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Elections 2012

NYS Senate Democratic Defections Could Imperil GENDA

Democrats in the New York State Senate looked to have won a surprise majority on Election Day, overcoming a huge financial disadvantage, Republican gerrymandering, and no help from Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo. But that prospective Comments (3)

Man in the Midst of a Nervous Breakdown

I’m not crazy about tragedies about crazy people whose mental illness –– rather than a tragic flaw –– explains their downfall. The tragedy of Willy Loman, with all those voices in his head, wasn’t the hollowness of the American Dream, but a character without access to good meds Comment

No Exit From Brooklyn 

Slightly overweight, nearly naked white guys wrestle homoerotically in slow motion in the opening moments of director and co-writer Rick Alverson’s brilliant and pitch-black film “The Comedy.” This early scene sets the playful, provocative tone for this often squirm-inducing character study about Swanson (Tim Heidecker), a wealthy Comments (2)

A Man of the Movies: Elliott Stein, 1928-2012

Elliott Stein, as a writer, critic, and historian one of the true gentlemen of cinema –– in the tradition of sorely missed scholars like Henri Langlois, William K. Everson, and Andrew Sarris –– has died at the age of 83. Described as “a true cinematic multihyphenate” by the Brooklyn Academy of Music’s Cinématek, his writing appeared in the New Yor Comments (5)

Porn Yesterday

If Neil Simon got together with Robin Byrd and banged out a play, it might be something like “T Comment
News Briefs

Supreme Court Delays Consideration of Marriage Cases for Ten Days

Several cases involving the right of same-sex couples to marry –– in the context of both the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) and California’s Proposition 8 –– could go before the US Supreme Court in the current term. Comments (1)
News Briefs

When a Lesbian Marriage Trivializes a Political Career

Christine Quinn, just named to Out magazine’s annual Out100, began her career as a tenant activist, then got on board on the ground floor of State Senator Tom Duane’s political career, becoming his chief of staff while he served on the City Council. After several years as executive director of the New York City Gay and Lesbian Anti-Violence Project, Quinn was Comments (16)
News Briefs

Arizona Elects First Out Bisexual US House Member

In one of less than a dozen US House races that had not yet been called, Democrat Kyrsten Sinema, on November 12, was declared the winner in a new Arizona district created as a result of the 2010 Census. Comment
News Briefs

Not Exactly Kissing Cousins

In 2010, Josh Mandel, then a member of the Ohio House of Representatives, rode the Republican wave to win election as state treasurer by 14 percentage points. In last week’s election, however, he fell short in his US Senate challenge to incumbent Democrat Sherrod Brown by more than five points. Comment
Elections 2012

Keep Reaching, Keep Fighting

Four years ago, Barack Obama, a first-term US senator from Illinois, was the candidate of “hope and change.” In his young administration, handed an economy that was bleeding hundreds of thousands of jobs each month, change came haltingly and on some issues not at all. The word hope became a cudgel with which his fiercest oppon Comments (2)
Love & Marriage

Four-State Sweep on Marriage Equality!

On 32 consecutive occasions since the 1990s, voters in states across the country have approved ballot measures — either statutes or constitutional amendments — barring gay and lesbian couples from the right to marry. Comments (1)
Elections 2012

US Senate Dem Advantage Grows; Tammy Baldwin First Out LGBT Member

The current Senate has 53 Democrats and 47 Republicans, and that configuration likely grew to a 55-45 advantage in Tuesday’s election. Though continued control of the House by the GOP is likely to stymie LGBT progress on Capitol Hill — at least under current political calculations — Harry Reid’s control of the Senate is all that stands in the way of a Comment
Elections 2012

Sean Patrick Maloney Breaks Through Upstate 

With his election to the US House of Representatives from the 18th district in the Hudson Valley, Sean Patrick Maloney made history as the first out gay or lesbian New Yorker elected to Congress. Comments (1)
Elections 2012

LGBT Gains in Congress

The current Congress has a record four openly gay or lesbian House members, all of them Democrats, but that tally will grow next year. Comment

Haute Hepburn

Along with so much else — that voice, that manner, that talent — Katharine Hepburn, the most enduring screen actress of the last century, was known for her tailored, mannish look. That no-nonsense, scrubbed American demeanor Comments (2)
Elections 2012

Despite Tone More Muted Than 2008, Three of Out of Four Gays Backed Obama

Standing outside of Pieces, a gay bar near the intersection of Christopher Street and Greenwich Avenue, David, 47, and his friend Chris, 56, were smoking and chatting on election night. The two Obama supporters were anticipating a long night. Comments (2)

Breaking It Down 

I've heard more than one person musing about whether we “needed” a new revival of “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf,” given that the stunning production with Kathleen Turner and Bill Irwin was still relatively fresh in our memory. After seeing Pam MacKinnon’s new s Comment
Kelly Jean Cogswell

Notes From My Big Gay Hurricane

I kept reminding myself to be grateful. We had gas to cook with, and a dry building, running water. I was freaked out anyway. No light, no phone, no Internet, no heat, no pharmacies. The hospitals were evacuated one by one, and my girlfriend was just getting better after being really sick. In an emergency, I'd have to walk three or four blocks to a pay phone or the little cell hotspot in front of Russ & Daughters, one of the few places open. During the day, anyway. Comment

The Three Faces of Anne

South Korean director Hong Sang-soo’s “In Another Country” is the third of his films to open in New York this year. To some, that might suggest huge commercial success on his part. On the contrary, no Hong film has played more than two weeks in a theatrical run here. The immediate predecessors of “In Another Country,” “Oki Comment

The Two Other Capitals

There are many important operatic strongholds in North America, with varying emphases and strengths. Yet the two leading contenders outside of New York remain what they were 50 years ago — Chicago and San Francisco. Fortunately for LGBT audiences, both are queer destination cities with much else to recommend them. Both offer Comment

Sandy: The Show Must Go On!

BY DAVID NOH: Sandy might have brought New York City to its knees, but nothing but nothing stops a show queen like me from sniffing out a good story. Ebullient triple threat actor Eddie Korbich recently enthused to me about appearing in the soon-to-open “A Christmas Story”: “It’s an iconic role in an Comment

A Retrospective of Joyful Spirituality

Among the mountains of art available for viewing in the city, Westbeth Gallery's vibrant “Remembering Carmen Promutico” retrospective is a gem. Comment

GENDA Hearing Looks to 2013

At an October 24 hearing on the proposed New York State Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act (GENDA), Causten Wollerman, a field organizer with the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, put the finest point on the issue, saying, “This bill will save lives.” Comments (4)
New York City

Lesbian Avengers Reunite at 20

In October 1992, a group of about 60 lesbians, with a marching band in tow, arrived at a public school in Queens and began handing out balloons inscribed with the words, “Ask about lesbian lives.” The action — which created shivers in some queer activist circles since, as participa Comments (3)
Guest Perspective

Back from the Abyss

ANALYSIS BY DOUG IRELAND | This election has saved the soul of Ameican democracy from one of the greatest threats it has experienced since the anti-Communist hysteria of McCarthyism and the domestic Cold War in the 1950s. America teetered on the brink in Tuesday’s election, stared into an abyss of reaction, and took a half-step back. Comments (12)
New York City

Storm Surge Destroys Ali Forney Drop-In Center

A drop-in center run by the Ali Forney Center (AFC), which provides housing and social services to homeless LGBTQ youth across New York City, was a casualty of Hurricane Sandy. Comments (1)
Elections 2012

Obama Re-Elected; Tammy Baldwin Helps Dems Hold Senate, Sean Maloney Elected in New York

BREAKING: With Ohio called for Democrat Barack Obama, the president cleared the 270-electoral vote hurdle to win reelection. The House will remain in Republican hands, but the Senate will keep its Democratic majority. Comment
Love & Marriage

Maryland, Maine Approve Marriage Equality

BREAKING | By a 52-48 percent margin, Marylanders approved a marriage equality law enacted earlier this year by the State Legislature and signed by Governor Martin O'Malley. Democrat O'Malley, considered a potential presidential candidate in 2016, campaigned hard to ensure that voters did not turn back the Comments (1)

Looming Large

Hear the name Shuler Hensley and chances are you think of his comic titular turn in “Young Frankenstein” on Broadway. Fans may remember he copped the Best Featured Actor Tony for playing the grimy hermit, Jud Fry, in “Oklahoma!” a decade ago. Comments (2)


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