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Elections 2013

Coalition Lays Out Proposals for Post-Quinn Council Reforms

A coalition of City Council members and Democratic Council nominees likely to win on November 5 took to the steps of City Hall on October 30 to begin making their case for sweeping reforms to the Council’s rules. Comments (2)

The Grandeur of Gaultier  

My first trip to Paris was in 1981 and, as if in a fever dream, I wandered those redolent-of-everything streets, soaking up all that beauty and art and having the time of my life, as the exchange rate was then seven francs to the dollar. I stumbled into a hip boutique whose name infuriatingly eludes me now and was struck by the particular inv Comments (6)

Shedding Tears, Having Fun, Saving Lives 

Ron Woodroof (Matthew McConaughey), the HIV-positive protagonist of “Dallas Buyers Club,” is a scrawny electrician who works hard and plays harder. In the opening moments, he is seen having sex during a rodeo competition and placing bad bets on cowb Comment

The Hidden Secrets of Faith and Sex

Andrzej Chyra gives a striking performance as Father Adam, a gay priest in the absorbing drama “In the Name Of.” The film depicts the priest relocating to rural Poland, having been hired to help a group of troubled young men while also serving the members of h Comment
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Doug Ireland, Radical Journalist and Political Insider, Dead at 67

Doug Ireland, a journalist and activist who came of age in the New Left politics of the 1960s and whose interests and professional pursuits ranged from foreign and domestic politics to literature and philosophy, died in his East Village home on October 26. Comments (6)
From the Editor

Fighting For New York's Future

GAY CITY NEWS ENDORSEMENT | It’s been 20 years since New York, an overwhelmingly Democratic town, has had a Democratic mayor. During that period, a number of trends cheered many, probably most New Yorkers. Crime went down dramatically; the 414 murders in 2012 represented an astonishing decline of almost 80 percent since 1993. With safer streets, tourism boomed, pumping dollars into the city and further burnishing the narrative o Comments (4)
Guest Perspective

The P Word: A Meditation Without an Emergency

"Mythical speech,” a wise old queen named Roland Barthes once wrote, “is made up of a material that has already been worked on so as to make it suitable for communication.” Comments (2)

Gay Calls to Divest in Russia    

Members of Queer Nation, which has led the charge among New Yorkers pressuring Russia to repeal its notorious anti-gay laws, are calling on city and state officials to pull their investments in Russia as bad both morally and financially. While they are turning up the heat, along with Assemblyman Daniel O’Donnell and State Senator Brad Hoylman, both gay Manhattan Democrats, the city and state comptrollers a Comment

False Prostitutions More Widespread than Known   

Police arrested more men than previously known in controversial 2008 prostitution stings that involved young undercover vice cops first soliciting consensual sex from men in six Manhattan porn shops then offering to pay for the sex and arresting the men for prostitution. Comments (1)
Elections 2013

LGBT, AIDS Groups Look to Quinn-Less Future

As Christine Quinn’s 14 years in the City Council come to a close, some community groups are expressing concern that they are losing a sympathetic leader who steered millions of city dollars into their coffers. Comments (2)

Oregon Recognizes Gay Marriages from Other Jurisdictions

Relying on an opinion letter from Oregon Deputy Attorney General Mary H. Williams, the state issued a directive instructing state agencies to recognize same-sex marriages from other jurisdictions. Comment

February Trial for Marriage Equality in Michigan  

A trial that will decide the constitutionality of Michigan’s 2004 voter amendment barring marriage by same-sex couples will begin in federal court on February 25 in the wake of a US district court judge’s decision in an adoption case. Judge Bernard Friedman, on October 16, heard oral arguments from a lesbian c Comments (1)

Listening to the Stories of AIDS Survival    

In the midst of a career built on cutting-edge research about the LGBT population, not to mention a personal life on the front lines of the HIV epidemic, Dr. Perry N. Halkitis isn’t ready to write his autobiography just yet. “Maybe when I’m 60,” he said with a laugh, in his office at New York University’s Global Institute of Public Health, where he serves as associate dea Comment

Musicals in Flux

The stark contrast between where musical theater has been and where it can — and arguably should — go in today’s wor Comments (1)

When Art is Killed Off

Davy Chou’s “Golden Slumbers” begins with several stories about the thrill of low-budget filmmaking. Despite the Cambodian setting, we could be watching a documentary on the local equivalents of Edgar G. Ulmer or Roger Corman. That setting is crucial — if “Golden Slumbers” is to be believed, Cambodian cinema had its golden age between 1960 and 1975. One must take Chou’s word for Comment

Le Roi Lee Roy  

We all know about Broadway triple threats, but the glorious musical veteran Lee Roy Reams is a quadruple — not only does he sing, dance, and act, he also happens to be maybe the greatest theatrical raconteur ever. Having adored him onstage for his talent and off for his effervescent, ever-friendly vibe, I knew he would be one hell of an interview Comments (2)

Opera’s Birthday Boys  

Washington National Opera’s season started impressively with an uncomplicated but visually pleasing “Tristan und Isolde” staging imported from Sydney. Brian Thomson’s clever unit set presented a liminal, bridge-like space evo Comment

The Verdict on Maloney

What do you expect? (“Sean Patrick Maloney Draws Fire for Budget, Obamacare Votes,” by Andrew Miller, October 16-29). We gays are the last Uncle Toms in the world. Long as the people in power deign to acknowledge our existence, we will bow and curtsy. That Maloney was even allowed to attend an Empire State Pride Agenda dinner is disgusting. But remember how the Human Rights Campaign folks flocked to the White House for a cocktail reception shortly after Obama said during his first term that he wasn't ready to support gay marriage? I'll bet Jeff Soref and his buddies were all there, sipping Cosmos and stan Comment
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Doug Ireland Is Dead at 67

Doug Ireland, a journalist and activist who came of age in the New Left politics of the 1960s and whose interests and professional pursuits ranged from foreign and domestic politics to literature and philosophy, died in his East Village home on October 26. Comments (7)

Uneasy “Landing”

In 2004, the world lost a cherished musical theater icon with the passing of lyricist Fred Comments (2)

Love Is Blue

After seeing the misanthropic Austrian film “Paradise: Love” earlier this year, critic Farran Smith Nehme took to Twitter to lament the end of the era when European filmmakers were known for liking sex. French director Abdellatif Kechiche’s & Comment
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Christie Drops Appeal of Marriage Equality Ruling

Recognizing the inevitability of losing in his effort to overturn a state superior court marriage equality ruling, Governor Chris Christie has dropped the appeal he had filed with th Comment


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