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Second-Degree Murder Conviction for Renato Seabra in Grisly Carlos Castro Slay

After deliberating for roughly a day, a Manhattan jury convicted Renato Seabra of second-degree murder in the 2011 killing of Carlos Castro, a 65-year-old Portuguese TV personality. Comment

The Song Is Over

“California Solo” is a laid-back character study about a has-been musician. The film, written and directed by Marshall Levy, takes the form of a redemption song. When Lachlan MacAldonich (Robert Carlyle, who starred in “The Full Monty” and “Priest”) is first introduced, the former Britpop performer is doing a podcast called “Flame-Outs.” H Comment
Breaking News

In Renato Seabra Murder Trial Closing Arguments, Defense, Prosecution Take Aim at Each Other's Experts

The defense in the murder trial of Renato Seabra closed its case with a withering attack on the prosecution while asserting it had proven that the now 23-year-old Seabra was insane when he strangled, beat, and castrated Carlos Castro in a Manhattan hotel room in 2011. Comment
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Alabama 18-Year-Old Arrested in Brutal Beating of Sister’s Girlfriend

A 23-year-old lesbian has been released from a Mobile, Alabama, hospital after a brutal beating she received on Thanksgiving Day allegedly at the hands of her girlfriend’s 18-year-old brother. Comment
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Syracuse Approves Transgender Rights Ordinance

In a 7-1 vote on November 19, the Syracuse Common Council approved a measure to ban discrimination based on an individual’s “actual or perceived gender expression.” Comments (1)
Elections 2012

With Record LGBTs, R Stands For Roadblock

With a record six out LGBT members of the US House of Representatives and the first openly lesbian or gay member of the Senate — Wisconsin’s Tammy Baldwin — the 113th Congress, which begins its term in January, should, by all rights, provide a striking impetus for progress on issues of concern to queer Americans. Comments (11)
New York City

William Brandon Lacy Campos: A Brilliant Flame Dispatched Too Soon

William Brandon Lacy Campos was a spoken word poet well known and highly regarded in the writer and arts communities of Minneapolis, Oakland, and New York. He was also a novelist whose debut work is set for publication early next year. A social justice activist across many queer communities of color, he was, as well, a dedicated blogger whose raw honesty, anger, and emphatic certainty could startle and even pu Comments (9)
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Anti-Violence Vigil in Lou Rispoli's Memory

Hundreds of Sunnyside and Woodside residents in Queens and representatives of the New York City Anti-Violence Project and Make the Road New York joined Danyal Lawson to march against violence in memory of Lawson’s husband, Comment
From the Editor

They’re Not Members of an Organized Political Party, They’re Democrats

Giving new life to the famous Will Rogers dictum about the lack of discipline among Democrats, that party, which had a surprisingly good day in State Senate contests on November 6, may be on the verge of throwing away a 33-30 majority they never expected to win. As Andy Humm reports on page 12, dissension in Democratic ranks — which in 2009 temporarily blew up the party’s Senate majority during the only two-year term in more than 40 years in which it held control — has already led one newly elected senator, Simcha Felder, an Orthodox Jewish social conservative from Brooklyn, to announce he will caucus with the Republicans. Comments (1)

Bars Join AIDS Memorial Fund Drive on December 1

Advocates of a permanent AIDS memorial to be built on a portion of parkland being developed adjacent to the former St. Vincent’s Hospital campus are enlisting the support of gay and lesbian bars across the city to help raise the $4 million needed to move the effort forward. Comment

Look of Love


A Queer Harlem Poet’s Renaissance and Fall

BY DOUG IRELAND| Fresh scholarship illuminating the queer writers and artists at the core of the Harlem Renaissance of the 1920s continues to throw into sharp relief some of that important cultural moment’s unjustly forgotten talents. Comments (1)

Dance Gets Better

The dance community has recently come together to bolster the momentum against bullying of LGBT youth in America and internationally. In the wake of a visible wave of suicides by gay teens several years ago, Dan Savage, a journalist and gay dad, and his husband Terry Miller initiated a campaign that aims to assuage the despair young men and women in isolated and unfriendly parts of the country — as well as in many accepting co Comments (6)
Susie Day

All The News That Doesn’t Fit Anywhere Else

New York, NY — Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly announced today in a joint press conference that, following a recent study on race and “going-postal” homicides, the New York City Police Department will revamp its Stop and Frisk crime prevention policy by instructing officers to stop and frisk male Caucasians. Comments (2)
Guest Perspective

Brought to Light By Sandy, Homelessness All Too Often Forgotten

There was a new buzzword in the local media in the past few weeks... a new trend the press could not stop talking about — from the columnists at the New York Post and New York Daily News, to the dial-in reporters at 1010 WINS and WNYC, to the New York Times and the New Yorker. Comments (3)
Kelly Jean Cogswell

The French Battle Over Gay Marriage  

Over in France, the legislature is getting ready to legalize same-sex marriage and huge crowds of hardcore practicing Catholics are marching in protest, egged on by the whole Catholic hierarchy from insignificant local priests to the pope in Rome, who apparently ordered the faithful to man the ramparts. Get out the boiling oil. Attack the disgusting sodomizing dogs before it's too late. Comments (1)

Defense Admits Renato Seabra Knew -- "Momentarily" -- He Was Doing Wrong

The accused killer of Carlos Castro told a defense expert that there was a time during the 2011 murder when he knew that what he was doing was wrong and he attempted suicide. Comment

Vaccine Study Spots Go Wanting

A recruiter for a government-sponsored HIV prevention study thinks that members of New York’s gay community aren’t doing enough to get involved and educate themselves about the importance of finding an HIV vaccine. Comments (1)

A ‘Sound Of Music’ Gay Infusion

Paper Mill Playhouse is reviving that most wholesome of musicals, “The Sound of Music” (Millburn, NJ, through Dec. 30;, and our tribe is being gloriously represented in it by two out and proud actors, Edward Hibbert and Joy Franz. Comments (3)

Practice What You Preach  

The emergence of the modern evangelical movement as an entertainment and marketing machine can be traced to Aimee Semple McPherson, the early 20th century Hollywood preacher who became a celebrity and sensation. Whether she was seen as leading her flock or merely fleecing them l Comment

Fumbling the “Ballo”

Former bad-boy director turned respected grand seigneur David Alden made his Metropolitan Opera debut with a new production of Verdi’s “Un Ballo in Maschera.” Alden overlaid his production with three parallel dramatic concepts, but they failed to coalesce into a compelling unified whole, instead adding layers of distracting a Comment


In "Ambitious Facelift Planned for LGBT Community Center" (by Paul Schindler, Oct. 10-23), you report on the Center's planned $7.5 million renovation and quote executive director Glennda Testone as saying it is part of "a vision for the Center that offers impeccable social services in a setting that everyone who walks in feels is reflective of their lives." Comments (2)


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