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Love & Marriage

Arkansas Supreme Court Stays County Judge’s Marriage Equality Order

After a week in which hundreds of same-sex couples married in Arkansas and legal action moved back and forth between a county circuit judge and the state’s high court, the Arkansas Supreme Court has issued a stay on the county judge’s May 9 marriage equality order, allowing time for the legal issues to play out on appeal. Comment
Love & Marriage

Temporary Stay on Idaho Marriage Ruling

They just keep on coming… Hard on the heels of last week’s ruling by a state court judge in Arkansas that the ban on same-sex marriages there violates both the state and federal constitutions, a federal judge in Boise has ruled that Idaho’s ban violates the 14th Amendment Due Process and Equal Protection Clauses. Comments (1)

Heroes of the Heart

It’s hard to believe it has been over a decade since HBO broke new ground with “Angels in America,” a revelatory adaptation of Tony Kushner’s Broadway epic about AIDS. The lavish mini-series, boasting a blue-ribbon cast including Al Pacino and Meryl Streep, won a ton of awards and cemented the cable giant’s rep for daring, if not subversive programming. Comments (2)

Facts in Fraud Charge Against New GMHC Chief Remain Unclear    

A lawsuit that supposedly accused the incoming head of Gay Men’s Health Crisis of fraud in the 2012 board election at Front Runners New York does not name him in any publicly available document and was brought against Anthony Ng, the LGBT running club’s treasurer at the time, and John Doe defendants. Comments (3)

US Judge Finds New York Employers Can Deny Same-Sex Spousal Benefits    

A Manhattan judge has ruled that a woman denied employer-provided health insurance coverage for the same-sex spouse she legally married cannot sue under federal employment benefits law. Comments (1)

De Blasio Budget Commits to Add 100 Beds for Homeless Youth   

With the May 8 release of his final executive budget proposal for fiscal year 2015, Mayor Bill de Blasio is making good on his commitment from last year’s campaign to step up city Comment

US Report Finds Flaws in Government Job Protections    

In a report to Congress and the White House, an independent agency that guards the employment rights of federal workers said that current protections for LGBT federal employees are inadequate and called for legislation to remedy that. Comment

As With Utah, Oklahoma, Appeals Court Seems Split in Virginia Marriage Case    

A three-judge appellate hearing in the Virginia marriage equality cases arrayed Ted Olson, the renowned litigator brought into the successful fight against California’s Proposition 8, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), and the state’s solicitor general against two county clerks, one of them represented by A Comment

Ravishing Revivals

The cliché is that time heals, but sometimes that healing involves changed perspective. For me, that’s the case with the re-revival of Roundabout’s “Cabaret,” now at Studio 54. When first mounted in 1998, this production left me emotionally cold, even if apprecia Comment
News Briefs

Be Like Mike  

Making history, Michael Sam, a 24-year-old defensive end, on May 10 became the first out gay man drafted into the National Football League, pick Comments (1)
New York City

Alan van Capelle’s New Mission on the Lower East Side

In a sense, Alan van Capelle’s first mid-life crisis came at the age of 34. Comments (2)
Love & Marriage

US Judge Orders Indiana to Recognize Dying Woman’s Same-Sex Marriage

A federal judge has ordered Indiana officials to recognize the marriage of a lesbian couple, in which one spouse is battling ovarian cancer, until their lawsuit can be decided on the merits. Comment

At Home in Chinatown

Chinese Puzzle” is director Cédric Klapisch’s third film — after “L’auberge Espagnole” and “Russian Dolls” — starring Romain Duri Comment
News Briefs

NYPD to Curb Seizing Sex Workers’ Condoms

New York City police will significantly limit the seizure of condoms as evidence during prostitution arrests, Commissioner Bill Bratton announced in a May 12 release. Comment

One Grows Old, One Grows Up

In the pre-credit sequence of “Grand Départ,” Romain (Pio Marmaï) explains that while he is hard working in his career, his personal life is a mess. He feels he is way behind his friends in meeting the righ Comment
News Briefs

Hagel “Open” to Reviewing Transgender Military Ban

In comments May 11 to ABC News, the Pentagon’s chief signaled his openness to reviewing the longstanding ban on transgender military service members. Comment

What’s Up in Uptown?


Burning Down the House

When it first premiered Off Broadway in 1991, “The Substance of Fire” was a critical hit and put playwright Jon Robin Baitz firmly on the theatrical map. The volatile story of a despicable patriarch and his squabbling adult chi Comment

Spring’s New Ring

A highlight of most vocal music seasons is Manhattan School of Music’s annual Senior Opera Theater production. Director Dona Vaughn and conductor Jorge Parodi work miracles with the talented but lar Comment

As Grounded as It Gets; Five’s the Charm for O’Hara?

What with the late breaking openings of “Raisin in the Sun,” “Cripple of Inishmaan,” “Of Mice and Men,” the delightful “A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder,” and the small and affecting, even if somewhat annoying “Violet,” this has turned out to be the best Bro Comment


Excellent analysis of Jo Becker’s book, Duncan (“A Contested Account of the Marriage Spring,” by Duncan Osborne, Apr. 30). Comments (1)


Thanks for this wonderful piece, David Noh — I like your writing a lot (“The Beauty of Men,” Apr. 30). I loved Robert Richard's commentary about the show — there was actually a lot of glamour in that period of queer life and art, centered on the 1970s and certainly through the 1980s, even as AIDS spread. Actually, AIDS helped some of these magazines for a while, as men found their “relationships” with fantasy (OK, we call that jerking off) a lot safer than in-the-raw encounters. Additional comments about this great show can be seen in my piece on Huffington Post at I think Comments (5)


“Irma Vep” will live forever, but for those of us who saw Charles Ludlam in his prime nothing beats “Camille: A Tearjerker” (“Genre Bender,” by David Kennerley, posted online April 18). I saw it twice, nearly expiring from laughter both times. We lost a giant when Ludlam died. Comment


This was a great story (“Classical Music Exec Works to Put Instruments in School Kids' Hands,” by Paul Schindler, Apr. 2). And thanks for taking the time to post the video of Graham Parker’s It Gets Better Message. I found so many interesting things in it. Comment


RIP, Dougie. I loved knowing you (“A Loving Farewell to Doug Ireland,” by Andy Humm, Apr. 2). Comment
Susie Day

The White Supremacist’s Guide to Social Inclusion

Are you anti-Semitic? Hate black people? Detest queers? Do you feel there are too many “mongrels” in today’s society? Dread the time when your race will no longer be in the majority? When inferior, sub-human hordes desecrate the genteel values of Western Civilization and force you into the swamp to dig cinder-block bunkers? Does your pain deepen each time you recollect how your own US president is genetically incapable of feeling your pain? Comments (1)
Kelly Jean Cogswell

The Death of the Queer Community?

Every now and then, I howl in grief at the demise of queer activism, the closing of queer bars and bookstores, the erasure of LGBT history, and the industrialization of our movement. Like others, I wonder if approaching legal equality and social acceptance spell the end of the LGBT community. Not that I want social change to stop, but there’s nothing like adversity to forge bonds and inspire everything from activists to artists to raucous sex. Comments (3)

Parks Endowed With History And Ingenuity

Harlem is home to four famed historic parks, plus a spectacular Hudson River park that made lemonade of the lemon of a water treatment plant. Comment

Commerce In Gotham, Harlem Style

Buyers and Sellers: The face of retail uptown changed forever when Harlem USA came to 125th Street in 2000. Today, Marshall’s, Old Navy, Modell’s, Nine West, the New York Sports Club, Hue-Man Bookstore & Café — the largest African-American-owned bookstore in the nation — and the Magic Johnson movie theaters can all be found there. Designer Shoe Warehouse, Equino Comments (2)
Love & Marriage

State Judge Knocks Down Arkansas Marriage Ban

A state judge in Little Rock, Arkansas, relying on both that state’s constitution and the US Constitution, has struck down the ban on same-sex marriage there. Comments (1)


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