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Gay Crown Heights Party Promoter Charges Police Brutality

Roughly 50 people marched on Brooklyn’s 77th Precinct to protest the arrest of Jabbar Campbell, a party promoter who says police assaulted him during an event at his Crown Heights home. The group characterized the January 13 police action against Campbell as an anti-gay attac Comments (3)

Solid ‘Roof’

“Cat on a Hot Tin Roof” is one of the most frequently staged plays on Broadway. While no one disputes that Tennessee Williams’ 1955 Pulitzer Prize-winning drama about familial infighting on a gracious Mis Comment

Desert Bloom

Ten years ago, Eytan Fox’s “Yossi and Jagger” told a heartbreaking queer love story about two soldiers in the Israeli military. Now, with “Yossi,” the openly gay Fox offers a sequel to his 2002 classic. Familiarity with the original film is not essential for seeing the sequel; the backstory unfolds and makes sense for viewers who don& Comments (1)
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Evoking Stonewall, Obama Talks of Gay Equality in Inaugural Address

For the first time in a presidential inaugural address, Barack Obama, in beginning his second term in office, talked specifically about the LGBT community. Comment

Lost and Found on a Sea of Time

The sanctuary of Judson Church stands in for the ocean where collaborating dancers and choreographers Eckert+SorensenJolink found themselves adrift in “RescYou,” performed January 17-19. The subtitle, “Stranded on a life raft in a vast ocean beyond time,” is unnecessary, imposing a narrative specificity that the movement imagery of the 50-minute abstract duet transcends. The aud Comment

Second Lives

Deceit,” a complex, joyless drama about a man cheating on his wife by having “safe, discreet play” with guys he meets online, is not simply content to consider the warped psychology behind creating a second life. It’s also about the inexplicable, self-destructive impulse to get caught. Comments (1)

Getting Bad With Todd Verow

Todd Verow’s terrific intimate drama “Bad Boy Street” opens with Claude (Yann de Monterno) literally picking up a stranger named Brad (Kévin Miranda), who is passed out on the streets in Paris. The next day, the two men get to know each other and develop a strong romantic attachment. Brad, however, has a secret — one best left for audiences to discover — that may jeopardize th Comments (1)
Elections 2013

Has Bloomberg Cooled on Quinn?

The prevailing City Hall narrative in New York — from early 2006 through late 2012 — pictured a happy, stable, and mutually advantageous political marriage between Mayor Michael Bloomberg and City Council Speaker Christine Quinn. Comments (5)
Elections 2013

Pride Agenda Offers Christine Quinn Its Nod for Mayor

In a January 17 press release, the Empire State Pride Agenda’s political action committee announced its endorsement of City Council Speaker Christine Quinn as New York’s next mayor. Comments (1)

Jodie Foster’s Confounding ‘Coming Out’ Speech

For someone so concerned about her privacy, Jodie Foster picked a hell of time to take her biggest step so far in coming out publicly — her rambling acceptance speech at the Golden Globes as she received the Cecil B. DeMille Lifetime Achievement Award on January 13. Comments (13)

Jeanne Manford, Mother of PFLAG, Dead at 92

Jeanne Manford, who died January 8 at the age of 92, is being hailed around the world for the simple but radical concept she put into action in the early 1970s — parents of LGBT people helping each other to accept their children and get over their own upset about their kids’ sexual orientation. Comments (3)

When the Gay Movement Had a Genius to It

When I opened up the New York Times last week and read David Dunlap’s obituary for Jeanne Manford, who died at the age of 92, I recalled that she was the founder of P-FLAG, but most importantly that she was Morty Manford’s mother. I remember Morty so well. Who wouldn’t? It was hard to f Comments (2)

A Future Beyond Formal LGBT Equality

If the LGBT movement is, at its core, a progressive struggle for justice and equality, then shouldn’t the gay rights agenda include issues of economics, race, class, and gender? In other words, is there more to gay rights and liberation than simply securing passage of non-discrimination laws and gaining the right to marry? Comments (1)
Love & Marriage

What If No Majorities Emerge on DOMA, Prop 8?

Both the Defense of Marriage Act and the Proposition 8 cases set for argument before the US Supreme Court in late March present questions of equal protection and — at the high court’s direction — of federal jurisdiction, as well. Most of the speculation I’ve seen assumes the court will produce a majority decision in the DOMA and Prop 8 litigation, but I’ Comments (1)

Cohabitant Benefits for Michigan State Workers Upheld

A 2-1 panel of the Court of Appeals of Michigan, an intermediate-level appellate bench, has ruled that a State Civil Service Commission policy extending health insurance benefits to non-marital cohabitants of state employees does not violate Michigan’s 2004 anti-gay marriage amendment. Comments (1)
Nathan Riley

A Taste of What’s Left

Marijuana law reformers, trade unionists, civil libertarians, and feminists greeted Governor Andrew Cuomo’s State of the State speech with enthusiastic applause, matching his passionate delivery. Comments (1)
Kelly Jean Cogswell

Being Jodie Foster

I was maybe 12 or 14 when some man at the hospital said, "You remind me of somebody. That actress. You know. What's her name? Straight hair? Young? She was in that movie a couple years ago?" Which he couldn't think of, either. Comment

The Same Coin

French director Bruno Dumont claims to be an atheist. All the same, his oeuvre testifies to the hold Christian iconography still has over the West. His first film was called “The Life of Jesus,” his latest “Hors [Outside] Satan.” His work mixes carnality and spiritual yearning; at times, he’s seemed equally influenced by pornography and the Bible. To some extent, the religious references in DumontR Comment

Which Way from Here?

The crash and burn of Theresa Rebeck’s “Dead Accounts” after 27 previews and 44 regular performances, playing to houses filled to as little as a quarter of capacity and seven weeks shy of its promoted “limited engagement,” raises questions not about the fat Comments (1)

Mid-Winter Escape

The holiday season of the particularly difficult year that was 2012 brought a true rite of passage for me with the death of my father, Edwin Cha Son Noh. He was quite a guy, having served at Pearl Harbor in 1941, owned and operated hotels in Waikiki, opened the first real Korean restaurant in Hawaii, and created Noh Foods International, which pioneered packaged powdered food sauce mixes, which, with the additio Comments (2)

Off with their Heads!

Donizetti’s “Maria Stuarda” (1834) had a difficult birth — the opera was banned at the dress rehearsal in Naples when the queen of Naples was horrified at the onstage royal execu Comment


This is by far the best obit on Spencer yet (“Spencer Cox’s Legacy as a Treatment Activist and a Gay Man With AIDS,” by Paul Schindler, Jan. 2-15) and as a friend of Spencer's, it’s much appreciated. Comment


This clown Clarke Cooper just endorsed Mitt Romney, who was committed to maintaining our second-class status and was capable of doing us much more damage than Chuck Hagel (“Clarke Cooper Sings New Tune as Log Cabins Blast Hagel,” by Paul Schindler, posted online Dec. 27). Clarke Cooper and the Log Cabin Republicans continue to elect our enemies to office. They are not to be trusted. Comment


On Hagel’s arrival at the Pentagon, he will be immediately engulfed in the new atmosphere, surrounded by openly gay military no matter where he steps (“The Hagel Flusterchuck,” by Paul Schindler, Jan. 2-15). His positions on Israel and Iran seem moderate compared to pro-Israel and anti-Iran chest-beaters. If he is on the side of those who understand the US level of military spending is a destructive path, then I say send him in. Comment


I was moved to tears by Sam Oglesby’s story (“Lost Down the Memory Hole, Only the Echoes of Kafka Remain,” Jan. 2-15). Thank you for having the honesty to share it, so that there will be a record of your despicable treatment by the US Department of State. Comment


While Christine may look like the frontrunner, there is opposition to her mayoral candidacy, and it's not based on being a woman or lesbian (“Lucky 13: A Baker’s Dozen Things to Watch For in the Year Ahead,” by Paul Schindler, Jan. 2-15). Comments (2)


Thank you, David Kennerley, for the lovely and perceptive review (“Brief Boxer,” Dec. 19-Jan. 1). Comment


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