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First Male Athlete from Big Four US Professional Sports Comes Out

“I'm a 34-year-old NBA center. I'm black. And I'm gay.” Comments (32)

Lilacs Out of the Dead Land

Like the annual migration of the monarch butterflies or the gray whales, the similarly spectacular and mighty Stephen Petronio Company returns to the Joyce T Comment
Breaking News

Advocates Remain Wary About Same-Sex Couples’ Prospects in Immigration Reform

As debate over immigration reform moves center stage in the US Senate –– with the Judiciary Committee holding hearings and more than 50 binational same-sex families descending on Capitol Hill this week for visits with 150 members of Congress –– advocates for couples in which one member is not an Comments (14)
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New York Introduces Bill Curbing Orientation Conversion Targeting Youth

Legislation introduced in Albany on April 26 to ban licensed therapists from engaging in practices aimed at altering the sexual orientation of minors would, if enacted, follow on a California law passed last year but currently on hold because of court challenges. Comments (1)
News Briefs

New NFL Efforts Aimed at Curbing Sexual Orientation Discrimination

Coming on the heels of accusations by draft prospects that they were asked their sexual orientation at the NFL’s Scouting Combine earlier this year, the league offered assurances that it will reinforce its existing policies barring discrimination based on sexual orientation. Comment
News Briefs

Marriage Victories in Rhode Island, France; Action Pending in Illinois, Delaware, UK

The Rhode Island State Senate has cleared away the last major hurdle to that state becoming the 10th in the nation to allow same-sex couples to marry. Comments (1)
From the Editor

A Scurrilous Feint by the Boy Scouts

Perhaps after years of their heels dug in deeply amidst mounting PR problems, the Boy Scouts of America thought they could garner some favorable press with the announcement last week that gay members would no longer be barred from their ranks. Comments (2)

Queer Brooklyn, Really

Turtle Hill, Brooklyn,” a film that addresses issues of trust and fidelity between two partners, is an outstanding example of what independent queer cinema can be. Smart and savvy, it introduces two-dozen-plus characters that viewers will come to know — and care about — as the film unfolds over the course of a single day. Comments (1)

Divine Dish

When I first heard that Bette Midler was returning to Broadway, after a 30-year absence, to take on a new solo play portraying notorious Hollywood agent Sue Mengers, I was both thrilled and concerned. Would the Divine Mis Comments (1)

City Law Department Says Mayor’s Office Ordered Video Store Busts 

Material unearthed in a federal lawsuit brought by a gay man who charges he was falsely arrested for prostitution in a Manhattan porn shop in 2008 suggests the Bloomberg admin Comments (30)

Stuck in the Basement With You

The first thing you need to know about “Buyer & Cellar” is that it’s a hilarious and heartfelt comedy, one of the most delightful evenings to be had on the New York stage right now. Jonathan Tollins’ new one-man show was inspired by a home design book written by Barbara Strei Comment

Tribeca’s Got Your Type

Like a thumbprint or a snowflake or a beautifully crafted excuse to miss work on a warm spring day, each piece of work in this year’s Tribeca Film Festival is a unique creation. That said, even the m Comment

As Pride Agenda Heads to Albany, GENDA Push Accelerates

As the Empire State Pride Agenda (ESPA) prepares to lead roughly 700 LGBT advocates to the State Capitol in Albany for the group’s annual Equality and Justice Day lobbying effort on April 30, supporters of a decade-old transgender civil rights measure are stepping up the push to secure Senate passage this year. Comments (1)
Kelly Jean Cogswell

The Boston Attacks: Learning to Regret

BY KELLY JEAN COGSWELL: He looked just like a young Bob Dylan, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev — handsome as sin and a little lost, with the same dark angelic ringlets, same soulful eyes. All the networks kept showing the photo Friday, right next to one of a boat parked in a suburban yard. Then, they'd show the scene around it, at night now, the darkness broken up with flashing lights, a gazillion trucks, and men with body armor and machine guns. And beyond them, an angry nation also prepared, maybe eager, to kill. Comments (1)

US Court Okays National Class Action Suit Against DOMA 

A federal district judge in Los Angeles has certified a nationwide class action lawsuit attacking the constitutionality of the Defense of Marriage Act’s Section 3 in the context of the immigration rights of same-sex spouses. Comments (1)

Two May Memorials for Slain Queens Gay Activist 

The brutal and mysterious murder of Queens gay community leader Lou Rispoli, 62, on October 20 of last year has yet to be solved. But his friends and loved ones will remember him on two occasions in May, with a concert and a memorial service in his ho Comment

How Gay Kevin Got to Riverdale 

Gathered among the 18 miles of books at the Strand Book Store on Lower Broadway, comic book geeks turned out for Archie Comics’ unveiling of “Kevin,” a new young adult novel set in the Riverdale Universe. The book, released in tandem with Grosset & Dunlap, features th Comment

Farm Futures

For his first three films, director Ramin Bahrani painted on a small canvas. He worked exclusively with non-professional actors and tended to use handheld digital video. It’s now been five years since his last film, “Goodbye Solo,” and it’s not surprisin Comment

Allen Ginsberg’s Many Contradictions  

You may think you know who Allen Ginsberg was. His name alone conjures up what Thomas Pynchon called the “anarcho-psychedelic” era, a counterculture of which Ginsberg was both the media symbol and the progenitor. But a recent critical biography published in London by Reaktion Books paints a picture that explodes myths about the poet and agitator — some of them engendered by Ginsberg himself. Comments (15)

Little Girls

A significant measure of Roald Dahl’s genius was his abi Comments (2)

HIV-Positive Wellness Can Be a Cooperative Push 

It was a very adventurous time,” explained Jared Becker, co-founder of the New York Buyers’ Club. Comments (2)

Teacher, Accused of Webcasting Sex Tape, Can Sue 

A unanimous appeals panel of the New Jersey Superior Court has ruled that an out gay teacher forced to resign from a private boarding school is entitled to a trial on his claim that the school violated his rights under the New Jersey law barring anti-gay discrimination. Comments (1)

Total Recall

On the ninth floor of a high rise in one of the cushiest areas of Los Angeles, there resides an honest to God show business legend. At 99, Patricia Morison is amazingly alive and vibrant, with pristine recall of her storied past. And what a past: understudying Helen Hayes in “Victoria Regina” at the age of 20, signed to a Paramount contract in 1939, and subsequently appearing in films opposite K Comments (1)
Susie Day

Ericka Huggins and the Company We Keep

Like most of the white liberal-to-left elite, I am mesmerized by radical 1960s and ‘70s activist groups such as SDS and the Weather Underground. My auto-entrancement likely stems from a deep nostalgia for the glory days when 100,000 protesters could march on the Pentagon and not a one could be linked to Al Qaeda. Comments (1)

A Variety of Verdi  

Giuseppe Verdi’s bicentennial is coming up in October 2013 but opera houses in New York and worldwide have been celebrating early. Sarasota Opera’s Winter Festival is close to co Comment


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