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April 8, 2012 Comment
Love & Marriage

Did Biden Make News on Marriage Equality?

Comments made by Vice President Joe Biden on “Meet the Press” this morning –– that “what people are finding out what all marriages at their root are about… is who do you love and will you be loyal to the perso Comment

I Travel for Opera

For an opera fan, it’s salutary to get away from “old accustomed places” and experience the art form in unfamiliar theaters. Comments (1)

ACT UP Pushes Dedicated Tax to Fight AIDS

It was old home week on Wall Street as the AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power (ACT UP) — joined by Occupy Wall Street (OWS) and other groups — staged a massive protest April 25, just as it had a quarter century ago there for its first major demonstration. Comments (1)
From the Editor

Obama's Puzzling Move on Contractor Executive Order

The decision by leading administration officials to tell a group of LGBT advocates, during an April 11 White House meeting, that the president does not intend to move on a proposed executive order to bar contractors doing business with the federal government from discriminating on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity has led to an outcry that Obama probably could have avoided as he heads into the final six months of his reelection drive. Comment


Thank you for this article (“Homeless Youth Funding Grows Slightly,” by Paul Schindler, Apr. 11-24) –– except for the title; it’s hard to see this as even slight funding growth when the Runaway Homeless Youth appropriation has been cut nearly 70 percent in the last three years. It is heartbreaking that New York State has so harshly and disproportionately slashed funding that provided critical shelter and services for homeless and runaway youth. It is hard to imagine services more deserving of support. Comment
News Briefs

Harry Wieder Honored on Lower East Side

It’s a rare New York street that’s named for an activist as radical as Harry Wieder, killed by a car in April 2010 crossing the Lower East Side street after a meeting of the community board on which he served. His dedication to LGBT Comment


I have reviewed Mark McCormack's book, “The Declining Significance of Homophobia” (“A Promising Report Card,” by Yoav Sivan, Apr. 11-24). What I found “surprising” about it was how he ignores completely the importance of metrosexuality, which has shifted men's behaviours massively, and not just recently –– but since the ‘70s, ‘80s, and ‘90s. Comments (1)
News Briefs

Romney's Out Gay Flak Is Out After 12 Days

Richard Grenell, Mitt’s Romney’s recently-named gay foreign policy spokesman, was forced out of the former Massachusetts governor’s presidential campaign after pressure from anti-gay Republicans, a conservative columnist at the Washington Post first reported on May 1. Comment


I agree whole-heartedly with David Kennerley's review (“A Star Is Burnt,” Apr. 11-24). Having seen “End of the Rainbow” last night, the only jaw-dropping moments were when Ms. Bennett sang, truly channeling Judy with gestures, mannerisms, phrasing –– to say nothing of hair, make-up, and wardrobe. The rest felt a bit over the top –– if she really wanted to take the pills again, why would she lift the piano lid in full view of the fiancé and not just sneak them? The pouring of the Stoli? Over the top. The almost homophobic nature of Mickey Deans? Ludicrous Comments (1)


The consequences Dharun Ravi are disproportionate to his crime, and I say this with very little sympathy for him (“Was the Rutgers Bully Scapegoated?,” by Paul Schindler, Mar. 28-Apr. 10). It is apparent from his refusal to accept the plea bargain and his lack of any public statement of remorse that he sees no problem with his actions. Although Ravi may share some moral culpability for driving Tyler Clementi to suicide, it is unjust to assign him legal culpability, which it seems is happening in this case. Comments (1)


What a fabulous article Winnie McCroy wrote about Night of a Thousand Gowns (“Ritz Kraka, Witti Repartee, So Much More,” Apr. 11-24).Thank you so much! Comment

Splashy Victory Lap for Marriage Equality New York

It’s been a spectacular year since Marriage Equality New York (MENY; held its last annual gala. Comment

Connecticut Employer Liable for Anti-Gay Workplace

The Connecticut Supreme Court has ruled that the state law banning sexual orientation discrimination “imposes liability on employers for failing to take reasonable steps to prevent their employees from being subjected to hostile work environments based on their sexual orientation.” Chief Justice Chase T. Rogers wrote the opinion, to be published May 15, for the unanimous court in Patino v. Birken Manufacturing Company. Comment

A Trio of Traviatas

This season we have four different companies presenting Verdi’s “La Traviata” in New York City and its environs. The revamped New York City Opera presented their take back in February at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. This month, the Met stars Gallic diva Natalie Dessay i Comment

Scare Tactics

Some wags predicted that “Ghost the Musical,” the West End import based on the hugely popular 1990 film, would be dead on arrival. Advance ticket sales were reported to be sluggish. Perhaps New York audiences are spooked at the prospect of a gimmicky “bereavement musical” that relies on technical effects. Comment

Strange Bedfellows

The 2012 presidential campaign has, to date, been rife with climbers strong on ambition and light on substance who rely on forging cults of personality among passionate, if ignorant, followers all too willing to worship charisma when pandered to. Given this, it would seem the perfect time to revive “Evita,” Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice’s rock opera that charts Comment

Lending a Hand to Peru, Returning to the Closet

“Como se dice ‘butterfly’ en Español?” I innocently ask. “Homosexual,” she replies. Comment
Around Town

Two Divas: Italian and French

They call me a legend,” Kaye Ballard told me, “but it’s only because I’ve lived this long.” Comments (1)

Alison Bechdel a Winner to Look Out For

Alison Bechdel, the creator of the “Dykes to Watch Out For” comic series and author of the graphic memoir “Fun Home,” received the Bill Whitehead Award for Lifetime Achievement at the Publishing Triangle’s 24th annual awards ceremony held April 19 at the New S Comment

Altared State

A modestly made — and modestly affecting — comedy-drama about acceptance, “The Perfect Family” concerns Eileen Cleary (Kathleen Turner) vying for the “Catholic Woman of the Year” award at her church. Eileen is devout — she attends Mass daily — and devoted to helping out the community, delivering Comment

EEOC Rules Anti-Trans Bias is Sex Discrimination

In a sharp reversal of its prior rulings, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), the federal agency created by the 1964 Civil Rights Act with authority for interpreting and applying Title VII, which bans, among other things, sex discrimination in employment, has ruled that a “complaint of discrimination based on gender identity, change of sex, and/or transgender status” can be pursued on grounds of sex discrimination. Comment


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