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NY High Court Upholds Verdicts Against NYPD Retaliation

The Court of Appeals, New York State's highest bench, in a decision announced March 31, unanimously affirmed jury verdicts for two New York City Police Department officers who claimed they suffered retaliation for opposing discrimination against another officer perceived as being gay. Comment

Five Arrested, Four Wed in Manhattan Marriage Actions

Barely a month after shutting down Sixth Avenue in Midtown during a morning rush-hour demonstration demanding equal marriage rights for same-sex couples, Queer Rising, a grassroots direct action group, blocked traffic on Third Avenue for roughly ten minutes at the 5 p.m. rush on April 4 outside Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Manhattan office. Comment

Wal-Mart Harassment Policy Trumps Religious Bigotry

The US Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit has ruled that Wal-Mart Stores did not violate the religious discrimination provisions of the 1964 Civil Rights Act when it discharged an employee for spouting religiously-inspired anti-gay bigotry on company premises during a work break. Comment

Moscow Activist Brings Message to US

As Russia’s foremost LGBT leader, founder of the advocacy group GayRussia (, and head of the Moscow Pride Organizing Committee, Nikolai Alexeyev has been subject to interrogations, arrests, beatings, and even abduction. All but one of the five annual unsanctioned Moscow Pride demonstrations since 2006 have met with police brutality and violence perpetrated by ultra-right counter-protestors. Comment

Gay, Irish Meeting of Minds & Hearts

Marriage equality activist Brendan Fay, found of the annual Queens St. Pats for All inclusive parade in Sunnyside and Woodside, joined Gerry Adams, a recently elected member of the Irish Parliament and head of the Sinn Féin political party, at the Calvary Cemetery in Queens on March 19 in commemorating the 30th anniversary of the H-Block Hunger Strike. Comment

Michael Lucas Says LGBT Center Pressed Jewish Group to Move Meeting

Following his success at getting a group opposed to Israeli government policies toward Palestinians banned from New York City’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Community Center, porn impresario Michael Lucas is continuing to challenge the Center after a group he was scheduled to address there moved its meeting to his home. Comment
Guest Perspective

The LGBT Center’s Town Hall: A Jerusalem Take

At the end of the two-hour town hall meeting at the LGBT Community Center, nobody looked particularly content. No party was recognized as victorious; little news awaited breaking; no obvious sound bites emerged to shape future discourse. After two time extensions, whoever wanted to speak had spoken, and whoever remained of the 100-odd participants at the outset seemed tired, hungry, and anxious to go home. But the debate achieved its purpose. Comment

A Night When Everyone’s 25

In what has become something of the kickoff to the spring fundraising season in New York’s LGBT community, members of the Imperial Court system and the drag and leather communities came together on March 22 at the Times Square Marriott Marquis for the 25th annual Night of a Thousand Gowns. Comment

NYC’s Gay Rights Silver Anniversary

It’s the silver anniversary of the passage of New York City’s gay and lesbian rights bill. The City Council adopted it 21-14 on March 21, 1986, and Mayor Ed Koch signed it into law on April 2. Comment

Progress — and Fits and Starts — on Immigration

In a dizzying — and not fully transparent — series of developments this past week, the prospects for married same-sex bi-national couples hoping to stay in the US showed improvement, though how far-reaching the gains are remains uncertain as of press time. Comment

Youth Shelter Dollars Halved

With Governor Andrew Cuomo and legislative leaders announcing a budget deal late in the day on March 27 — and specific bills putting that into law now being voted on in the Senate and Assembly — advocates for homeless youth as well as the city’s Department of Youth and Community Development (DYCD) take little consolation from their success in maintaining 50 percent of the money available in the current fiscal year to fund emergency shelter programs next year. Comment
Kelly Jean Cogswell

The Company of Women

A Dyke Abroad: Sorry. I’m not done writing about Kentucky and my family. Comment
Susie Day

Downwind From Fukushima: A Mad Activist Dialogue

Snide Lines: MAD ACTIVIST: Oh Innermost Being, I am so sad about Japan. I’m grief-stricken about the earthquake and tsunami that touched off that horrific nuclear power plant crisis. People ripped away from their homes and families, facing radiation poisoning, living in bodies that will soon cause them so much pain, they can’t live anymore. What can I, as an activist, do about this — for the Japanese people and for life on Earth? Comment

Europe-Wide Survey Shows Persistent Homophobia

A think-tank affiliated with Germany’s Social Democratic Party issued a new report in March that shows alarmingly high levels of homophobia in Eastern Europe as well as widespread opposition to same-sex marriage among many Western and Southern European countries. Comment

Fifth Avenue St. Pat’s Gay Ban Draws Fire Again

The group Irish Queers led the 20th protest against the exclusion of Irish LGBT groups from the St. Patrick’s Day Parade on Fifth Avenue –– an event that continues to be boycotted by virtually every major progressive politician in New York, but draws the participation of Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Police Commissioner Ray Kelly, and thousands of uniformed city police officers and firefighters. Comment


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