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Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Thrown Out

The military’s Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy violates the First and Fifth Amendments of the Bill of Rights, ruled US District Judge Virginia A. Phillips in a carefully detailed opinion released on September 9. Comment

Was Gandhi Queer?

A new biography of Gandhi that examines the passionate love the man revered by India as Bapu, the “father of the nation,” had for a German bodybuilder has caused an international furor. Comment
Feature Series

Double Lives Gays Lead in Baghdad

Third in a Four-Part Series | Hassan mistakenly thought I had a sexual fetish about Saddam Hussein. I made an offhand comment about Iraqi policemen’s 1970s San Francisco clone moustaches — the kind sported by the dictator. Hassan held one hand up high, clenched in a tight fist, suggesting the dead ruler’s iron Comment


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