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In New York, Mississippi Governor Confronted on Anti-Gay Law

Todd Allen, a gay activist who has lived in Mississippi since 1965, drove all the way to New York City to confront his state’s govern Comments (9)

Sister Shelter

Cherry Jones is one of the most formidable forces on the New York stage today. This past season, the 57-year-old actor was nominated for a Tony Award for her exquisite portrayal of Amanda Wingfield in “T Comment

Push to Turn Corner on Youth Homelessness

Hundreds gathered in Washington Square Park on June 2 at a rally to launch a National Campaign for Youth Shelter to vastly increase the number of beds for homeless young people from a current 4,000 to 22,000. That would represent an enormous leap forward, but also a drop in the bucket for what organizers say are 500,000 homeless kids in America. Comment

Scholars Say Obama Has Authority to Issue Executive Order on Jobs    

A number of constitutional law professors say that President Barack Obama has the authority under federal law to issue an executive order barring discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity by companies contracting with the federal government. Comments (2)
From the Editor

The Democratic Wing of Albany’s Democratic Party

In the November 2012 election, Democrats won a majority of the seats in the New York State Senate, which is something of a remarkable feat. In the last generation, only for a brief period after the 2008 election have Democrats wielded Senate control. That’s because each chamber of the Legislature dictates its own redistricting formula to account for Census findings every 10 years. And Republicans have held on to the Senate through gerrymandering aimed at thwarting the blue direction in which New York State has moved decisively in recent decades. Comments (1)

Strong Action to Bar Condom Use as Evidence Gets Council Boost

The Access to Condoms Coalition received a friendly reception at a June 9 City Council hearing on a resolution supporting reform legislation in Albany. In the past, police seized condoms as evidence of prostitution, which inhibited both street workers and others, particular Comment

Fight Against Jamaican Murder Music Steps Up in New York    

Protests against Jamaican reggae dancehall artists who profit from violent anti-gay songs branded “murder music” and engage in other homophobic provocations intensified in recent weeks in New York. Comments (5)

Branding the Fight

Early in the HBO documentary “The Case Against 8,” Chris Dusseault, a partner at the law firm Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher, is shown telling the two plaintiff couples in the lawsuit that struck down California’s ban on same-sex marriage th Comment

Literary Gala Remembers Work Left to Be Done

Kate Clinton, the wry and brainy comedian who is a tireless emcee for all sorts of LGBT community gatherings, set the tone right at the top of the June 2 Lambda Literary Awards. Comments (2)

Disclosing Diversity, Claiming Common Ground

Many LGBT Amer Comment

Yves of (Self) Destruction — and Genius

Six years after his death, fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent continues to be a name to be reckoned with, via his still extant, blazingly successful company as well as the countless designers and collections that have been inspired by his pioneering work. Comment

Unspoken Challenges

Set in 1985 San Francisco, the low-budget “Test” is a compelling drama about the onset of the AIDS crisis. Frankie (Scott Marlowe) is a dancer whose unease about the epidemic is palpable. His concerns are contrasted with those of his fellow dancer, Todd ( Comment

Red State Blues

Broken Heart Land” is a poignant documentary that shows how Nancy Harrington transformed the grief she experienced from her gay son Zack’s 2010 suicide into activism. Comment

A Trial in Words and Music 

Before landing the lead role in “The Trial of Oscar Wilde,” Michael Halling didn’t know much about Wilde’s story or about his prose Comment

A Party Where Everyone’s a Queen

Five years ago, Avory Agony decided to change career paths after a tarot card reading at Short Mountain Sanctuary, a radical faerie retreat in the Tennessee woods. Comment

Dancing Queen

The sheer exuberance of the groundbreaking musical “Here Lies Love” at the Public could easily blind one to its deeper intelligence and extraordinary artistry. The tale of Imelda Marcos’ rise from country beauty on Leyte, a small is Comment

Love Amidst a Red Scare

The tale of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg certainly is the stuff of heady theater. The married Jewish-American couple, Communist sympathizers who were sent to the electric chair in 1953 for sharing atomic secrets with the Russians, were caught up in o Comment
New York City

Pictures Worth Thousands of Words    

Doniqua stood outside the Times Square Museum on the evening of June 9, eyes focused on the billboard above the flashing marquee. She gazed up at her photo, a portrait of her straightening her bowtie while displaying a toothy smile. “It feels good to be a star,” she said. Comments (3)
Media Circus

Time Heals

Time magazine sure made a monkey out of me. The very day I asserted in this Media Circus column that the mainstream press doesn’t spend a lot of time on trans folks, Time hit the newsstands with a cover story. Comment

Williamsburg, Where North Is Up and South Is Coming    

Williamsburg, in two decades of dramatic change, has evolved well beyond its reputation as a magnet for artists and young adventurers drawn by low rents and large lofts converted from old, often abandoned factories. With customary New York speed, a booming nightlife and eating scene spawned a proliferation of trendy shops, es Comments (1)
News Briefs

Sentencing in Trans Woman's 2011 Murder

Equan Southall, 28, was sentenced to 23 years to life in the 2011 murder of his 38-year-old girlfriend, Camila Guzman, a transgender woman who had immigrated to New York from Chile. Comment
Kelly Jean Cogswell

The Dyke's Back in France

Some people come to France to smoke Gitanes and eat croissants. I spent my first few days assembling Ikea products for my girlfriend’s Cuban family. The first item was a bookcase, the second a nightstand to go by my mother-in-law’s bed. Our household speaks English, Spanish, and French, and it sometimes feels like my head might explode. There are so many words at our disposal to describe a single thing, like a hammer, that Ikea miraculously communicates with a simple drawing. Comment
New York City

On Pride, Queens Is Always First


From the Continental to the Carlyle

Singer-songwriter Melissa Manchester is making her Café Carlyle debut (through June 21), and I grabbed the chance to chat with one of the artists from the 1970s who shone particularly brightly. I am forever grateful for her ravishing song “Mid Comment

Smart Operatic Heroines, Foolish Choices

Operatic heroines are always throwing themselves after unattainable men with tragic — or at least ridiculous — results. Donizetti’s elderly Elizabeth I and Rameau’ Comment
New York City

Asbury Park Takes Pride to the Beach

Jersey Pride’s 23rd edition kicked off in Asbury Park on Sunday June 1, with 20,000 total participants, according to the group’s president, Laura Pople. The beach resort was selected as the site, she explained, because “we wanted something that said New Jersey, and the boardwalk, with the Jersey Shore, was something that would iconically do so.” Comment
Love & Marriage

Wisconsin Ruling Leads to Burst of Milwaukee, Madison Weddings

A June 6 ruling from a federal district judge that Wisconsin’s ban on same-sex marriage is unconstitutional set off a flurry of nearly 130 weddings in Milwaukee, the state’s largest city, as well as Madison, the capital, Comment
Love & Marriage

Supreme Court Rejects Effort to Halt Oregon Marriages

In a one-sentence order that did not elaborate on the reasoning, the US Supreme Court on June 4 denied Comment
Breaking News

Trans Man Sues City for Being Tossed from Public Pool's Locker Room

A 24-year-old Manhattan transgender man is filing suit against the Parks Department and the city for being denied access to locker room facilities at a public pool in Staten Island that he and friends had used regularly since Comment

Band of Brothers

Burning Blue” is an intense, engrossing drama about a military investigation that turns up a possible “gay cell” on a Navy aircraft carrier in the bad old days of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. Daniel (Trent Ford) and William (Morgan Spector) are best buddies. When Matthew (Rob Mayes) enters their unit, a lo Comment

Frankfurt Talk

BY STEVE ERICKSON| Anthology Film Archives’ program notes liken German director Marc Bauder’s “Master of the Universe” to “a kind of minimalist documentary version of ‘The Wolf of Wall Street.’” Comment

National Park Service Lifting the Lid on LGBT History

While the windows at America’s marriage bureaus have been snapping open to gay people of late, the closet doors at the nation’s historic sites often remain shut to their LGBT significance –– and the Comments (2)


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