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He Learned from the Master

At the height of World War II in 1943, a couple of soldiers stationed at South Carolina’s Myrtle Beach Bombing Range — Woodie Wilson and a six-foot-four queeny blond MP known as “Sister Kate” — had met so many queers in uniform on other Southern military bases they decided to start a newsletter for them, which they called the Myrtle Beach Bitch. Comment

The Passion of Vito Russo

When Vito Russo died on November 1, 1990, after a long and torturously painful battle against AIDS, the author of the best-selling “The Celluloid Closet: Homosexuality in the Movies” was one of America’s best-known gay activists and certainly its most famous radical queer. Yet he was only 41 years old when he left us. Comment

Moscow Pride March Good to Go -- Or Is It?

Moscow authorities, for the first time, have given the green light for a gay pride parade to be held with city authorization. Comment

Arizona Privileges Married Heterosexuals in Adoption

One day after standing up to right-wing zealots by vetoing a birther bill that would require presidential candidates to produce a birth certificate in order to appear on the ballot in Arizona, Republican Governor Jan Brewer, on April 19, signed legislation gives prospective adoptive parents who are married preferential treatment over families headed by unmarried couples, gay or straight, or single people. Comment

Perry Moore, Gay Novelist, Film Producer, Director, Dead at 39

Perry Moore, an out gay author and film screenwriter, director, and producer, was found dead February 17 in the West Houston Street apartment he shared with his domestic partner, Hunter Hill, who came upon him unconscious in the bathroom that morning. Comment


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