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Utah Applies for Stay of Marriage Equality Ruling

Late in the afternoon on New Year’s Eve, the State of Utah petitioned the Supreme Court to stay the ruling by US District Jud Comments (4)

City Schools Veteran Named de Blasio's DOE Chancellor 

Continuing a pattern of appointing people who have long experience in government to prominent roles in his administration, Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio selected Carmen Fariña to be Comments (4)
News Briefs

Bishop Says Pope Francis "Shocked" at Idea of Gay Adoption

Pope Francis, recently named as the Advocate’s Person of the Year, was “shocked” at the thought of gay and lesbian couples adopting children, according to Bishop Charles Scicluna of Malta. Comments (3)
News Briefs

Robin Roberts, Obama’s Marriage Equality Interviewer, Comes Out

In a December 29 Facebook post, ABC “Good Morning America” host Robin Roberts, who interviewed President Barack Obama in early 2012 when he decided to announce his support for marriage equality, came out as a lesbian. Comment
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"How to Survive a Plague," Tony Kushner Win Oscar Nominations

“How to Survive a Plague,” David France’s documentary about AIDS treatment activism in the years prior to the mid-‘90s introduction of protease inhibitors, has been nominated for a Best Documentary Academy Award. Comments (1)

High Court to Consider Global AIDS Funding Restrictions

The Supreme Court has announced it will review a ruling striking down the US government’s policy of conditioning funding under the US Leadership Against HIV/ AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria Act of 2003 on non-profit recipients stating an explicit policy opposing prostitution and sex trafficking and taking no actions inconsistent with that. Comment

Gay Couple’s Sex Sting Suit Revived

The Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals has revived a lawsuit filed by a gay male couple caught up in a Michigan sex sting. Comment

But Is It Good for the French?

A fabulous and very funny French farce, “Let My People Go!,” directed and co-written by out gay Mikael Buch, opens with the previously happy gay couple Ruben (Nicolas Maury) and Teemu (Jarkko Niemi) splitting up. When Ruben, a Frenchman working as a postman in Finland, comes home one Comment

Lucky 13: A Baker's Dozen Things to Watch For in the Year Ahead

1. New York Could Elect Its First Openly Lesbian or Gay Mayor Comments (28)
From the Editor

The Hagel Flusterchuck

There are good reasons — given his votes and statements on LGBT issues as well as a woman’s right to choose — to oppose former Nebraska Senator Chuck Hagel’s probable nomination as secretary of defense, particularly since open military service by gay men and lesbians is still a new phenomenon. Comments (1)

Spencer Cox's Legacy as a Treatment Activist and a Gay Man With AIDS

When news surfaced on December 18 that Spencer Cox, one of the most important HIV treatment activists going back more than two decades, had died of AIDS-related causes at a Manhattan hospital at the age of 44, a haunting video clip of the Georgia native soon surfaced on Facebook. Comments (36)

Lost Down the Memory Hole, Only the Echoes of Kafka Remain

In today's post, I received a l Comments (3)

A Challenge to Conservatives

In his 2003 dissent in Lawrence v. Texas, the US Supreme Court case that struck down sodomy statutes in the 13 states that still had such l Comments (1)

Year-End Spate of LGBT Court Rulings

State and federal courts released a flood of new LGBT-related opinions in the last few weeks of 2012. The most significant among them are detailed below. Comment

Ten Signs that Cinema Lives

In 2012, cinema died. At least that’s what many think pieces would have you believe. David Denby, David Thomson, and Andrew O’Hehir all wrote articles lamenting the death of cinema –– or in O’Hehir’s case, the death of film culture. Comments (1)

National Treasures on Parade in London

The crown jewels and Magna Carta are two of the most famous national treasures on display in London. But there are also uniquely British people who are valued in much the same fashion — not because they led a battle or won Olympic gold, but for epitomizing something about being British that the publi Comments (1)

Of Divas and the Depression

Elections 2012

Log Cabins Change Tone Dramatically on Hagel, Now Likely Defense Pick

Six days after former Senator Chuck Hagel’s apology for 1998 comments in which he decried a Clinton administration ambassadorial nominee as “openly, aggressively gay” was met with conciliatory responses from two leading national LGBT organizations, the Log Cabin Republicans (LCR) came out swinging against the possibility the Nebraska Republican will be President Barack Obama’s choice as the next Comments (11)

Another Seven Years, Another Look “Up”

Michael Apted’s documentary “56 Up” is being released theatrically in the US, eight months after its premiere on British television’s ITV, the commercial broadcaster that produced it. The “Up” series, which began in 1964 with a group of seven-year-olds and has since tracked them at seven-year intervals as they grew into men and women, may be the second longest-lived “franc Comment

The Aggies of 2012

With imperiously crossed arms and a dramatic toss of the head, Endora-style, we are once again giving out our annual Agnes Moorehead Awards for the best of 2012. Comments (1)

Myths and Misses

BY CHRISTOPHER BYRNE / Reading Aristophanes today, one doesn’t instantly think “rollicking comedy,” yet that’s what it was in ancient Greece where the putative father of comedy left his audiences helpless with mirth, or so we think. Stephen Sondheim turned to Aristophanes for “The Frogs,” an insightful and intelligent modernization of that text. Comment
Kelly Jean Cogswell

Bah and Humbug, Inc.

Thank God the holidays are over. I used to be freaked out by the whole psycho happy family display. Now, it's the ode to the passage of a dozen short months that drives me nuts. Seriously, who but farmers organize their projects in convenient twelve-month bundles with sparklers that go off at the end? Most of us are lucky if we clean the house a couple times, do a weekly load of laundry. Get our monthly bills paid. One year is much like rest. Comment
Susie Day

How to Avoid Being Labeled an Enemy Combatant

Remember when President Obama promised to close the Guantánamo detention camp? Remember when he didn’t? Years later, we grow old and decrepit and there remain some 166 detainees at Guantánamo in much worse shape. One hundred of these men have not been charged with a crime, and all of them will probably remain at Gitmo without trial. Comment

Crazy Opera Dames!

Psycho dames and damned psychics stirred up a whole lot of operatic trouble in October and November. Drag diva Jeffery Roberson aka Varla Jean Merman crossed over into operatic divadom, assuming the title role in Menotti’s “The Medium” in a three-week engagement at the Marjorie S. Deane Little Theater a Comment
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Steven Goldstein Leaving Garden State Equality for Rutgers Post

Steven Goldstein, who has served as chair and chief executive officer of Garden State Equality (GSE) since founding the New Jersey LGBT advocacy group in 2004, is stepping down from his post to become associate chancellor of Rutgers University-Newark. Comment


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