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Guest Perspective

An Open Letter to Governor Andrew Cuomo

Dear Governor Cuomo, Last fall, I was honored to receive a call from your campaign staff inviting me to bring homeless lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) youths from the Ali Forney Center to a campaign event for you in Brooklyn with President Clinton. The youths were excited to see you and President Clinton, and we felt the invitation demonstrated a real concern from you about their lives and their plight. Comment

Elizabeth Taylor, AIDS Pioneer, 1932-2011

Elizabeth Taylor –– who for a majority of Americans was a towering international film star and celebrity for their entire life –– will likely be remembered most fondly in the LGBT community for her pioneering work in alerting the nation and the world to the urgency of the HIV/ AIDS epidemic. Comment

Saving Homeless Youth Shelter Beds Down to Wire

With budget negotiations in Albany hurdling forward toward the potential of an on-time April 1 final package, advocates for homeless youth as well as the city’s Department of Youth and Community Development (DYCD) fear there may not be time to avert a significant cut in funding for emergency shelter programs. Comment
Guest Perspective

For Carl

Carl Joseph Walker-Hoover was a sixth grader in the Springfield, Massachusetts schools in 2008-2009. Comment

Bi-National Lesbian Couple Can Press US Marriage Claim

In what appears to be the first such action of its type, an Immigration Judge in Manhattan has adjourned deportation proceedings for the Argentine lesbian spouse of an American citizen to allow the couple to proceed with their application to have their marriage recognized for purposes of federal immigration law. Comment

US Keeps Defending DADT

Despite the enactment in December of the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Repeal Act of 2010, laying out a roadmap for ending the military’s anti-gay policy, the Department of Justice (DOJ), on February 25, filed its brief supporting its appeal of a ruling last September striking down the ban as unconstitutional on its face. Comment

Outlaws Still

In the mid-1980s, a study by the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force found that 23 percent of gay men and 11 percent of lesbians reported they’d been harassed, threatened with violence, or physically attacked by police because of their sexual orientation. Comment

He is a Camera

Anyone who reads the New York Times Style Section knows Bill Cunningham’s work. This sly, shy photographer follows the trends — baggy trousers or polka dot dresses — for his “On the Street” collages, and he documents the who’s who of high society for his “Evening Hours” photo spreads. Comments (1)
Kelly Jean Cogswell

Queer in River City

A Dyke Abroad: It’s hard to know where to start this week. Comment

Our Bat, Our Ball, Our Leagues

It’s time to play ball, gay New York! Comment

That Kiss on Glee!

All those wasted Will Truman years! Comment

LGBT Center’s Ban on Israeli Critics Debated at Forum

While the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Community Center can legally ban a group that opposes Israeli government policies toward Palestinians, it was clear at a town hall meeting held at the Center was that some in the community expect more from the 28-year-old institution than merely complying with the law. Comment

20th Year of St. Pat’s Exclusion

The St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Manhattan marks its 250th anniversary this year and its 20th excluding Irish gay groups from marching. Comment

Probation Urges One Year for Basher

A man, now 21, who received a light sentence for participating in three 2009 assaults on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, including one originally charged as an anti-gay hate crime, could get a year in jail after he violated his probation. Comment

Eight to Ten Weeks

A March 9 meeting that Governor Andrew Cuomo convened with nine leaders in the effort to enact a marriage equality law this year in New York is getting very positive reviews from several participants who spoke to Gay City News, both on the record and on background. Comment

Pelosi v. Boehner on DOMA

With House Republican leaders stepping up to defend the Defense of Marriage Act in the wake of the Obama administration’s conclusion that it is unconstitutional, Nancy Pelosi, the California Democrat who is now the minority leader, has written to Speaker John Boehner, an Ohio Republican, to object, citing the House general counsel’s intention to hire outside attorneys to assist due to lack of time and budget resources. Comment

Boehner Will Defend DOMA in Court

In a statement on March 4, House Speaker John Boehner, an Ohio Republican, said he will convene the Bipartisan Legal Advisory Group –– made up of the top three GOP House members and the top two Democrats –– to develop a plan for defending the federal Defense of Marriage Act against court challenges. Comment
From the Editor

This May Well Be a Sprint

If you are in the race of your life, it always helps to know it. Comments (1)

Four Held In Brutal Queens Killing Marked by Anti-Gay Slurs

Four Held In Brutal Killing Marked by Anti-Gay Slurs Comment


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