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Hare Brained

The promotional campaign for “Harvey,” the Roundabout’s genial revival of the 1944 farce about a man and his “imaginary” rabbit friend, prominently features the show’s lead, Jim Parsons, on a mostly blank background. The play has been touted as the first Broadway starring role for the irrepressible Emmy winner fro Comments (1)
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NYPD Announces New Policies on Interactions with Trans New Yorkers

Just days before tens of thousands –– including contingents led by major LGBT community organizations –– are expected to march in Harlem to protest abuses in the NYPD’s stop and frisk practices, the police department has announced change Comments (8)

Castro and Controversy at the Public Library

Perhaps the protective Secret Service agents, golden eagles on their lapels, curly wires leading from their earbuds, represented the political sea change best. In an era of increasing openness between the United States and Cuba, extraordinary steps were being taken to protect the niece of Fidel Castro, Comments (7)

Davawn Robinson Retrial for Edgard Mercado's Murder Opens

The retrial of Davawn Robinson, the accused killer of Edgard Mercado, opened with the prosecution arguing Robinson intended to kill the 39-year-old gay man and the defense saying the death was an accident that came during “rough and kinky” sex. Comment

Mother and Son 

Mathieu Demy, son of filmmakers Agnès Varda and the late Jacques Demy, makes an ambitious, even audacious feature directorial debut with “Americano.” The story concerns Martin (Demy), a Parisian with an American passport flying to Los Angeles to handle his later mother Emilie’s estate. Comment
Love & Marriage

New Yorker Edie Windsor Prevails Over DOMA

In yet another blow to the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), a federal judge in the Southern District of New York has granted Edith (Edie) Schlain Windsor summary judgment in her claim that denying federal recognition to her Canadian marriage to the late Thea Spyer deprives h Comments (3)

LGBT Leaders Lend Their Voices on Stop & Frisk  

"Today, we are going from dating on occasion to a marriage.” Comments (12)
Love & Marriage

As Maine Goes...

On November 6, for the first time in the nation’s history, marriage equality advocates will put before voters an affirmative ballot question aiming to give gay and lesbian couples the freedom to marry. Having delivered more than 105,000 signatures to the Secretary of State’s Office in Augusta this past January (in a state with only 1.33 million people Comments (1)

At Lammies, Literature, Excellence, and Glitz, Too 

The 24th annual Lambda Literary Awards ceremony, held June 4 at Midtown’s CUNY Graduate Center on Fifth Avenue, easily accomplished its mission of being the third, final, and most glamorous of New York’s spring trifecta of gay literary events. Bestowed by the Lambda Literary Foundation, the awards, nicknamed the Lammies, followed March’s Comments (1)
Love & Marriage

Ninth Circuit Declines to Re-Hear Prop 8

The US Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has let stand a three-judge ruling that strikes down California’s Proposition 8. Comments (1)
From the Editor

Why Stop and Frisk Is a Queer Issue

Chris Bilal, a young Afric Comments (3)

Taking a Tough, High Road 

In many parts of our world, standing up for even the most basic human rights can be a challenge of Herculean proportions. To go on the record is hard, but allowing yourself to be filmed? Words like brave and defiant don’t seem big enough. The documentaries in this year’s Human Rights Watch Film Festival capture personal dramas, depicting oppressed lives with conviction and a lot Comment

A Weekend of Youthful Abandon and Serious Lessons  

Out writer, director, and singer Patrik-Ian Polk has created an enjoyable comedy-drama with “The Skinny,” the story of four African-American gay men and one lesbian reuniting a year after finishing college. The group of friends come together for a weekend to celebrate Gay Pride in New York — and face a Comments (2)

From Closeted Anthony Perkins, A Splash of Hollywood Glitter  

I was a precocious reader from my earliest age, devouring the written word as my chums gobbled candy. Unlike them, I found my heroes in books, not in the movies. But when, at the age of 10, I saw the 1957 black-and-white film “Fear Strikes Out,” I found myself fascinated — captivated, really — by Anthony Perkins when, in his first major critical succe Comments (12)

Sister Act  

One valuable quality female filmmakers can bring to cinema is an outsider’s perspective on masculinity. From Elaine May’s “Mikey and Nicky” to Claire Denis’ “Beau Travail” and Kathryn Bigelow’s “The Hurt Locker,” female directors have delivered a critical point of view on male bonding and military machism Comment

Flying High

Peter and the Starcatcher” has arrived on Broadway, and the subtle improvements made since its run at New York Theatre Workshop — which left me decidedly nonplussed — have turned this into a charming piece perfectly pitched to a family audience, as one would expect from the Disney theatrical team. Comment
Around Town

Twenty Years of Pride

Tens of thousands turned out on June 3 in Jackson Heights to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Queens LGBT Pride Parade and Festival. Comment

Opera Abroad   

Since my last visit to fabulous, gay-friendly Toronto, the Canadian Opera Company moved into the spectacular, comfortable Four Seasons Centre. Acoustics are certainly improved from its impossibly huge former venue. Though both conductors I heard were problematic — Andrew Davis overwhelming singers in Comment

Evergreen Songwriter

If any one person wrote the music soundtrack of our lives in the 1970s, that would have to be Paul Williams, composer of “Evergreen,” “Rainy Days and Mondays,” “The Rainbow Connection,” “Old-Fashioned Love Song,” “Love Boat Theme,” that wedding perennial “We’ve Only Just Begun,” etc. Comments (4)

Homophobic Pranks Ruined My Young Life, Then Taught Me Strength

In 1945, when I was six years old, I brought two bouquets of flowers to school, one for my first-grade teacher, Miss Dickerson, the other for my desk. It was an old-fashioned desk in a two-room country school house and contained an ink-well. I inserted the paper cup containing the flowers in the inkwell and thought it was a lovely addition to our classroom. I had gathered the flowers from our backyard garden and was su Comments (1)
Kelly Jean Cogswell

Obama Is Killing Us 

Violence is part of human nature. Anybody who says different has never left a three-year-old and a six-year-old together in the same room with one ladybug change purse. The hair-pulling, biting, and scratching was brutal. And my God, it was worth it. I'd never seen anything as beautiful as that pleathery black and red thing, and I was gonna keep it no matter what the cost. Comment
Breaking News

Announcing State Senate Retirement, Tom Duane Nods to Brad Hoylman

Thomas K. Duane, the out gay Chelsea Democrat first elected to the New York State Senate in 1998, has announced he will not seek reelection this November. Comment

Bias Slay Suspect’s Juvie Program Scored Only Modestly

The New York City juvenile justice program that was unsuccessful in treating one of the accused killers of Anthony Collao has recidivism rates that are only marginally better than the recidivism rates for all of the state’s juvenile justice programs. Comment

Little Blowback on LGBT Voices Urging Ravi Sentencing Restraint  

As debates raged in the gay blogosphere over the sentence that Dharun Ravi should receive after being convicted on 24 charges including invasion of privacy, witness and evidence tampering, bias intimidation, and hindering prosecution, a few queer voices seeking little or no jail tim Comment


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