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Media Runs With Kruger Gay Stories

Shortly after Brooklyn State Senator Carl Kruger joined seven other Democrats in voting against New York’s marriage equality bill in December 2009 –– dooming it to a 38-24 loss –– a busload of LGBT activists descended on two homes blocks apart where Kruger either claimed to live or in fact resided, with some picketers loudly decrying him for being closeted. Comment

Maryland, For Now, Steps Back From Marriage Equality

After an emotional three-hour floor debate March 11, the Maryland House of Delegates sent a marriage equality measure back to the Judiciary Committee. Comment

Advocates Upbeat After Cuomo Meeting

A March 9 meeting that Governor Andrew Cuomo convened with nine leaders in the effort to enact a marriage equality law this year in New York is getting very positive reviews from several participants who spoke to Gay City News, both on the record and on background. Comment

Saint Paul Won’t Marry You

State trial judges do not have the authority to overrule decisions by the highest court in their state, so perhaps it is not too surprising that Hennepin County District Judge Mary DuFresne in Minneapolis has dismissed a lawsuit brought on behalf of three same-sex couples seeking the right to marry in Minnesota. Comment

Marriage Equality NY Not Part of Cuomo Albany Huddle

Governor Andrew Cuomo will host what the New York Times is describing as a “confidential strategy session” with leading advocates of marriage quality in the State Capitol in Albany on March 9. Comment

NYC Moves to Protect Trans’ Access to Marriage Licenses

The Transgender Legal Defense and Education Fund (TLDEF) announced on March 8 that the city of New York has initiated a new policy to ensure that transgender people have equal access to marriage licenses. Comment

Analysis: Supreme Court Nixes $5 Million Verdict v. Fred Phelps

Ruling 8-1, the Supreme Court affirmed a decision by the US Court of Appeals to set aside a $5 million tort verdict against Fred Phelps and other members of his Kansas-based Westboro Baptist Church in connection with the picket they staged near the funeral of Matthew Snyder, a Marine killed in action in Iraq. Comment

Responding to Israel Flap, LGBT Center Announces Mar. 13 Community Forum

In the wake of an emotional debate pitting the LGBT Community Center and defenders of Israel against critics of the Jewish state’s treatment of Palestinians living in the territory it controls and other community members concerned about the cancellation of a fundraising party those critics had planned at the West 13th Street facility, the Center is now planning a “Community Forum” on Sunday, March 13 at 5 p.m. Comment

Firestorm Over LGBT Center Jettisoning Critics of Israel

The February 22 decision by New York’s LGBT Community Center to cancel a party planned to mark Israeli Apartheid Week (IAW), an annual international mobilization by critics of the Jewish state’s treatment of the Palestinians who live in the territory it controls, has sparked outraged response from many LGBT New Yorkers, including a good number of prominent Jewish lesbian and gay activists — but has also won support from other progressive Jewish gay leaders and journalists. Comment
Kelly Jean Cogswell

Owning the Streets in the Facebook Era

There have been riots ever since humans have had cities, strikes ever since we’ve begun leading mechanized lives. Mass movements have been claiming the streets ever since there have been masses. Facebook doesn’t change that. It’s just a new version of an old tool — media — that makes popular action easier and more effective. Comments (1)
Nathan Riley

Policing Expert Hails NYC’s Success, Warns Against Over-Zealousness

It sounds like a Chamber of Commerce press release. Or a talking point designed to keep alive presidential speculation about one very rich mayor. Comment

What Mart Crowley Knew

The “Boys” in “Making the Boys” are those from Mart Crowley’s 1968 landmark play turned 1970 film, “The Boys in the Band.” Crayton Robey’s affectionate documentary traces Crowley’s life and work before, during, and since his controversial and astonishing success. Comment

Rendezvous With Destiny

Out gay Buddhist surrealists don’t come a dime a dozen. Comment

Gay Man’s Attacker Faces More Time

A man sentenced to just 45 days in jail and three years on probation for his participation in three 2009 assaults on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, including an attack on a gay man visiting from Boston that was originally charged as a hate crime, has violated his probation and could get more jail time. Comment

Courts Limit Porn Producers Drive to Block Pirating

Gay porn producers have increasingly turned to the federal courts to protect their revenue base, filing copyright infringement lawsuits against those who illegally download their videos on the web –– but recent court rulings may place nearly insurmountable obstacles to their continued reliance on such litigation. Comment


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