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Ernie Banks, Tom Ridge Among Newest Gay Marriage Supporters

With marriage equality headed for a vote in the Illinois House of Representatives –– after passage by the Senate and with the support of Democratic Governor Pat Quinn –– former Chicago Cub hero Ernie Banks is among four local sports stars who have now endorsed the measure, the Windy Comment
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With Four New Meningitis Cases in Gay Men, Quinn, Farley Join Call for Vaccination

Citing four new meningitis cases among gay and bisexual men in New York City since the start of 2013, the city’s health department is recommending that all men who “regularly have intimate contac Comments (1)

Where Modern Pathology Meets Guileless Exorcism

Romanian director Cristian Mungiu’s “Beyond the Hills” may be the first arthouse nunsploitation film ever made. It combines elements of art cinema (long takes from a stationary camera) with B-movie sensationalism and melodrama. It offers up lesbi Comments (1)

Farmyard Fallacies

In “The Drawer Boy,” an ominous drama about two bachelor farmers whose world is upended by a pesky young visitor, playwright Michael Healey is not content with simply telling a good story. He’s fascinated Comment
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Infant “Cured” of HIV Holds Promise for Other Newborns, Perhaps No One Else

Doctors and researchers say they have cured a Mississippi infant born with HIV with an aggressive treatment regimen that began a day after birth. The triple-drug combination was continued for a year and a half until the mother stopped bringing the child in for treatment, according to the New York Times. When the child was next brought in five mon Comments (3)
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Arrest Made in Slaying of Out Gay Mississippi Mayoral Candidate

Though police have made an arrest in the February 26 killing of Marco McMillian, a 34-year-old out gay candidate for mayor of Clarksdale, Mississippi, friends of the victim and friends of the suspect are offering starkly different views of the relationship between the two men. Comments (1)

Another ‘Authentic, Historic’ Williamsburg

Su Friedrich pulled up to the corner of North Ninth and Berry in Williamsburg in her Volvo on a recent cold Saturday morning to discuss her engaging, enraging new documentary, “Gut Renovation.” The film chronicles how a rezoning law forced artists in her Brooklyn neighborhood — including herself and partner Cathy Quinlan — to move from the commercial spaces where they were living (alb Comments (4)
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Tyler Clementi's Family Condemns NOM's Use of Son's Story

Family members of Tyler Clementi have been joined by several advocacy groups in condemning a statement from a spokeswoman for the anti-gay National Organization for Marriage who pointed to the example of the 18-year-old Rutgers freshman’s 2010 suicide to warn of the dangers of young gay people being influenced by others in t Comment
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Obama Administration Steps Up on Prop 8

The US Department of Justice (DOJ) has filed a brief in support of the two same-sex couples seeking to overturn California’s Proposition 8. Their case will be heard by the Supreme Court on March 26. Comments (1)
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House Approves LGBT-Inclusive Violence Against Women Act

In a win both for advocates working to end anti-LGBT violence and for President Barack Obama, the House of Representatives has approved reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA). Comment

Homophobia More Lethal than Kryptonite?

For generations, Americans have turned to comic books for inspiration. Readers found themselves identifying with Peter Parker, who was a social outcast but strived to become the brave and confident Spiderman. Comments (4)
Guest Perspective

V. Tyler Clementi / R. Ora pro nobis.

Today, February 28, the See of Peter will become vacant, and Joseph Ratzinger, whom the world knows as Pope Benedict XVI, will make his way to Castel Gandolfo, the papal summer residence, where he will await the election of his successor. Long after, some will claim, a Comments (3)

Tuned and Toned

The four hunky gay 20-somethings fall somewhere between a boy band and a symphony orchestra. Their energetic play Comments (1)

Immigration Advocates Warn Against ‘Watering Down’ Reform

In response to a January 28 memorandum from eight US senators of both parties who are taking the lead on immigration reform, a number of local and national advocacy groups held a Manhattan press conference to voice fears about the risk of “ Comments (1)

Dismissal of Celia Farber Libel Suit versus Richard Jefferys Upheld

An intermediate level state appeals court has upheld a 2011 trial court ruling dismissing Celia Farber’s lawsuit contending she was defamed by an email AIDS activist Richard Jefferys wrote saying that Farber and Dr. Peter Duesberg are “liars” for their assertions that HIV is not the cause of AIDS. Comment
Love & Marriage

Plaintiffs’, San Francisco’s Prop 8 Briefs Go to High Court

Attorneys representing the two same-sex couples challenging California’s Proposition 8 have now filed their response to the brief submitted to the Supreme Court in January by those defending the 2008 voter initiative. In addition, the City and County of San Francisco, which was allowed to intervene as a co-plaintiff in the case, has also filed its response. Comment
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Obama Supreme Court Brief Attacks DOMA on the Merits

Arguing that all government policies that discriminate based on sexual orientation should be treated by the federal courts as presumptively unconstitutional, the Obama administration has filed its brief with the Supreme Court in the Defense of Marriage Act case in which oral arguments are scheduled for March 27. Comments (2)
From the Editor

LGBT Community Center: A Bad Policy Ended Badly

Turning a corner on an unhappy episode in the history of New York’s LGBT Community Center that lasted nearly two years, the Center announced on February 15 that it was ending its “indefinite moratorium” on renting space to organizations that “organize around the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.” Comments (9)
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Republicans Say I Do

A group of at least 75 prominent Republicans have signed on to an amicus brief supporting the two plaintiff couples who will challenge California’s Proposition 8 before the Supreme Court in oral arguments on March 26. The New York Times reports that the list includes two members of Congress –– New York’s Richard Hanna and Ileana Ros-Lehtinen of Florida –– four ex-governors, including Utah’s Jon Huntsman, who sought last year’s GOP presidential nomination, former Ohio Congresswoman Deborah Pryce, who was a member of the GOP leadership in the House, and leading figures from Republican presidential administrations dating back to Ronald Reagan. Comment

For African Dykes, Zanele Muholi

I forget sometimes how important art is, what images can do. Last week I got blown away by an exhibit in Chelsea at the Yancey Richardson Galler Comments (3)
News Briefs

Mexican Supreme Court Strikes Down Gay Marriage Ban

A legal ban on same-sex marriage in the Mexican state of Oaxacan was declared unconstitutional by that nation’s Supreme Court on February 18, the Washington Blade reports. The ruling cited two US precedents –– a 1967 Supreme Court ruling that struck down bans on interracial marriage and the high court’s 1954 Brown v. Board of Education decision that ordered an end to school segregation. Comment

Music is Manhattan’s Central Heating

It’s freezing outside, but mighty warm in the various boites around town where I enjoyed an extraordinary bounty of great music in the last weeks. Two Tony winners, John Lloyd Young (“Jersey Boys”) and Jennifer Holliday (“Dreamgirls”) made what amounted to triumphant comebacks, thrilling their audiences with talent that seems to have only grown in Comments (4)

Need on Subways: Security and A Sense of Community

I spent that Saturday afternoon in 2008 grilling hamburgers at my church’s Pride picnic. Then I met my partner for a celebratory margarita or two at the Monster. As it started to rain, we headed across Christopher Street for the downtown subway. Comments (4)

Really Rotten

At the outset, Bedlam’s new production of “Hamlet,” with four actors covering all the roles in a largely uncut rendition of the script, seems engaging. Spoken at breakneck pace with e Comment
Nathan Riley

The Lessons of Benedict — And Why They Won’t Be Learned

Pope Benedict XVI is leaving defeated, with the Catholic Church’s problems unresolved. Comments (1)
Susie Day

Where Have All the Muslims Gone: The 2018 Hashmi Award

Every year about this time, since way back in 2013, the City of New York has bestowed its prestigious Hashmi Award upon a worthy New York resident who lives openly as an observant Muslim. The Hashmi recipient — preferably of Asian, Middle Eastern, or African descent — must have paid taxes, abided by Western law, held no criminal record, valued higher education, and demonstrated all-around Good Muslim Sportsmanship in the war against terror. Comments (2)

Musical Salvation

Wagner’s “Parsifal” is not a conventional opera in dramatic structure, content, or conception and should not be staged like one. The Metropolitan Opera’s previous production — the least successful of the Otto Schenk/ G&# Comments (4)
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Obama Administration to File Amicus Brief on Prop 8

The US Department of Justice will file a brief in support of the two same-sex couples challenging California’s Proposition 8 at the Supreme Court on March 26, the New York Times and NBC News are reporting. Comments (2)


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