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Family Reconfigured

“One of the best benefits of being gay, aside from the really great taste in window treatments, is that kids aren’t expected to be part of the equation. When did that change?,” asks an exasperated gay man during a Comment
Elections 2013

Mayoral Face Off

Less than five weeks out from the September 10 Democratic mayoral primary, no candidate appears poised to reach the 40 percent threshold allowing them to avoid an October 1 runoff — an inconvenience that could divert valuable energy and money from the general election contest against the Republican nominee. Comments (2)
Elections 2013

Mel Wymore: Community Activist and Trans Man Looking for Authentic Solutions

It would hardly be surprising if, borrowing a page from many gay and lesbian political candidates before him, Mel Wymore, who is running for an open City Council seat on the Upper West Side, insisted that he is not the transgender candidate in the Septem Comment
Elections 2013

Corey Johnson: Practice Complete for Ex-Footballer Seeking Quinn Seat

There is something about Corey Johnson that is carefully crafted. Or perhaps it’s everything. Comments (12)

Court Says Lesbian Spouse Eligible Under US-Regulated Benefit Plan

A US district court has ruled that a private sector employee benefit plan governed by the federal Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) should be construed to recognize a same-sex marriage Comments (1)

Victories for Two Gay Asylum Seekers    

Two federal appeals circuits handed victories in July to gay men seeking asylum in the US based on the danger of persecution they faced in their home countries — the Philippines in one case; Ukraine in the other. Comment

Whatever It Is, Watch It

Still not over "The Outs?" Well now you don't have to be. Adam Goldman and Rascal Department, the creative team behind the critically acclaimed web series, are back. "Whatever This Is," their new web series about getting it together — pro Comment

Linda Lovelace Finally Naked

Gay filmmakers Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman’s compelling biopic “Lovelace” is as much about the adult film actress Linda Lovelace’s (Amanda Seyfried) abuse at the hands of her husband, Chuck Traynor (Peter Sarsgaard), as it is about her meteoric rise to fame Comment
Nathan Riley

Bradley Manning and the State of Our Republic

Bradley Manning is an American hero who against great odds and without regard to his personal safety defied US secrecy laws. Comment
Kelly Jean Cogswell

Russian Queers Under Attack

Unless we get involved, US athletes will participate in the 2014 Olympics in Russia, where naked authoritarian rule has returned after a trial in democracy that only lasted long enough for the Eastern Orthodox Church to regain and consolidate its power and for a vicious free market capitalism to create a few obscenely wealthy oligarchs. Comment

Fringe Finds

Bewildering.” “Embarrassingly inept.” “Self-indulgent.” “Loathsome.” These are just a few of the barbs cranky New Yorkers like to throw at the New York International Fringe Festival come August every year. Perhaps they are onto something. Or maybe it’s just the summer heat. Comments (1)

How to Start a Gay Bookstore 

Greg Newton and his lover, Donnie Jochum, were walking through Chelsea one night two years ago and passed by the spot where the queer bookstore Different Light once stood. Newton recalled for me, “I asked, ‘When did it close? And the Oscar Wilde Bookshop? Is there no longer a gay bookstore in New York?’ Comments (30)

Pardon My French

In the 19th century, every Italian composer wanted to write a grand opera for the Paris Opéra. A triumph in cosmopolitan Paris meant fame on an international scale. Giuseppe Verdi cautiously took up the challenge, adapting his early “I Lom Comments (3)

Will Sochi Haunt the Olympic Movement?

A few years ago, red flags were raised when a Russian judge ruled that Pride House, a non-profit organization supporting LGBT athletes, would be banned from the Sochi Olympics. It was the first time such an organization had been blocked by Russian officials. The judge Comments (7)

South Korean Filmmakers Getting First US Shot

BY STEVE ERICKSON| In most respects, the South Korean film industry is a success story. Thanks to a quota system, it’s one of the few national cinemas that’s managed to resist Hollywood and hang on to the majority of its own market. As of April, Comment

Matters of Life and Death

Talk about low-hanging fruit –– satirizing reality TV. It’s obvious and easy, and perhaps because of that it could go terribly wrong as engaging theater. Yet Itamar Moses has managed to make a thoroughly entertaining e Comment
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Owner, Bartenders from Boxers Bars Dump Stoli in the Gutter

As a crowd of more than 100 demonstrators massed across the street from the Russian Consulate on Manhattan’s East 91st Street to protest new anti-gay legislation in that country, Bob Fluet, one of the owners of Boxers NYC in Chelsea and Boxers HK in Hells Kitchen, and two of his bartenders poured bottle after bottle of Stolichnaya Vod Comments (6)
Breaking News

ACT UP Disrupts Stoli Splash Bash; July 31 Demo Planned at Russian Consulate

It certainly didn’t have the makings of a fair fight, as a group of less than a dozen members of ACT UP/ NY faced off against a crowd of roughly 150 who had been primed with free rounds of Stolichnaya Vodka. But when the activists disrupted the opening of Comments (23)

“The Canyons” Saves Bret Easton Ellis from Hollywood 

Bret Easton Ellis, famous for creating wealthy, louche, and amoral characters, has created some fabulously reckless film industry folks in his smart screenplay for “The Canyons.” The writer described the film — which is both seductive and sinister — as a “neo-noir,” perhaps because it is a sordid ta Comment


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