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Disappearing/ Reappearing Act 

Adapting his bestselling young adult novel, “The Perks of Being a Wallflower,” writer/ director Stephen Chbosky has crafted a beautiful, sensitive, and often heartbreaking film. What makes this impressive coming-of- Comment
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Pride Agenda Names Nathan Schaefer, GMHC Policy Chief, as Executive Director

Saying, “There is much, much more to be done,” Nathan Schaefer, the newly named executive director of the Empire State Pride Agenda (ESPA), declared that the immediate priority of the group is passage of a transgender civil rights law in New York State. Comments (8)
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Defendant Claiming God Ordered Killing of Lover Never Told Cops That

While the accused killer of Carlos Castro asserted in court filings that “he was acting as a conduit for God” when he killed the 65-year-old Portuguese TV personality and gay activist in a Manhattan hotel last year, he did not tell police that when he gave them a statement roughly 36 hou Comments (126)
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Even With Huge War Chests, Two Pro-Equality GOP Senators in Photo Finishes

Despite enormous fundraising advantages, pro-marriage equality Republican state senators in New York had a tough primary day on September 13. Comment
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Brad Hoylman Wins Handily in Senate Primary

Brad Hoylman, an out gay attorney who served three terms as chair of West Village Community Board 2, easily captured the Democratic nomination for the 27th State Senate District seat currently held by Tom Duane. Comment
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Tokes Osubu Resigns as GMAD Leader After Reports of Financial Woes   

Following revelations that New York City’s sole agency that focuses exclusively on HIV prevention work among gay and bisexual African-American men was struggling financially, Tokes Osubu has resigned as the agency’s executive director. Comments (9)

History, Written by the Survivors

For gay men who lived through AIDS’ worst days in the 1980s and early ‘90s — and perhaps for those who came of age in the decade or so afterward — the opening scenes of journalist David France’s new film “How to Survive a Plague,” debuting September 21, are eerily familiar. Even much younger New Yorkers may not be altogether surprised by the grim picture they paint. Comments (1)
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City’s Only Black Gay Men’s HIV Group Imperiled 

New York City’s only agency that focuses exclusively on HIV prevention work among gay and bisexual African-American men is struggling financially and may be forced to close its doors. Comments (5)
From the Editor

Pandering in the Massachusetts Senate Race

As Arthur S. Leonard reports , the chief judge of the US District Court for Massachusetts last week ordered that the prison system in that state provide a transgender inmate with gender reassignment surgery. Michelle Kosilek is serving a life sentence, without possibility of parole, in the murder of the woman she married while living as a man. Noting that Kosilek has attempted both suicide and self-castration, the judge found that medical professionals working in the prison system consider the surgery medically necessary. Comment
Kelly Jean Cogswell

The New Democrats?

I wasn't the only one gasping in astonishment last week at how visible queers were at the Democratic Convention. They broke ground by including a pro-gay plank in their platform openly supporting same-sex marriage. Straights like Rahm Emanuel, Obama's first chief of staff, brought us up, acknowledging Obama's work to allow queers to serve openly in the military. Tammy Baldwin, the out dyke US representative, spoke to the crowd. So did Jared Polis, the out gay congressman from Colorado who didn't just present gayness in the flesh, but used the words, declaring, "My great-grandparents were immigrants. I am Jewish. I am gay." Comments (2)
Susie Day

Todd Akin Inspires Perp Power Movement

Snidelines News/ Kansas City, MO — By now it is well known that Missouri Representative Todd Akin explained his opposition to abortion, even in cases of rape, by saying that women who experience “a legitimate rape” can avoid pregnancy by telling their bodies to “shut that whole thing down.” It is also well known that a firestorm of protest ensued. Less known, however, is the fact that, under the media radar, Mr. Akin’s observation is encouraging a growing number of malcontents to come out of the closet and claim their rights as “legitimate” predators. Comments (1)

A Cult of Masculinity and Control 

Paul Thomas Anderson made his first three films in three years. Since then, the gaps in his filmography have grown increasingly large. It’s been five years since his last film, “There Will Be Blood,” and his current one, “The Master.” Comments (1)

Evita: Gay Icon Then & Now 

As Evita lay dying of cervical cancer in the presidential residence in 1952, her skin sallow and thin, a man sat with her, whispering, “To be a faggot, to be poor, what they say of Eva Peron in this ruthless country is the same thing.” Comments (3)

Home Place Like Noh 

After staying away for four ridiculous years, the siren song got to be too much for me and I finally returned to my homeland of Honolulu for one delicious month. A truly legendary time was had, filled with the most yummy food, friendship, and romance — the sort of magical time I wish for anyone on their next vacation anywhere. Comments (1)

Kicking It

They say you never know what you have until you lose it. And I’d add to that, you never know how much you’ve missed something until you get it back again. Comment

Cultural Dissonance, Musical Harmony 

The theme of this summer’s Glimmerglass Festival was “Cultures in Conflict.” Verdi’s “Aida” is usually performed in large theaters, but Francesca Zambello decided it perfectly fit her theme and the cozy 914-seat Alice Busch Opera Theater. Unfortunately, her moderni Comment
Guest Perspective

At Anniversary, Working to Secure Justice for LGBT Vets

As the one-year anniversary of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell (DADT) repeal approaches, we have a great deal to celebrate. Since September 20, 2011, gay, lesbian, and bisexual men and women have been serving in the Armed Forces without fear of being discharged for who they are or who they love. But though the military has implemented open service, discharges that took place under DADT and the prio Comment


Jon Gilbert and Nancy Ploeger’s opposition to paid sick days legislation (“Paid Sick Days Proposal Risks Jobs, Bad for Everyone,” Aug. 29-Sep. 11) relies on exaggerated claims and incomplete facts to argue it will be bad for businesses. The authors cite a business owner with 21 employees who would face an additional $33,000 annual payroll cost under the law. The only way this number could be accurate is by assuming th Comment


Regardless of how well placed or connected Brad Hoylman is, I think it is a sad state of affairs that a person connected with big real estate interests will be the one to replace Tom Duane (“Hoylman Longest on Specifics, Repeatedly a Target in Debate With Broad Agreement,” by Duncan Osborne, Aug. 29-Sep. 11). Most of us here in Manhattan –– most likely a surprise to you and your high living associates –– struggle to hold on to a place to live (whether we're straight or gay). People attending to the real estate interests of New York University will not be represe Comments (1)


I definitely agree that gay history and its legacy should be preserved, recognized, and institutionalized (“Spring Street Gay History Site Denied Landmark Status,” by Duncan Osborne, Aug. 29-Sep. 11). I signed the petition to have the Stonewall Inn bar on Christopher Street become a state and federal landmark. At 71 and as one of the oldest survivors of the 1969 Stonewall raid, I am compelled to be a component in the preservation and legacy of the gay rights movement. Having written one book that includes the Gay Straight Alliance and the Stonewall Democrats of New York, of which I am a member, I Comment


I am sorry I did not know Pete Fisher, but that is happily because our cause grew each year from its start with the early Mattachine Society in 1950 (“Pete Fisher, Pioneering Author of ‘The Gay Mystique,’ Dead at 68,” by Andy Humm, Aug. 15-28). Now there is so much going on, we are missing many people and events we would like to know and thus miss many who would have made our personal life better as they made and are making our life as a movement and community better. Comment


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