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Pope Out: Gays Did It

Pope Benedict XVI, who will become Cardinal Josef Ratzinger again on March 1, is widely reported to have resigned the papacy not just due to failing health at 85 but also because of a Vatican bureaucracy run amok, including an und Comments (2)
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Puerto Rico High Court Upholds Ban on Second-Parent Adoption

The Supreme Court of Puerto Rico, in a 5-4 ruling announced on February 20, has affirmed the island commonwealth’s ban on adoption by same-sex couples. Comments (2)
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Tebow Cancels Anti-Gay Date in Dallas

Tim Tebow, a New York Jets quarterback widely known for his devout Christianity, has canceled plans to appear at a Dallas megachurch whose pastor is unapologetic about his harshly anti-gay views, as well as hostility to Islam, Catholicism, Judaism, Hinduism, and Buddhism. Comments (1)
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AP Now Pronounces You Husband and Husband, Wife and Wife

On its third try in a week, the Associated Press got it right. Comments (2)
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Man Killed in Newark Sex Sting Helpless When Officer Shot, Lawsuit Says

New documents filed in a lawsuit suggest that a sheriff's deputy may have had DeFarra Gaymon under control just before he shot and killed the unarmed man during a 2010 public sex sting in a Newark park. Comments (22)

Emotions High –– On Stage and Off –– at “Laramie Project Cycle”

Ten years — especially the decade that followed the 1998 anti-gay murder of 21-year-old Matthew Shepard — is an epoch Comment
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US Majority Against Denying Fed Recognition; Illinois Voters Support Gay Marriage Bill

Support for same-sex marriage enjoys a nine-point edge over opposition among Americans, according to a new poll released by the Center for American Progress (CAP), a Washington-based progressive advocacy group. Comments (1)
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Gay Marriage Bill Passes Illinois Senate; Timetable in House Unclear

The Illinois State Senate voted to approve the Religious Freedom and Marriage Equality Act by a 34-21 vote on February 14. The historic bill, which advocates had attempted to push through the previous Senate’s lame-duck session in January, changes the definition of marriage “in state law from an act between a man and a woman to two people,̶ Comment
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LGBT Center Ends Moratorium on Israel/ Palestine-Themed Gatherings

Following a furious outcry over its refusal to rent space for a reading by Sarah Schulman from her latest book, “Israel/Palestine and the Queer International,” New York City’s gay community center has lifted a moratorium on renting to groups that &# Comments (19)
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DC, Hawaii Are the Gayest

Washington DC and Hawaii top the list of states ranked by the percentage of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender adults, according to a new study. Comment
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New Yorker Gregory T. Angelo to Head National Log Cabin Republicans

Gregory T. Angelo, who has served as interim executive director of the Log Cabin Republicans since the first of the year, has been named to the post on a permanent basis, the group’s board of directors announced on February 15. Comment
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37 Democratic Senators Urge Obama Order on Job Bias

Thirty-seven Democratic senators have signed a letter to President Barack Obama urging him to issue an executive order in reaction to lack of progress on the Employee Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) in the Republican-controlled House. The executive order would bar federal contractors from discriminating based on gender identity or sexual orientation. Pressure for such action has been building for more than a year, with 72 House Democrats issuing a similar letter in April 2012. Comment
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Oldest Group of HIV-Positive Americans Bankrupt, Ending Operations

The National Association of People with AIDS, the largest and oldest membership advocacy group made up of Americans living with HIV/ AIDS –– who now number 1.2 million –– has ceased operations and filed for bankruptcy. Comment

When Bullies are Attacked

In recent years, the LGBT community has adopted the issue of anti-gay bullying as a cause célèbre, leveraging tragic, high-profile cases to shine a light on intolerance and advance gay rights. More often than not, the issue is reduced to black and white — bullies are evil, victims are saints. Comments (5)
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Suspect Apprehended in Queens Gay Murder Reportedly Knew Victim Well

Police have arrested Lleuyel Garcia in connection with the murder of Jos Comments (1)

Wildely Ahead of Their Times

Ernest Boulton, 23, aka Stella, and Frederick Park, 27, aka Fanny, were arrested in full drag in 1870 at the Strand Theater, a popular venue for finding sexual companionship, and charged with "conspiracy to solicit, induce, procure and endeavour to persuade persons unknown to commit buggery" — a vague, Comments (1)

LGBT Center Bars Sarah Schulman Reading

A leading queer community author was barred from an appearance at the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Community Center apparently because the book she was to discuss deals with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Comments (110)
Elections 2013

Can Quinn Build on RWDSU Endorsement?

When the Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union (RWDSU) recently announced its endorsement of Christine Quinn for mayor, the move pro Comments (1)
From the Editor

Koch’s Legacy

Even 23 years after Ed Koch’s departure from public office, journalists and commentators struggled over the past 10 days to neatly summarize and assess his 12 years at the helm of New York City government. Comments (4)

Three Gay Murders Highlight Online Hook-Up Risks

In the wake of three murders of middle-aged gay men in separate incidents just two weeks apart, elected officials and anti-violence advocates are warning the comm Comments (3)

Panetta Announces New Partnership Status, Benefits

In response to growing demands from advocates for gay and lesbian military service members, the Defense Department on February 11 announced Comment
Kelly Jean Cogswell

Putting the Pope Out to Pasture

It's finally curtains for the inauspicious reign of Pope Benedict the Whatever, who resigned Monday citing health concerns as the reason for breaking a 600-year-old tradition of serving until death. I suspect he was just sulking after his attempts to "protect" straight marriage in France were soundly defeated. Comments (1)

Martha Graham’s Spirit Kindled, Expanded

How does a dance company survive after the death of its founding choreographer? That’s the question companies like Ailey and Limón have wrestled with successfully — by expanding their repertoires with works by new choreographers who reflect consonant aesthetic points of view. Comment
News Briefs

Married? You Better Check with Associated Press

An internal Associated Press memo, intended for use by its reporters, suggests that the group is equivocal, at best, about how it is willing to characterize spouses in a same-sex marriage. Comment

Hotcha!: Film Forum Celebrates 27 Delicious Days of Delectable Dirt

Forget westerns, film noirs and horror, the movie genre of genres as far as I’m concerned is Pre-Code, those films made before the puritanically restrictive Hays Code took control of censorship in 1934. Comment

Anger Management

Martin Moran’s wonderful new solo piece “All the Rage” is an examination of anger, compassion, and how each of us can become conscious of the common threads between these seemingly disparate emotions. Moran, a writer and Broadway actor, previously examined the challenges of healing from sexual abuse and finding a kind of grace in R Comment

Lulu and Pia

It’s hard to believe that Lulu, who’s enjoyed a steady career that began several years before making her screen debut at 18 in 1967’s “To Sir With Love — for which she sang the hit title song — should only now be making her American club debut. But that she is, at B.B. Ki Comment

Madison Avenue Liberation Front

In the early 1970s, debate raged about whether it sufficed to make films with political subject matter or if a filmmaker, to be truly progressive, also had to use unconventional form to challenge the spectator’s expectations — “making a film politically” it was dubbed. Comment

Barry, Brecht, and Bores

Bertolt Brecht’s first play, “Baal,” can be tough sledding for the unprepared. The story, of a man who throws away his talent and lives for pleasu Comment

Sad and Sadder

Alex Karpovsky has a distinctively low-key screen presence. Lanky and gawky, almost like an overgrown teenager, this intriguing actor has appeared in mumblecore films including “Beeswax” and “Tiny Furniture.” He may be best recognized for his role as Ray Ploshansky on HBO’s “Girls.” Comment

The Pull of a Syrian Past

Canadian director Ruba Nadda has made three features. Her Syrian heritage is crucial to two of them, including her latest, “Inescapable.” It’s set there, though for obvious reasons it had to be shot elsewhere. (Thoroughly convincing production design helps South Africa pass for Syria.) Nadda seems to be working with one eye on the worldwide Arab diaspor Comment

Casino Verdi

Updated opera productions may be a recent phenomenon at the Metropolitan Opera but have been the norm worldwide for years. Michael Mayer (Broadway’s “Spring Awakening”) sets his new Met production of Verdi’s “Rigoletto” in “Oceans Eleven” Las Vegas cir Comment


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