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City's Flood Zone Map Fails Bailey-Holt House

When Mayor Michael Bloomberg ordered the evacuation of all New Yorkers living in the city’s flood-prone areas on October 28, residents and staff at the Bailey-Holt House had to make a decision. Sitting at the west end of Christopher Street, the AIDS residence has a door that is roughly ten yards from Zone A, the c Comments (11)

A Woman Scorned  

The 1995 production of “The Heiress” took Broadway by storm, nabbing top Tony Awards for best play revival, actress, featured actress, and director, and it cleaned up at the Drama Desk Awards as well. Comment

Planet Imperiled, Tea Party Response

The found-footage horror movie can be traced back to Ruggero Deodato’s “Cannibal Holocaust.” The tale of a team of Italian filmmakers who disappeared in Africa, its violence was so believable that some initially believed it to be a snuff film. Unfortunately, the film relies on genuine cruelty to animals for mu Comments (1)
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Prosecution Expert Testifies Renato Seabra Legally Sane During Gruesome 2011 Carlos Castro Slay

A prosecution expert in the trial of Renato Seabra, the accused killer of Carlos Castro, told jurors that the now 23-year-old Seabra was legally sane when he strangled, beat, and castrated the Portuguese TV personality in a Manhattan hotel room in 2011. Comments (6)
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Beloved Gay Leader Savagely Attacked in Sunnyside Dies

Police are asking anyone with information about the brutal October 20 assault on Lou Rispoli to call 1-800-577-TIPS. [Editor's Note: On Saturday, November 17, a March Against Violence/ March for […] Comments (21)
Elections 2012

States of Play -- October 24-November 6

From the Editor

14 Days, With States in Play

It scarcely seems necessary to reiterate the urgency of President Barack Obama’s reelection, but given the “qualified endorsement” the Log Cabin Republicans offered to former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney on October 23, a brief summary is in order. Comment
Kelly Jean Cogswell

Orlando Cruz and Seimone Augustus, Gay Heroes

I can't remember who I looked up to when I was a kid. Probably the usual –– parents, teachers, the pastor at church, or its choir director, otherwise known as minister of music. Their power, though, diminished as I got older and started to see their flaws. Celebrities didn't figure into it at all, since my Southern Baptist mother didn't let us watch more than half an hour of the idiot box per day, and our exposure to music was pretty limited, though som Comments (2)

Obama, Romney Banter Aside, Al Smith Dinner's Biggest Joke on Those Thinking Dollars Go Only to Needy Kids

When a host of business leaders, community leaders, and political luminaries, including President Barack Obama, attended the Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner on October 18, they were supporting a religious group that has funded pro-life causes in the recent past. Comments (2)

Callen-Lorde Moves Aggressively on Meningitis Vaccinations

Within days of the city’s health department announcing it had seen a dozen meningitis cases among gay men since 2010, the Callen-Lorde Community Health Center purchased 620 doses of vaccine, put up posters and flyers in its West 18th Street clinic urging men to get vaccinated, and sent mailers to 3,000 clients who would benefit from vaccination. Comments (1)

Jessica Stern Takes Helm at IGLHRC

In late September, the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission (IGLHRC), a 22-year-old organization based in New York, announced that Jessica Stern, who went to work there two years ago as director of programs, would become the new executive director. Comments (1)
Elections 2012

Gillibrand Joined by Other Electeds at GMHC Community Forum

Sixteen days shy of the November 6 election, when she is seeking her first full six-year term in the Senate, Democratic Senator Kristen Gillibrand spent roughly 90 minutes meeting with leaders of the LGBT and AIDS communities to discuss key priorities for next year and beyond. Comments (1)

Donald Suggs Recalled Fondly From All Walks of Life

Donald M. Suggs, Jr., the famously gregarious and fierce defender of civil rights causes, died from complications of a heart condition in New York City on October 5. He was 51. Comments (2)

US Court Rejects Constitutional Challenge to Hate Crimes  Law

For the first time, a federal district court has upheld the 2009 Matthew Shepard and James Byrd Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act in reponse to a constitutional challenge to its protections against crimes committed based on sexual orientation bias. Comment

Hope and the City

“The Austerity of Hope,” a vibrant drama about a group of gay friends set against the hubbub of the Obama campaign –– a big hit at last year’s Fresh Fruit Festival –– is having an encore staging just in time for peak election season. Comment

The Man Who Dressed Michael Jackson

Costume designers really are the unsung heroes of show business and none is more of one than Michael Bush, who, alone and with his late partner Dennis Tompkins, iconically dressed Michael Jackson for 25 years. He’s just written a lavish book about these experiences, “The King of Style: Dressing Michael Jackson,” in which, among many other things, he describes Ja Comments (2)

Marty Duberman Sounds Off…

Nothing human is alien to me.” This famous dictum, from the young Marx, Martin Duberman can be said to embody in his life and work. Of course, Marty — as those of us who are privileged to know and love him call him — is always quick to point out that his hero is Emma Goldman, not Marx or Lenin. Comments (2)

On the Cusp of 80, David Rothenberg Looks Back

David Rothenberg has so many good stories to tell about his long life in entertainment, activism, politics, and working with ex-offenders that his friends made him write a memoir to get them all down. He has done just that in his wide-ranging “Fortune in My Eyes: A Memoir of Broadway Glamour, Social Justice, and Political Passion.” Comments (9)

A French Family’s Sexual Awakening

As a teenager in the mid-‘80s, many of the sexual images I was exposed to came from softcore films on late-night cable. The broadcast of these naughty but never explicit midnight movies prompted invitations for same-sex sleepovers and the erotic fumblings that go hand-in-hand with that sort of titillation. Many of Comment

Lives Reflected in Natural Vistas

Like Abbas Kiarostami’s “Certified Copy,” Julia Loktev’s “The Loneliest Planet,” made in the republic of Georgia by an American director, feels like a 1950s or ‘60s European art film that just happened to be taking place now. In its use of landscape to express the psychological makeup of a relationship Comment

Cold Hearted

Memo to director Jamie Lloyd: If you insist on reviving “Cyrano de Bergerac,” please trust the script, especially when you are handed a sharp, new translation by Ranjit Bolt to work with. This is not a naturalistic piece, it’s poetry –– very specific poetry written by Edmond Rostand in the late 19th century to sound like the mid Comment

Powerful Men Controlled by Passion

2013 is the bicentennial of Giuseppe Verdi’s birth, so a Metropolitan Opera revival of his “Otello” was obligatory. The title role, though, is one of those like Norma or Carmen where good vocalism is not enough. The music requires a combination of vocal brass and subtlety, with the ability to dramatically go from towering rage to pitiful suff Comments (1)
Guest Perspective

Unfinished Business: Community Safety Act Needed to End Discriminatory Policing of LGBT New Yorkers

Just in time for Pride celebrations, the New York City Police Department issued a sweeping set of changes to its Patrol Guide this past June, giving officers much needed guidance in interactions with transgender and gender-nonconforming New Yorkers. As reported in the June 20 edition of Gay City News, the revisions to the department’s rulebook ban searches aimed at assigning gender based on anatomical characteristics. They also provide that officers must address, book, process, search, and house people according to their gender identity and expression, even it differs from the gender they were assigned at birth or that listed on their ID. Comments (1)


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