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In Exuberant Mood on Brilliant Summer Day, Dykes March Down Fifth

PHOTOS BY DONNA ACETO | Tens of thousands of dykes and other women — cis, trans, or otherwise — gathered at Bryant Park on June 29, walked over to Fifth Avenue and 42nd Street in front of the New York Public Library, and marched down Fifth in the NYC Dyke March. This annual event, for which no police permit is sought, is a demonstration for rights and visibility. It is raucous, exuberant, free form, and loud. Women organize, march, and marshal. Men supported from the sidelines, giving dykes center stage. The march proceeded south to Washington Square Park., where many decided to cool off in the fountains before heading out for their evening. Comment

Gaga the Surprise (Sort of) Guest at NYC Pride Rally

PHOTOS BY DONNA ACETO | The annual LGBT Pride Rally, held June 28 at Pier 26 in Tribeca, kicked off an exuberant Pride Weekend punched up by the victories earlier in the week at the Supreme Court. Comments (2)
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Same-Sex Marriages Resume in California

Two days after the US Supreme Court rule Comments (4)

Very Queer Flowers

Out director Ash Christian’s dark, but at times sweet, comedy “Petunia” chronicles the romantic and sexual dysfunction that plagues members of the title clan. Parents Felicia (Christine Lahti) and Percy (David Rasche) are discussing divorce. Their son Michael (Eddie Kay Thomas) marries Vivian (Thora Birch), who we soon learn is pregnant, p Comment

Center Hosts Garden Party 30

PHOTOS BY DONNA ACETO | The LGBT Community Center kicked off Pride Week with its annual Garden Party, its 30th anniversary event. Held for the first time at Pier 84 at West 44th Street and the Hudson River, the party presented "A Taste of Pride," featuring specialties from 40 restaurants across the city. Comments (3)

Painting Disco with a Political Brush  

There is more to disco music than meets the eye posits an energetic new documentary from Jamie Kastner, “The Secret Disco Revolution.” The director argues that the music was a form of protest — not unlike what fo Comments (1)

Pride Celebrated by the City Council

PHOTOS BY DONNA ACETO | If it’s June, there’s a good chance you’ve received a Pride celebration invitation or email notice from one or more elected officials. On June 10 at the Great […] Comment
Elections 2013

On the Eve of Pride, Quinn Reaches Out to Her Base

With Manhattan’s massive Pride Parade just two days off, City Council Speaker Christine Quinn appeared outside the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center on the mo Comments (4)

Park Slope Celebrates LGBT Pride

PHOTOS BY DONNA ACETO | The 17th annual celebration of LGBT Pride in Brooklyn included a 5k run in Prospect Park on the morning of June 8, followed by a street festival on Park Slope’s Fifth Avenue and an evening parade through the neighborhood. The parade included grassroots activists like those from Queer Rising and the Lesbian Herstory Archives, plenty of young people like a dancer affiliated with the Ali Forney Project and a group of spectators with attitude, and some Brooklyn-grown politicians, like former Congressman Anthony Weiner, who is running for mayor, and City Councilwoman Letitia James, who is seeking the job of city public advocate. Comments (1)

Comptroller John Liu Honors LGBT Pride

On June 12, at the LGBT Community Center, City Comptroller John Liu held his annual Pride event, honoring Aires M. Liao, co-founder of Q-WAVE, the Asian Pride Project, and an executive board member at the National Queer Asian and Pacific Islander Alliance, Charles Ober, a co-founder of the Queens Pride House, Janet Weinberg, the chief operating officer at Gay Men’s Health Crisis, and Jim Smith, a member of the steering committee at the Staten Island LGBT Community Center and an online blogger at the Staten Island Advance. Comment
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Edie's Victory, Our Progress, and the Road Ahead

It was in the late winter of 2004 when I met Edie Windsor and the woman she would marry several years later in Toronto, Thea Spyer. A couple of weeks before, Gavin Newsom, then mayor of San Francisco, declared that city had the authority to marry same-sex couples. Comment
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Edie Windsor Claims Her Victory –– and Ours

“Internalized homophobia is a bitch,” Edie Windsor told a jam-packed news conference at Manhattan’s LGBT Community Center just two hours after the US Supreme Court struck down the federa Comments (3)
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Rally Celebrates Supreme Court Wins, Hails Windsor

A June 26 Manhattan rally was as much a salute to Edie Windsor as it was a celebration of the two victories the US Supreme Court handed the gay and lesbian community that day. Comments (7)
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Prop 8 Challengers Confident Ruling is the Last Word

With the US Supreme Court holding that the Official Proponents of California’s Proposition 8 cannot challenge a federal district court decision that the 2008 ballot initiative banning gay marriage is unconstitutional, ad Comments (3)
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Supreme Court Strikes Down DOMA’s Key Provision, Dodges Prop 8's Substance

In a pair of 5-4 rulings released on June 26, the United States Supreme Court he Comments (2)

City Buys More Meningitis Vaccine, But Effort Faulted in Med Journal 

While New York City’s health department purchased nearly 8,000 meningitis vaccine doses in 2013 in addition to the 4,000 doses it bought last year, the city’s supply is still well short of the number needed to meet the department’s goal of vaccinating 30,000 to 100,000 gay and bisexual men. Comment

AIDS Vets REACT UP, Warn the Battle Not Over

In many ways, the issues are still the same,” mused Andrew Velez, one of the founding members of ACT UP, at a reunion bash held at 49 Grove in the West Village on June 22, more than 26 years after the activist group was launched. Comments (13)
Susie Day

In Grid We Trust

Dear Peace Blog — Comments (1)
Kelly Jean Cogswell

Celebrating Activists

It was almost funny. One minute President Barack Obama enthusing in his Pride Month proclamation about "those who organized, agitated, and advocated for change." The next, Ellen Sturtz getting slammed for disrupting a fundraiser featuring First Lady Michelle Obama, who didn't exactly embrace the activist. Comment

A Rainy Night and a Day at the Beach with Lisa Cannistraci

The way Lisa Cannistraci tells it, if not for a rainstorm back in the mid-‘80s at a moment she happened to be on Hudson Street, her West Village bar Henrietta Hudson would never have been. Comments (2)

Assembly Approves Bill Barring Condoms as Evidence of Prostitution   

New York City has the nation’s largest HIV/ AIDS population, and no responsible public health official would ever advise against carrying condoms. But that’s exac Comment

Supreme Court Nixes Requirement for Anti-Prostitution Pledge

The Supreme Court, on June 20, ruled that a federal statute that conditions government funding to non-profits doing overseas HIV prevention work on their articulating an explicit policy opposing prostitution violates the First Amendment. Comment

Steve-Shlomo Ashkinazy’s Reverence For Storytelling

As the 1970s turned into the ‘80s, many Jews experienced a spiritual awakening that brought them closer to the pietistic ways of their grandparents and reinvigorated the Jewish identity. Steve Ashkinazy felt the call and went to Jerusalem for a year. Comments (4)

LGBT People Vulnerable Amidst Recent Economic Reversals

David Geffen, Elton John, Ellen DeGeneres, and Tim Gill notwithstanding, lesbian, gay, and bisexual people are poorer on average than their n Comments (2)
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DOMA Struck Down; Supreme Court Ducks Prop 8, Clearing Way for Marriage in California

In two critical rulings on June 26, the United States Supreme Court struck down the US Defense of Marriage Act’s bar on federal recognition of legal same-sex marriages. Comments (2)

No State Senate Vote on Transgender Rights

More than a decade into the effort to approve a transgender civil rights law in New York State, the 2013 legislative session looked like it could be the charm. Comment

What It Means to Be Out in 2013

Debuting on HBO on June 27 and available on demand the following day, “The Out List” is an hour-long documentary featuring 16 LGBT individuals, each directly addressing the camera for a few minutes to talk about issues important to the queer community. From Lady Bunny’s smart speech about drag queens and self-expression to Larry Kramer’s pass Comments (1)

Show Your Pride

You’re in New York to celebrate Pride –– or you have friends visiting for Pride –– and you want to see a show. Obviously, I support that. But if you haven’t planned ahead, getting tickets can be a challenge, particularly for the most popular shows. Comments (1)

Hoofing Whiz-Bang

Last year, tap dancer Savion Glover received a Bessie Award –– the dance and performance equivalent of a Tony or an Oscar –– for music composition. He defines himself as a hoofer, and his preoccupation is with the sounds he’s making. That’s how devoted he is to the acoustic aspect of his tapping. In the past, in fact, he’d often tu Comment

Law of My Land

With my father’s recent death in Hawaii, the past year has been filled with rites of passage, and I recently took part in another one there, by going to my first Punahou School reunion. I attended Barack Obama’s alma mater from the sixth grade on, and for me this event was a biggie, something I’d sworn I’d never do, not knowing if, like tha Comments (2)

Rediscovering Pat Barker  

Pride Week should be not simply a celebration of our collective identity in the present, but also a moment for remembering — for, as William Faulkner rightly observed, “The past is never dead, it is not even past.” But for too long, our queer past was hidden from view. Reclaiming that past is an important part of our ongoing struggle for liberation. Comments (1)

Changes of Pace

On June 17, a beautiful early summer evening, Neal Goren and the Gotham Chamber Opera presented the New York professional sta Comment

Palmetto Puccini

Beautiful, historic Charleston, South Carolina, has hosted the Spoleto Festival USA since 1977. Classical and jazz concerts compete with dance and theater events in all styles, and in recent years two opera productions in different venues have become sta Comments (1)

A Creative Crowd-Sourcing Marathon

Yanira Castro’s dance-making enterprise, a canary torsi, creates site-adaptable, installation-based performance projects. Her work invites audiences to participate in live performances that extend into other media platforms. Ranging from formal movement and immersive audio installations to fictional Twitter feeds and interactive websites, Castro’s dances explore the relationship between spectator Comments (2)
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Wash Po Story Suggests Combating Homophobia Takes Backseat to Petitioning for Weiner

A June 19 article in the Washington Post about the Democratic mayoral primary contest in New York makes the case that form Comments (4)

The Hostage Back Home

Danish director Tobias Lindholm’s “A Hijacking” is a thriller that breaks most of the genre’s rules. There’s lots of talk and almost no action. Only one act of violence takes place and it happens off-screen. The film starts off with one character, a chef Comment

A Stranger in Bed

Israeli filmmakers have not hesitated to explore their country’s misadventures in Lebanon, Ari Folman’s animated semi-documentary “Waltz With Bashir” being the most distinguished example. Arab filmmakers generally haven’t had the same freedom to explore what Israel means for their people. Comment

Elliot Morales Repeatedly Told NYPD He Killed Mark Carson

The accused killer of Mark Carson made multiple statements to police following the May 18 fatal shooting in which he admitted to killing the 32-year-old gay man. Comment
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Citing GENDA “Momentum,” Pride Agenda Touts Ray Kelly Endorsement

It’s been more than a decade since New York State enacted a gay rights law –& Comment

Destiny’s Child

Gender identity in children is a hot-button topic these days. Just last year, the American Psychiatric Association finally removed gender identity disorder from its list of mental illnesses (with emotional distress caused by gender identity ambiguities now termed “gender dysphoria”). More Comments (1)
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This Year, the Climax of Pride is... Cher

The pantheon of iconic stars who have performed at New York’s post-Pride Parade Dance on the Pier make for a damned impressive woman's world –– Whitney Houston, Liza Minnelli, Jennifer Lopez, Janet Jackson, Jennifer Hudson, Katy Perry, and Cyndi Lauper... to name just a few. Comment


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