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Randy and Renee 

Randy Harrison is forever burned into the consciousness of a gay generation for playing Justin Taylor, the ultimate irresistibly innocent twink on the groundbreaking TV series “Queer as Folk.” Since that show wrapped in 2005, he Comments (8)

Strangers in a Bar 

Jamie Babbit’s films — “The Quiet” and “Itty Bitty Titty Committee” among them — address strong female friendships. Her wild and provocative new feature, “Breaking the Girls Comment

My Kind of Town 

Queers have sought the freedom and anonymity of cities as long as cities have existed, and unearthing our hidden urban homosexual history is critical to an understanding of our community’s culture. While New York’s s queer past has been amply and excellently chronicled in studies by George Chauncey and Charles Kaiser and amplified in dozens of biographies and novels, the story of sexual dissidents in Chicago has remained largely unex Comments (2)
Elections 2013

Carlos Menchaca: Energetic in Demanding Government Show Up

On Saturday, July 20, as most of New York crumpled under the seventh day of the worst heat wave in memory, Carlos Menchaca and Antonio Reynoso, first-time City Council candidates from different Brooklyn districts, pedaled 15 miles on bicycle from East W Comments (2)

Hate Crime Conviction in Trans Woman’s Slaying Thrown Out

Jury confusion about how to deal with a defendant charged under New York’s hate crime statute has resulted in an appellate ruling setting aside as “inconsistent” the guilty verdict in the homicide of a transgender woman. Comments (4)

Hoylman Celebrates an Activist First Session    

A jubilant Brad Hoylman entered his fundraiser with his face flushed and pep in his step. Though suits were everywhere, the freshman state senator arrived with his shirt open and casually dressed in khakis, his Comment
Kelly Jean Cogswell

Trayvon Martin, and “We Are Caligula”

A couple of days ago, I checked out a rehearsal of Susana Cook's new play, "We Are Caligula". It felt so retro, sitting on a folding chair and watching actual humans on the stage moving around in the flesh. It was kind of about that — flesh — and the disposable body. Who gets eaten and who doesn't. What makes somebody God enough to make the choice, and somebody else so far below human they end up on the plate. Comments (1)
Susie Day

The Zimmerman Verdict: Three Uneasy Pieces

Sanford, Florida Volunteer Fire Department and the local chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution have united across class lines to declare George Zimmerman, recently acquitted of murdering African-American youth Trayvon Martin, an “Honorary White Dude.” Mr. Zimmerman, whose driver’s license lists him as Hispanic, was lauded today in a ceremony at Sanford’s City Hall. Comment
Elections 2013

AIDS Rent Cap Key in Forum Hijacked by Weinergate

A mayoral forum on AIDS issues was lent a circus-like atmosphere as revelations that Anthony Weiner, one of six candidates for the Democratic nomination for mayor, continued sending sexy text messages and nude selfies after that practice Comments (3)

US Judge Orders Ohio to Recognize a Same-Sex Marriage    

US District Judge Timothy S. Black has ordered that a Cincinnati same-sex couple married in Maryland is entitled to a temporary restraining order requiring the local registrar of death certificates to record them as married when one, fatally ill, passes away. Comments (2)

Prop 8 Proponents Ask California Supreme Court to Halt Marriages    

Two weeks after same-sex marriages resumed in Ca Comment

Federal Appeals Court Nixes Sex Sting Arrest

Reversing decisions by a federal district court judge and a magistrate judge, a panel of the US Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals has acquited a gay man convicted of disorderly conduct for groping an undercover federal ranger in North Carolina in 2009. The 2-1 decision came in an appeal brought by Joe Lanning, who was targeted in a vice sting operation at the Sleepy Gap Overlook of the Blue Ridge Parkway near Asheville. Comment

Comings and Goings 

If Gilbert and Sullivan had teamed up with Kaufman and Hart, the result might be something like “The Explorers Club,” a silly, sprightly, and ultimately endearing comedy by Nell Benjamin set in a London g Comment

Immigration Court Settles Remaining DOMA Issue for Binational Couples

Shortly after the Supreme Court struck down the Defense of Marriage Act’s (DOMA) ban on federal recognition of same-sex marriages on June 26 in Edie Windsor’s constitutional challenge to the 1996 law, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano announced that the immigration service under her department would recognize same-sex marriages that were valid where they were performed, using the “place of celebration rule.” Comments (2)

ACT UP Protests Mt. Sinai’s Denial of PEP Therapy

Members of ACT UP protested outside of Mt. Sinai Medical Center after a gay man who had recently had unsafe sex visited the emergency department there and had difficulty getting a regimen of anti-HIV drugs that can prevent infection wi Comments (2)
Breaking News

Elizabeth II Gives Royal Assent to Marriage Equality

Queen Elizabeth II on July 17 gave formal Royal Assent to the Marriage (Same-Sex Couples) Act 2013, which passed its third reading in the British House of Lords two days earlier. Comments (2)

Prop 8 Proponents Ask California Supreme Court to Halt Marriages

Two weeks after same-sex marriages resumed in California on June 28, Proposition 8’s proponents filed a petition with the California Supreme Court seeking a stay of Judge Vaughn Walker’s 2010 order, which the Supreme Court allowed to go into effect when it ruled the proponents did not have standin Comments (3)

Stonewall Inn Plaque Ceremony Canceled

The Historic Landmarks Preservation Center, the private group controlled by wealthy Democratic donor Barbaralee Diamonstein-Spielvogel, abruptly canceled a 3 p.m. ceremony today that was to place one of the group's round plaques on the Stonewall bar to commemorate the 1969 Stonewall Rebellion. Comments (8)

Stonewall Plaque Dedication Planned Tuesday –– With No Stonewall Participants

The private Historic Landmarks Preservation Center (HLPC) will “commemorate the Stonewall Inn and the Stonewall Rebellion” on Tuesday, July 16 a Comments (5)


Let this medallion stand Comment

New Age Knights

If the umbrella term “mumblecore” ever had a purpose, those days are long gone. The original group of mumblecore directors — Joe Swanberg, Aaron Katz, the Duplass brothers, Andrew Bujalski — have all gone off in different directions. In some ways, Bujalski’s latest film, “Computer Chess,” has as much Comment

Evil Speaks for Itself

Philosopher Hannah Arendt, who came up with the notion of the banality of evil, might not like “The Act of Killing.” In this documentary, evil isn’t Comment


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