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Flavors Savored

Diego loves the strawberry-flavored; David is partial to chocolate. The significance of these preferences, however, goes far beyond mere ice cream in “Strawberry & Chocolate,” an earnest, three-man drama by Senel Paz based on an award-winning short story he wrote in 1990. Comment

Race to the Altar: Can We Keep Up the Pace?

With the Hawaii State Senate giving final approval to a marriage equality bill on November 12, gay and lesbian couples in a total of 16 states plus the District of Columbia have now won the right to marry. Comments (1)

Racial Profiling Patterns Seen in Porn Shop Busts   

Police department documents filed in a federal lawsuit suggest that racial profiling in addition to the targeting of older gay and bisexual men may have played a role in a series of prostitution arrests that undercover cops made in Manhattan porn shops in 2008. Comments (2)
From the Editor

The Unfortunate Road to Religious Exemptions

When the Senate last week, in a 62-34 bipartisan vote, approved the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), the achievement was noteworthy primarily for one reason –– it was the first time either house of Congress had approved such a measure with protections for transgender Americans included. The House passed the bill in 2007, but incorporated only provisions regarding sexual orientation, not gender identity as well. Comments (1)

Challenge to Jersey Conversion Therapy Ban Nixed

A federal district court judge has rejected a constitutional challenge to a recently enacted New Jersey statute that bars licensed counselors there from providing “sexual orientation change efforts” Comment

Sacrificing Pop for Art

Artpop” from Lady Gaga is an ambitious, sprawling mess of an album. This follow-up to 2011’s “Born this Way” is huge –– from bombastic club tracks to overpowering vocals –– and it harkens back to the days of the concept album. The concept here being Lady Gaga herself. Her fame, her sexuality, and her ego. Comments (1)

Ready to Join the Club

Geography Club” is a loose adaptation of Brent Hartinger’s fine young adult book about gay teen Russel Middlebrook (the appealing Cameron Deane Stewart) navigating high school and his Comments (1)

Love and Deception

I come late to the party in discussing Nico Muhly’s “Two Boys,” which just finished a run of seven Met performances –– indifferently received and poorly attended –– that marked the two-act work’s US premiere. The talented Muhly’s first opera, “Two Comment

Heavens Rise, New Orleans May Fall

There will never be a shortage of magic to come out of New Orleans –– be it jazz music, fine cuisine, or Southern literature. Christopher Rice’s new thriller novel, “The Heavens Rise,” is no exception. The best-selling author’s latest work is everything you’d expect from the son of New Orleans’ master of horror, Anne Rice. Comments (1)

Sketchy Comedy

Ever wondered what would happen if somebody stretched out a five-minute “Saturday Night Live” skit into two hours? Well, apparently dramatist Marlane Meyer Comment

Atkins and Gambon Light up the Stage

With acting greats Eileen Atkins and Michael Gambon landing in Samuel Beckett’s “All that Fall” at 59e59, the highly anticipated autumn British invasion is in full swing –– Comment

Brits on Broadway

Harold Pinter’s “Betrayal” is, aptly, deceptive in its complexity. What at first seems like a rather standard tale of marital infidelity is actually a larger meditation on human nature. Our natural state, Pinter suggests, is one of betrayal in a kind of Darwinian s Comment
Guest Perspective

Recalling My Mother’s Return from a Party

A vivid memory from 1948, when I was eight years old, keeps coming back to me at bedtime when I am about to doze off. Comment

Adjmi’s Antoinette

Weeks after seeing it, I still haven’t been able to get David Adjmi’s stunning play, “Marie Antoinette,” out of my head. It’s my best theatrical experience of the year so far. It runs through November 24 and I urge you to catch it at all costs (46 Walker St., bt Comment

The Ecstasy and Its Underbelly

Italian director Paolo Sorrentino doesn’t make films that are easy to warm up to. My favorite Sorrentino film, 2011’s “This Must Be the Place,” had me convinced it was a put-on for its first half hour. What else to make of a film about a Goth rocker, played by Sean Penn and obviously modele Comments (1)

Emails to CDC Show City’s Halting Meningitis Response

Confronted with an outbreak of meningitis among gay and bisexual men in September 2012, New York City’s health department appears to have struggled to respond to the disease in the early months of the outbreak. Comment
Kelly Jean Cogswell

Our Veterans –– Daring to Serve

It’s the crack of dawn on Veteran’s Day, and Denny Meyer is probably pinning on his medals and getting ready to come to Manhattan for the parade. He’s a short dumpling of a guy with a mustache and a bad back. Words burst out of his mouth when he talks. It seems a stretch to imagine he’s gay. Though he is, serving as a queer activist longer than a military guy. And no discharge in sight. Comment
Breaking News

Hawaii House Gay Marriage Approval Sets Stage for Final Victory November 12

The Hawaii House of Representatives, in a 30-19 vote on November 8, approved a marriage equality bill, similar to the one adopted earlier by the State Senate. Comment
Breaking News

ABA President Withdraws From NYC Russian Investment Forum

The president of the American Bar Association, who was set to be the keynote speaker at a daylong New York conference on November 18 about investing in Russia, has withdrawn from the event. After pressure and entreaties from gay leaders, an ABA spokesperson said that James Silkenat will not be speaking at the forum. Comments (2)
Breaking News

Senate Easily Approves Transgender-Inclusive Jobs Protection Bill

In a 64-32 vote on the afternoon of November 7, the United States Senate passed the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), which provides protections against bias in th Comments (1)

Bleeding Berkeley

Since 1967, Frederick Wiseman has been America’s bard of our often failing institutions. He’s recently taken a detour through France, resulting in relatively lightweight but extremely enjoyable films like “Crazy Horse,” a portrait of the titular burlesque club. His gaze is relatively nonjudgmental. He refrains from Comment
Elections 2013

Claiming Progressive Mandate, de Blasio Romps to Victory

Standing before a cheering crowd, Democrat Bill de Blasio sounded the themes of progressive values that won him the earlier Democratic primary and that clearly appealed to a wide swath of New York City voters in the general election. Comments (2)
News Briefs

Illinois House Clears Away Marriage Equality's Last Hurdle

The Illinois House of Representatives gave approval to marriage equality late in the afternoon on November 5, with 61 yes votes, one more vote than the simple majority needed. Comment


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