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LGBT Issues Integrated into 50th Anniversary of March on Washington

The world was inspired by Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in August 1963. Hundreds of thousands were moved t Comments (1)
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Transgender Woman Dies Five Days After Brutal Harlem Assault

Islan Nettles, a 21-year-old transgender woman brutally attacked on August 17 in Harlem, died on August 22 after she was removed from life support at Harlem Hospital. Comments (4)
Nathan Riley

A New Script for Law and Order?

Anyone following the stop and frisk story knew that Judge Shira Scheindlin would curb the practice, but the reaction among Republican mayoral hopefuls and their supporters was noteworthy. Glee is too strong a word for it, but GOP boosters clearly believe the Democrats have walked into a trap with their frequent criticism of NYPD practices. Comments (4)

Bar Talk

Here’s a riddle to break the ice: tell me how a dud like “First Date” showed up on Broadway. Were Krysta Rodriguez any less talented or Zachary Levi any less charming, this slight, unoriginal, 90-minute musical would be more suited to Off-Broadway in the 1980s than the Great White Comment

Summer Loving

Up in Ulster County, Phoenicia’s four-day International Festival of the Voice — founded in 2010 by bass-baritone Louis Otey, mezzo Maria Todaro, and baritone Kerry Henderson — takes a broad, holistic view of Comment

Martial Arts Biopic at War With Itself 

Hong Kong director Wong Kar-wai’s “The Grandmaster” is several movies in one. Basically, it combines martial arts with historical drama. This isn’t a particularly original idea: films from Tsui Hark’s “Once Upon a Time in China” to Zhang Yimou’s “Hero” have melded the two, usually wi Comment

Bette Davis: House Guest from Hell

Bette Davis — often called the greatest of film actresses (most serious rival: Katharine Hepburn) — drives me crazy. It is true that she could be brilliant (“Of Human Bondage,” “Dangerous,” “Marked Woman,̶ Comments (2)

Swept Away  

The absorbing Cuban drama “Una Noche” tells the story of three teenagers — Lila (Anailín de la Rúa de la Torre), her gay twin brother, Elio (Javier Núñez Florián), and Raul (Dari Comments (62)
Elections 2013

De Blasio’s Wife Caught in Firestorm Over Comments about Quinn’s Empathy for Moms

A heated dust-up between one of the Democratic mayoral candidates and the wife of another –– which played out in response to a column by a prominent woman at the New York Times –– is a reminder that women in politics can face questions that simply would not be put to their male counterparts. Comments (8)

Bill Lynch, Dinkins Deputy and Civil Rights Activist, Dies    

Bill Lynch, Jr., who died August 9 at ag Comments (1)
Elections 2013

Boro Prez Candidates Square Off on… and at NYU    

"Education, jobs, affordable housing” was the mantra that candidates for Manhattan borough president stuck to at a recent debate on the campus of New York University. All four Democratic candidates appeared comfortable in their skins at the August 7 event, settling in for what one of them called their 538th debate in advance of the September 10 pr Comments (2)

US Judge Allows Ugandan Gays’ Claims Against Minister to Proceed    

A federal district court judge in Massachusetts has refused to dismiss a lawsuit filed on behalf of Sexual Minorities Uganda, a gay rights group, against Scott Lively, described in the complaint as an attorney, author, and evangelical minister who allegedly worked to “foment” what the suit described as “an atmosphere of harsh and frightening repression against LGBTI people in Uganda.” Comment
Guest Perspective

DOMA’s Dead, But Not Homophobia, Indifference

I spent hours playing with this lovely bauble, fingering the charms, then putting the bracelet on my tiny wrist. I remember my father’s consternation when he saw me parading around the living room sporting something girls wore. Why wasn’t I interested in the baseball mitt he had given me for my birthday? Comment
Kelly Jean Cogswell

Lesbophobia and the NYC Mayoral Election

I hate to watch sitcoms with gay male characters, like the defunct “New Normal” or the popular “Modern Family.” Almost inevitably they make stereotypical digs at how ugly and badly dressed dykes are. How humorless, because we don't laugh at jokes making us the butt. Comments (2)
New York City

The Closing of an Iconic Venue    

"Who would build a bar here? It’s not the Village. It’s way up on 17th Street,” Harlem resident Lennie Harper, who went with friends to the opening night of Splash Bar during the summer of 1991, recalled thinking then. “We came in and we had a good time.” Comments (1)
Elections 2013

Yetta Kurland: Bold in Vision, Spare on Details

Spend just 90 minutes with Yetta Kurland and she will describe herself many different ways. She is “a community activist, a civil rights attorney,” a “tenant’s rights attorney,” a “small business owner,” Comments (4)
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Ritchie Torres: Building on a Progressive Moment in the Bronx

"As a young man of color, I can say that there is a crisis of young men in our society,” said Ritchie Torres, himself 25 but with nearly eight years experience doing staff work for the City Council. “There are hundreds of thousands of young men who do not work, who do not go to school, who have no access to community Comment

A Quarter Century of Queer Cinema

New York City’s annual LGBT film festival, NewFest, celebrates 25 years this September, offering dozens of queer features, shorts, and documentaries. Comments (1)
From the Editor

Christine Quinn for Mayor

GAY CITY NEWS ENDORSEMENT | Though it’s been nearly 20 years since New York’s last Democratic mayor left office, the party’s September 10 primary and a runoff likely to follow on October 1 could well decide who leads the city over the next four years. The stakes couldn’t be higher. Over the past two decades New York has seen extraordinary reductions in crim Comments (33)

FringeNYC Heads into Final Week

Among the 185 offerings at this year’s FringeNYC, Gay City News was able to catch a fair number, some of them noteworthy –– and a few with performances still to come. Comments (1)
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Suspect Sketches Released in Attack on Gay Couple in Chelsea

Police have released sketches of two men suspected of assaulting a gay couple walking through Chelsea after midnight on August 14 as they headed home from a movie. The victims said they were attacked by six youths shouting anti-gay slurs as they rounded the corner from Ninth Avenue onto 24th Street walking west, arm in arm. Comments (1)

Irish Eyes are Penetrating in London Theater

Two weeks of theater in London and two of the best plays were by Irishmen –– a new one from Conor Comment
Guest Perspective

Standing Side-By-Side for Comprehensive Reform

Johanna Vasquez was stopped by the police two years ago while waiting for a cab in Queens. Transgender and undocumented, Johanna was taken to an all-male detention center for a year where she was harassed and physically assaulted. With the help of legal services, Johanna successfully fought the charges against her and was not deported. She now has a permit to work in the US. Comments (1)
Elections 2013

Anthony Weiner Pledges Feisty Posture for the Duration

Politically powerful voices in New York, Anthony Weiner insisted, are not happy that he’s running for mayor –– and that’s a good thing. Comments (6)


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