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Little Tramp Who Could

In bringing silent film legend Charlie Chaplin’s rags-to-riches-to-exile-to-redemption story to the stage, the creators of “Chaplin” faced some serious hurdles. Comment
Love & Marriage

Maryland Marriage Equality Defenders Head to NYC for September 13 Fundraiser

In March, Maryland joined Washington State as one of two states to enact marriage equality in 2012 through the legislative process. In response to the success of anti-gay forces in mobilizing opposition and forcing referendums in both states, voters must now approve the new marr Comments (1)
Breaking News

Lew Todd, Fierce But Diplomatic Activist, Dead at 82

The gay rights movement changed history, and it changed Lew Todd from a private person into a public servant who helped integrate LGBT New Yorkers into the city’s political life as well as the inner workings of its government. Comments (9)
Elections 2012

Obama Acceptance Speech Caps Convention’s Full Embrace of LGBT Aims

Since the 1992 Democratic Convention, when candidate Bill Clinton became the first presidential standard bearer to explicitly court gay voters, the party has moved incrementally –– though often awkwardly –– toward greater inclusion of LGBT Americans in the family portrait they have presented to American voters ev Comments (6)

Our Motown Future

The surprise arthouse hit “Beasts of the Southern Wild” is one of the few recent American films to depict poverty and do so without the protection of neo-realism. In this, it finds common ground with the documentary “Detropia.” Comment

Federal Judge Orders Gender Reassignment Surgery for Inmate

For the first time, a federal court has ordered a state prison system to provide gender reassignment surgery for a transgender inmate. Comment
Elections 2012

On LGBT, Women's Rights, Dem Platform Stark Contrast to GOP’s

As the Democratic National Convention gets underway this evening in Charlotte, North Carolina, the party has made a big push to circulate a campaign platform that is the most LGBT-friendly in history. Comments (3)

Mirth After Meth

If you think “Methtacular!,” the bio-play by Steven Strafford, might be some straggler from the New York Fringe Festival, you’re not far off. Earlier this year, the piece was a hit at the Cincinnati Fringe Festival, where it won honors including Outstanding Solo Performance. Comment
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Court Rules 2001 Giuliani Adult Zoning Regs Violate First Amendment

A Manhattan Supreme Court judge has found that the 2001 amendments to New York City’s zoning law regarding adult businesses violate the First Amendment rights of those enterprises. Comments (3)

A Welcome Loosening of the Glove

In an empty hotel bar on a summer Sunday morning, openly gay filmmaker Ira Sachs spoke about his award-winning new film “Keep the Lights On.” This searing drama about Eric (Thure Lindhardt), a filmmaker whose lover Paul (Zachary Booth) is a drug addict, is based on the filmmaker’s experiences in a toxic, co-d Comment

What Ever Happened to Bette Davis? 

Great, you think, a book for all gays — the newbies coming out, the deep-in-the-closets, the out-and-prouders — about getting the most from one’s homosexuality. The title and cover with male nude model suggest an ingenious self-help book. How should one “be” gay? Are you a hipster homo, two suburban dads fer Comment

Dazzling Domingo

I frankly don’t think there’s a busier guy in show business right now than Colman Domingo. He’s directing the one-man show “No Parole,” written and performed by Carlo D’Amore for the All For One Theater Festival. It’s the real Comment
From the Editor

Brad Hoylman for State Senate

GAY CITY NEWS ENDORSEMENT | After 14 years of Democrat Tom Duane’s service as the State Senate’s only out gay member, voters in what is now designated the 27th District find themselves deciding September 13 who next will represent a major swath of Manhattan from the Village and Lower East Side up the West Side. Comments (2)
Elections 2012

Marriage Equality Supporter’s State Senate Primary Divides Advocates

A north Brooklyn State Senate primary that pits a ten-year Democratic incumbent, who twice voted for New York’s marriage equality law, against a pro-gay challenger has divided LGBT advocacy groups in the city, with two political clubs backing the insurgent, one staying with the veteran lawmaker, and the Empire State Pride Agenda (ESPA) remaining on the sidelines. Comments (1)

DC Shooting Spawns Right-Wing Victimization Cries

One week after Floyd Corkins walked into the Washington, DC offices of the Family Research Council (FRC) and wounded a security guard there by firing a single bullet into the guard’s arm, Maggie Gallagher called for Corkins to be prosec Comments (1)

Gay Voices Reach Readers Who Often Are Not

Gay Voices, the LGBT “vertical” at Huffington Post, hit the ground running when it launched last October. According to its editor, Noah Michelson, within a month it had become the number one queer-focused site on the web. It averages, he said, roughly three million unique visitors each month, though traffic can vary widely from day to day based on the vagaries of what’s hot in the worl Comments (1)


Our local Roy Cohn in Western New York, Steve Pigeon, is once again putting his evil fingers in the pie (“Tough Keeping Bedfellows Straight in Buffalo Dem, GOP Senate Primaries,” by Andy Humm, Aug. 15-28). I cannot believe the Senate Democrats. Wasn't the last time Steve Pigeon and the curious crew he gathered around him to hold the State Senate hostage enough for them? The man made a laughing stock of New York State's legislature nationwide, and these imbeciles are coming back for more. Comment


Thank you, Andy, for this really moving tribute to Pete (“Pete Fisher, Pioneering Author of ‘The Gay Mystique,’ Dead at 68,” by Andy Humm, Aug. 15-28). It was hard to read it without tearing up, not just for Pete — and I am so saddened by the depression that haunted him in the later part of his life — but for a period that seems now too long ago. I hope we get some of that spirit back, some of that indomitable spirit. Comment

Gay Wind Beneath Gospel’s Wings

No major gospel singer dies without a quote in the New York Times from award-winning author and record producer Anthony Heilbut. Just recently, he told the newspaper that Willa Ward, 91, of the Ward Singers was “the best gospel group in the golden era” –– the subject of his definitive 1971 book on the genre, “The Gospel Sound: Good News and Bad Times.” Comment
Guest Perspective

Disturbing Western Tepidness on Saudi Homophobia

When Saudi Arabia informed the international body responsible for approving Internet domain name suffixes that it opposed the creation of a .gay category, the kingdom’s pervasive controls on the media and the anti-gay violence sanctioned by its influential clerics were once again underscored. Comments (1)
Guest Perspective

Paid Sick Leave Proposal Risks Jobs, Bad For Everyone

The City Council’s paid-sick-days bill is well intentioned, but we have heard from many LGBT small business owners who are extremely concerned about this legislation and the unintended consequences of this proposed measure. And they are right to be concerned. Comment
Kelly Jean Cogswell

The Republicans and the Commissars

In case you haven’t been paying attention, the platform that the GOP is presenting this week at the Republican National Convention is more “conservative” than any in the modern history of the party. Comment


I do not think that the Gay City News did justice to Brad’s debate win (“Hoylman Longest on Specifics, Repeatedly a Target in Debate With Broad Agreement,” by Duncan Osborne, posted online, Aug. 21). Brad demonstrated a clear understanding of both local community and state issues. He was the first one to bring up the budget, stating his support for raising the millionaires’ tax and for the living wage and sick pay bills. He helped to get Community Board 2 and the Village Independent Democrats to pass resolutions in support of the living wage bill, and as a district leader joine Comment


Thanks so much for what was my favorite review written about my play, “Pieces,” which completed its run at FringeNYC on August 19 (“The Best of Queer Fringe,” by David Kennerley, Aug. 15-28). Your review felt as rough and unsentimental as I hope the play feels to audiences. I couldn't have wished for a better write-up to perfectly capture the tone of our production. We will be coming back for six performances in the Fringe Encore Series at SoHo Playhouse in September, so if you feel like spending another two hours with all these messed-up homos, we'd love to have you. Comment


Having lived through the eight years preceding Mr. Vidal's groundbreaking novel, “The City and The Pillar” (1948), I can attest to the fact that it was a vital and much needed connection to a world that like-thinking people thought they were entirely alone in (“The Legacy of Gore Vidal,” by Doug Ireland, Aug. 15-28). I believe this writer has captured the essence of Vidal's contribution to the understanding of man's basic instincts. Gore Vidal will be sadly missed, but it's up to the rest of us to continue to add to the public's knowledge through our own writings from personal experience. Thank you, Gore Vidal. Comment

How Gilbert & Sullivan Begat the Oscar Wilde Persona

If William S. Gilbert is remembered today, for many people it is thanks to the two musical biopics about his collaboration with the composer Sir Arthur Sullivan — a 1954 version starring the rotund British queen Robert Morley as Gilbert and 1999’s Academy Award-winning “Topsy-Turvy,” by director Mike Leigh, featuring the talented Anglo-Irish character actor Jim Broadbent as Gilbert and openly gay Allan Corduner as Sullivan. Comment

Broadway Goes Opera, And Vice Versa

Since taking over the Glimmerglass Festival last year, Francesca Zambello has scheduled a classic Broadway musical each season with opera stars performing the ori ginal score unamplified. This summer, she chose Meredith Willson’s “The Music Man” (1957), Comment

Heart Wrenched

A clue to Sam Shepard’s latest play, “Heartless,” can be found in the Playbill under the cast list. It’s a carefully chosen quote from absurdist playwright Eugene Ionesco, lamenting that the world is an anguishing “desert of fading shadows.” Comment


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