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Harold Ford’s Gay Problems

While his two votes backing an amendment to the US Constitution that defined marriage as “only the union of a man and a woman” and effectively barred any state or federal constitutional claim to marriage for same-sex couples might be enough to cost him gay support, earlier votes cast by Harold Ford in the House may further alienate gay and lesbian voters. Comment

Saint Fred

Fred Goldhaber, a gay activist for almost 40 years and the founding teacher at the Harvey Milk High School in 1985, died of liver cancer on November 15 at his home in Jersey City. A native of Brooklyn, he was 63. Comment

Kennedy Bars Prop 8 Broadcast

In response to an emergency petition filed by the supporters of California’s Proposition 8, US Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy has temporarily barred the judge presiding over the lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the anti-gay amendment from broadcasting the proceedings, which began on January 11. Comment
Kelly Jean Cogswell

Queers Need Their Own WikiLeaks

A DYKE ABROAD: You'd think the Tea Partiers would be acclaiming WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange as their newest hero. Comment

Ah, Paree!

Whoever said Paris is a woman was certainly correct. Although bitterly cold and ridiculously expensive (a tiny can of Coke Zero went for the equivalent of $3 on the street), the City of Light this past holiday season retained its beauty, elegance, and charm –– strengths personified by its celebrations of three distinctive femmes. Comment

Carmen is a Cat

Bizet’s “Carmen” is musically a surefire entertainment machine with one great tune after another. Dramatically though, it is a minefield for the director and the protagonist. In avoiding familiar clichés, both directors and mezzos can be misled into foolish choices. Comment

Together In Change

Tremors sometimes caused Brad Lamm’s hands to shake all day long. The TV anchorman and newspaper columnist had become essentially immured in his life of crystal meth and booze –– to the point where his friends feared he would die. They intervened, convincing Lamm to check into rehab. Comment

Attorney: No Hate in Price Attack

The attorney for one of two men charged in a brutal 2009 assault on a Queens gay man said his client was not motivated by anti-gay bias. Comment

Kurland Assaulted on New Year's Morning

Yetta Kurland, the out lesbian civil rights attorney who unsuccessfully challenged City Council Speaker Christine Quinn in last September’s District 3 Democratic primary, was the victim of an apparently random assault by a young man during the early mornings hours of New Year’s Day. Comment

Refugee Law Fails Gays in US

Anti-immigrant sentiment has led Congress over the past few decades to make it more and more difficult for an individual to be granted refugee status in the United States. Legislation has erected new procedural hurdles, and the requirements regarding evidence have been toughened considerably. As a result, people whose lives really are in danger because they are gay sometimes can’t find refuge in this country — ironically, at a time when it seems clear that such asylum is vitally needed. Comment

Republic of Georgia Frames Gay Leader

In the Republic of Georgia, a muscular December 15 raid by homophobic security forces of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) on the country’s LGBT organization, the Inclusive Foundation, resulted in the arrest of founder and president Paata Sabelashvili. The officials framed Sabelashvili on trumped-up drug possession charges. Comment

Battles Royal on the London Stage

A week in London began at the Royal Court Theatre with a cockfight — three cocks and a hen, actually –– in Michael Bartlett’s provocatively titled “Cock,” about the quandary of a gay man (the amazing Ben Whishaw) torn between a fading partnership with another man (Andrew Scott) and an unexpected liaison with a woman (Katherine Parkinson). Comment

Women Want What?

For anyone who grew up post-“Our Bodies, Our Selves” or has ever been exposed to the self-indulgent body musings of Eve Ensler, it may be inconceivable that there was a time when the orgasm was a mystery, sexual pleasure was somehow illicit, and women –– and men, for that matter –– didn’t think their bodies were an inexhaustible topic of interest. Comment


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