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Stoli Guy Meets ACT UP, Queer Nation Again

For the second time in less than two months, a Stolichnaya Vodka promotional event at a Manhattan gay bar was disrupted by activists angered over Russia’s new anti-gay legislation. Comments (4)

Asian Cinema Highlights Expanded NYFF; Several LGBT Films of Note

The New York Film Festival continues ballooning. It wasn’t so long ago that it consisted of a mere 25 films. Now its main slate has expanded to 33, but the re Comments (2)
From the Editor

When a “Frontrunner” Hits the Wall

City Council Speaker Christine Quinn began this year as such a prohibitive frontrunner in the Democratic mayoral race that for months the major question asked was how likely it was that her opponents could keep her below the 40 percent threshold and force her into a runoff. Comments (1)

GMHC Ousts Marjorie Hill After Seven Years   

Gay Men's Health Crisis, the nation’s oldest non-profit organization dedicated to ending the HIV/ AIDS epidemic and supporting those affected by it, announced on September 13 that its CEO for the past seven years, Dr. Marjorie Hill, will step down at the end of this month. Comments (31)
Elections 2013

The Torch Has Been Passed

In what many — though certainly not all — in the LGBT community will judge a bittersweet political moment, the first viable out gay candidate for mayor fell well short on September 10, even as three gay newcomers were elected to the City Council. Two came from boroughs never before represented by LGBT elected officials. Comments (7)

Gay Style: Dominant and Enduring

The fact that gays, lesbians, and bisexuals have long ranked as the greatest designers in fashion history is, of course, no surprise to anyone. What is surprising is how long it has taken any museum to give them their full, out, and proud due. Comments (7)
Guest Perspective

Christine Quinn: Sexism, Homophobia, and a Campaign’s Collapse

Christine Quinn would have been the first woman and the first member of the LGBT community elected mayor of New York City had she won this year’s mayoral race. The fact that Quinn started the campaign as the clear frontrunner, with polls showing her at somewhere near 40 percent, but finished a distant third with a mere 15.5 percent of the vote on September 10, has fueled charges of sexism and homophobia. Comments (9)

A Kiss Ain’t Just a Kiss

Levithan would go on to write many other stories of the same caliber, including the New York Times bestselling “The Lover’s Dictionary” and "Every Day." He would also co-write best-selling “ Comment

The Strange, Sad Case Of Nikolai Alexeyev

What drives a respected gay activist over the edge into madness? Comments (10)

Robin Hoods Shoot Arrows at UN, Wall Street

While the Robin Hood of folklore rode through Sherwood Forest robbing from the rich to help the poor, more than 2,000 activists –– a good numb Comments (2)

Meningitis Cases in Gays Worldwide Spark Transmission Study   

With clusters of meningitis cases appearing among gay men on two continents coupled with a significant outbreak in New York City, epidemiologists cannot explain how the bug is spreading. Comment

Gore Vidal’s Forgotten Rival

That distinction belongs to John Horne Burns, whose 1947 “The Gallery,” based on his wartime service in North Africa and Italy, garnered almost universal rave reviews, becoming a bestseller that immediately went through 12 printings. The novel nearly won the Pulitzer Prize for its hitherto unknown 31-year-old author, who became a l Comment
Susie Day

Orange is Not New, and Prison is Not Our Best Color

Whatta story, right? I haven’t written much about this because I’ve found it impossible to convey what prison did to us. But when I read Piper Kerman’s smart, fun Comment

$4.5 Million Defamation Award Against Anti-Gay Official Upheld   

A federal judge has a affirmed a $4.5 million jury verdict against a homophobic former Michigan assistant attorney general found to have committed wrongful acts against the gay student body president at the University of Michigan. Comment

Suspicious Love

An intriguing melodrama, directed and co-written by gay Israeli filmmaker Michael Mayer, “Out in the Dark” concerns two men — Nimr (Nicholas Jacob) a Palestinian psychology student, and Roy (Michael Aloni), Comment

Abortion Documentary Can’t Win by Forcing Default

Watching Ken Loach’s 1971 “Family Life” a few months ago, I was startled by the casualness with which it introduces a subplot in which its troubled protagonist gets an abortion. If Comments (75)

Carine’s Career

For nigh on 20 years now, for those truly in the fashion know, Carine Roitfeld has been considered perhaps the world’s chicest woman. She began her career modeling in Paris at age 18, then became a stylist and journalist, then muse and consultant to designer Tom Ford at Gucc Comments (5)

Divine Familial Dysfunction 

Bard Summerscape presented the US staged premiere of Sergey Taneyev’s “Oresteia” (composed 1887-1894, premiered 1895) as part of its “Stravinsky and his World” program. Taneyev (1856-1915) was a piano prodi Comments (3)
Kelly Jean Cogswell

Inequality Addicts

Last week, The New York Times broke the unsurprising news that Christine Quinn's electoral disaster may have been more than rejection of her politics, but of Quinn herself — her female screech and high-pitched voice, the childlessness supposedly antagonistic to families, her unfeminine pushiness and goshdang dykey masculinity no man wants to stare at and no woman wants to be accused of. Comment

On The Ropes

Taking his cue from the unlikely — but true — friendship between the Depression-era film star Stepin Fetchit and the heavyweight champion boxer Muhammad Ali, playwright Will Power has written a literate and highly absorbing play that emerges as a disti Comment
Elections 2013

De Blasio Scores Big Win in Primary, Potentially Avoiding Runoff

Having achieved a big plurality in the Democratic primary, with a good shot at avoiding a runoff when all the paper ballots have been counted early next week, a triumphant Bill de Blasio vowed to win City Hall on November 5. Comments (5)
Elections 2013

Frontrunner Status Evaporated, Quinn Runs Well Behind de Blasio, Thompson

In a sharp rebuke to her eight years as City Council speaker, Christine Quinn finished a distant third in the September 10 Democratic mayoral primary. Fueled by anger over her close ties to Mayor Michael Bloomberg, her role in giving him the chance to run for a third term, and –– in the Council dist Comments (26)
Elections 2013

From Three Boroughs, New Gay Councilmen

Even as the September 10 Democratic primary spelled defeat for City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, New York’s leading LGBT elected official, the results catapulted three gay men into roles as rising political stars. Comments (1)
Elections 2013

Thompson Clings to Hope of a Runoff

As the Democratic nominee for mayor in 2009, former City Comptroller William “Billy” Thompson came within five points of beating Republican-Independent Michael Bloomberg. That despite Bloomberg’s having steamrolled a City Council repeal of the term limits law voted for twice by the electorate and the Democrat being outspent 10 to one by the billionaire. Comment

Sex American Style

"Four” is an outstanding character study, directed by Joshua Sanchez, who adapted the play by Christopher Shinn. The film depicts two couples who meet up for sex on the same Fourth of July. June (Emory Cohen) is a shy, gay teen who arranges a hook up over the Internet with Joe (Wendell Pierce), a gregarious African-American married man. Sanchez deftly captures the awkwardness and strained intimacy of their encou Comment

Handsome, Unique Post-Colonial Noir

Cindy Scrash, lip-synching Jane Russell’s “You Kill Me” from the soundtrack of Josef von Sternberg’s “Macao,” in João Pedro Rodrigues and João Rui Guerra da Mata’s […] Comment

Chelsea Boy

Dublin-born author Brendan Behan once quipped he was “a drinker with a writing problem.” If he were alive today — he died in 1964 at age 41 from diabetes complications brought on by massive alcohol abuse — he might also admit to a serious public image problem. Comment


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