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ENDA Advocates Battle One New Religious Exemption, Resigned to a Second

With the Senate set to consider two Republican amendments as it takes up the Employment Non-Discrimination Act this week, LGBT advocacy groups do not see either as “necessary,” but are more concerned about defeating one than the other. Comments (1)
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Amid Voter Gripes on Small-Print Ballots, East Village Pol Has Solution

Aside from their choice in the mayor’s race, there was one thing most New Yorkers agreed about on Election Day — they could barely read the ballots. Comments (1)
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After Religious Exemption Cloakroom Sidebar, ENDA Clears Key Senate Procedural Hurdle

With 60 votes needed to allow the Senate to proceed to consideration of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, seven Republicans joined 54 Democrats to adopt cloture early in the evening on November 4. Comment

A Russian Gay Activist Speaks Out

Nikolai Baev, 38, is a veteran Russian gay activist born and raised in Moscow. He founded the first gay group in the city of Novosibirsk when he was a university student there, and is one of the original organizers of the efforts to stage the banned Moscow Gay Pride. Comments (4)

Public Library Examines AIDS Activism Through Its Artifacts & Architects

An exhibit at the New York Public Library that opens on October 4 focuses on the years of activism that forced government at all levels as well as private institutions to respond to the AIDS epidemic in America. Comments (1)

Passionate Advocate for LGBT Families Emerges

For those who worry that the institutionalization of the LGBT rights movement, the community’s drive for equal marriage rights, and the desire by couples to raise children and protect their families inevitably diminish the exuberance and passion of gay life in earlier eras, the example of Gabriel Blau provides comp Comments (5)

ENDA Religious Exemption Still a Big Worry

Even as the question of whether privately held business corporations can claim a religious exemption from complying with LGBT civil rights protections potenti Comment

ENDA, Title VII, and Transgender Rights

The long-stalled Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), which won approval by a US Senate committee this summer, may get a vote by the full Senate later this year, though few advocates are holding out hope that the House would follow suit –– at least as long as the Republicans retain control. As the push for ENDA continues, it is worth considering what protections may already exist under the 1964 Civil Rights Act –– particularly with respect to that law’s prohibition on discrimination based on sex. Comments (2)
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Planning for New York City’s Cultural Future

Last month, Council Members Stephen Levin and Jimmy Van Bramer introduced legislation to the New York City Council that would require the city to have a cultural plan. Cities nationwide routinely make plans that guide their cultural assets and their connection to economic growth. Levin and Van Bramer’s proposal is a giant leap forward for New York, and the candidates currently running for citywide elected offices need to sit up and take note of their efforts and follow their lead. Comments (5)
Kelly Jean Cogswell

Against Revolutionary Tourists

I won't go so far as to declare, "Anybody but de Blasio." New York lived through Giuliani. We'll probably survive de Blasio, too. But for the record, he shows all the signs of being a moron of the kind mass-produced by the Left, usually sporting a scruffy, bereted Che silk-screened on their chests. They embrace lefty revolutions that do some proxy nose-thumbing at the US, and watch at a safe distance as ideologies and their consequences are writ large in somebody else's life. Comments (3)
Nathan Riley

De Blasio’s Progressive Values Showing Teflon Strength

Bill de Blasio is showing a remarkable immunity to charges he is too far to the left. Comments (2)

Making Love

Gay filmmaker Alan Brown has never been a dancer, but his exceptional new film “Five Dances,” set in the modern dance world, shows his acumen for telling stories through movement and body language. Filmed largely in a studio on Grand Street in Soho, this hypnotic drama showcases four dancers Comment

The Fog of War

David Leavitt's wonderful novel “The Two Hotel Francforts” is, on one level, about a love affair –– a hopeless, doomed, tragic, and even slightly ridiculous one –– between two married men, Pete Winters and Edward Freleng. The book is also about the world in which the men live, a world lurching and capsizing during wartime, and so Pete and Edward's confusion, passion, and jarring emotions mirror perfectly the Lisbon of 1940 they and Comment

Looking Forward, Looking Back

Creating almost always involves looking forward. Looking back is a burden.” Comment

Marriage Equality Advocate Marries!

Rob Ornstein and James Esseks met 21 years ago when both were volunteering at AIDS Walk New York. They made honest men of each other on September 7 when Judge Denny Chin, who sits on the US Second Circuit Court of Appeals, presided over their wedding at City Winery in Soho. Comments (1)

High Court May Take Up Religious Exemptions

A September 17 federal appeals court ruling that a business corporation owned by Roman Catholics is not entitled to claim a religious exemption from complying with the Obamacare requirement that employee health insurance plans cover contraception adds to the likelihood that the US Supreme Court will take up the question of whether corporations have a First Amendment right of “free exercise of religion” based on the beliefs of their owners. Comments (1)

Gloria In Excelsis

She is perhaps not so well known today, but in her time and for a matter of decades Gloria Swanson (1899-1983) had a real claim to being the “greatest movie star of them all.” Of course, she was actually called that when she played Norma Desmond in “Sunset Boulevard,” the immortally defining summit of her career. Although she will be eternally identified as that maniacally leering, close-up-ready old broad slinking down a staircase, Comment

High Drama Offstage and On at the Met

At the opening of the Metropolitan Opera season, political drama attempted to upstage music drama. LGBT activists petitioned Peter Gelb and the Met to dedicate the September 23 gala opening night of gay composer Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky’s “Eugene Onegin” –– starring two Putin supporters, soprano Anna Netrebko and conductor Valery Gergiev –& Comments (2)

A Fine Romance

Find an attractive though antiseptic man/ boy and put him in a romantic situation that’s sexually charged but ultimately harmless, and let teenagers project their developing sexual fantasies onto him. It’s an entertainment formula that dates from the dawn of romantic literature and has been used by celebrated aut Comment
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Marriage Movement Advances in New Jersey, Illinois Rulings

In a big day for the marriage equality movement, trial judges moved the ball forward significantly in New Jersey and Illinois on September 27. Comment

New York or Bust

In its quest to rediscover supremely talented yet sadly neglected American playwrights, the Mint Theater Company could scarcely have found one more deserving — or fascinating — than George Kelly (1887-1974). Comment
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Pope Francis and His Followers Backsliding Already?

Just days after an interview with the Jesuit magazine America in which Pope Francis signaled a promising new tone on the gay community comes word that an Australian priest has been defrocked and excommunicated for his views on homosexuality and women priests. Comment
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First Gay Man Confirmed for Federal Appellate Bench

The United States Senate on September 24 unanimously confirmed Todd Hughes to the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, making him the first out LGBT federal appellate court judge in history. Comment
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Protests at the Met as Putin's Pals Star Onstage

Around 50 LGBT activists protested outside the Metropolitan Opera on the evening of September 23 as the Met opened its 2013-2014 season with a gala performance featuring two longtime supporters of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Comments (4)
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Where Does Francis’ New Balance Leave Gays, Women?

When we last left Pope Francis I, he was flying over the Atlantic saying, “If a person is gay and he search Comments (3)


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