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Clarke Cooper Sings New Tune as Log Cabins Blast Hagel

Six days after former Senator Chuck Hagel’s apology for 1998 comments in which he decried a Clinton administration ambassadorial nominee as “openly, aggressively gay” was met with conciliatory responses from two leading national LGBT organizations, the Log Cabin Republicans (LCR) came out swinging against the possibility the Nebraska Republican will be President Barack Obama’s choice as the next sec Comments (5)

When Portugal Was the World

When it makes the news, Portugal is mentioned mostly these days for its faltering economy. Yet it has one of the most thriving national cinemas in Europe, with extremely talented filmmakers like Pedro Costa, João Pedro Rodrigues, and the world’s oldest working director, Manoel de Oliveira. Comment
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Renato Seabra Gets 25-to-Life in Grisly Carlos Castro Slaying

Calling the murder of Carlos Castro a “chilling example of the manifestation of man’s inhumanity to man” that was fraught with “sadism,” a judge sentenced Renato Seabra to 25-years-to-life in the 2011 slaying. Comments (4)
Love & Marriage

Scholars, Advocates Respond to Supreme Court Action

As Arthur S. Leonard reported, the Supreme Court on December 7 announced on December 7 that it would review the Ninth Circuit’s Proposition 8 ruling and the New York-based Second Circuit’s […] Comments (10)

A Tortured Rationale

Lately, Kathryn Bigelow has seemed drawn to political subjects, but not to partisan politics. This served her on “The Hurt Locker,” an Iraq War film calculated not to take a stand on the conflict’s merits. Despite Bigelow’s strenuous efforts at keeping the film apolitical, some veterans complained of its in Comments (5)

What A Long, Strange Trip It’s Been

It took more than 50 years for Jack Kerouac’s bestseller “On the Road” to be turned into a film. Curiously, it was a Brazilian director, Walter Salles, who finally took on this American classic about freedom ̵ Comments (4)

Lessons from the Fight Against Interracial Marriage Bans

When Congress enacted the Civil Rights Act of 1964, it gave the federal government tools that were used to force schools, businesses, and state and local governments to stop discriminating on the basis of race. Comments (1)
News Briefs

AIDS Activist Spencer Cox is Dead at 44

As Gay City News was going to press on December 18, news surfaced that Spencer Cox, 44, a veteran of ACT UP and a founder of the Treatment Action Group, had died earlier in the day. Comments (3)

US Courts Clash Over Reparative Therapy Law

Ruling on consecutive days, federal judges sitting in the same US courthouse in Sacramento reached directly opposite views about how to analyze challenges to a new California law prohibiting licensed health care professionals — though not religious counselors — from providing “sexual orientation change effort” (SOCE) therapy to patients under 18. Comments (1)

Brief Boxer

The term “angry young man” is generally attributed to working class British playwrights in the 1950 Comments (5)

Personality Driven

In his Pulitzer Prize-winning play “Glengarry Glen Ross,” David Mamet uses language and situation to mine the more elemental characteristics of males — survival, sexual prowess, and dominance — all in the metaphor of Comment


There can be little doubt that Patti LuPone is the current reigning Eminence of Broadway — and cabaret. With her sensational pipes, which can belt as well as lyrically melt, her dramatic sense, and her keen musicality, she’s Ethel Merman and Mary Martin combined, and a far greater actress than either of them Comment

The American Taliban’s Boston Roots

There are many forms of censorship, and gay-themed books are constantly under attack. Comment

Intimate Surveillance

German director Christian Petzold’s work has always engaged his country’s history and politics. Yet in doing so, it’s drawn on American genre films and literature. His film “Yella” suggested the sort of film that might result from M. Night Shyamalan being set loose in the banking wo Comment
Kelly Jean Cogswell

Harking the Mayan Apocalypse 

If Santa actually comes this year, and not the Mayan Apocalypse, all I want is a little peace. No angels harking and heralding. No kids getting shot. Not in Connecticut. Not anywhere. Isn't that why so many films are rated R — we don't want our babes exposed to the violence? Or is it just sex we're opposed to? Heterosex when they take too many clothes off? Homosex in all its forms? Comment

Court Finds Realtors Discriminated Against Man With AIDS 

US District Judge Samuel Conti ruled on December 3 that two New York realtors violated city law in their responses to a prospective tenant living with AIDS who sought an apartment with financial support from the HIV/ AIDS Services Administration (HASA). Comments (3)

The Divas and Divos of December

Concert opera leavens New York’s repertory in salutary ways. The Collegiate Chorale’s December 5 mounting of Vincenzo Bellini’s penultimate work, “Beatrice di Tenda,” was a worthwhile and Comment
From the Editor

A False Equivalency

Few people would dispute that Washington and American politics in general are broken. Most, in fact, would agree that polarization reached new levels during President Barack Obama’s first term, though any accurate accounting would take note of the deep divisions that plagued George W. Bush’s eight years in office, and — even more pronouncedly — Bill Clinton’s two terms before that. Comment


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