham and Ben Gazzara were showing us at the Theater de Lys on Christopher Street in their 1953 “End As a Man.” Comments (1)

Questioning gender, confronting fear

Upon meeting Tribeca sculptor Linda Stein for the first time, one is struck by the contrast of her no-nonsense New York spunk and the genuine warmth of her personality. Comment

Leader in Fight Against Bogus Porn Store Busts Vindicated

The gay man who was arrested for prostitution in a Manhattan porn shop last year and then led the opposition to such busts by police had his guilty plea vacated and his case dismissed on June 22. Comment


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