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NYS, NYC Comptrollers Put Pressure on Hate-Filled Russian Social Networking Platform

In a telling demonstration of how concern about the treatment of LGBT communities worldwide has risen to the fore in US domestic politics, the comptrollers of the City and the State of New York have injected themselves –– in their roles as major institutional investors –– into the issue on two fronts. Comment

Stonewall at 45 –– Hold to to the Spirit

Since the 1969 Greenwich Village rebellion that shook the world, the legal status of LGBT Americans has shifted dramatically. In the immediate aftermath, cities and counties across the nation began enacting basic nondiscrimination ordinances, though there were occasional waves of backlash. After Anita Bryant, a popular gospel singer and orange grower industry spokeswoman, led a successful referendum effort to repe Comment
From the Editor

Why ENDA is Not the Answer

The argument for the federal Employment Non-Discrimination Act is clear and catches the public’s attention because it is so stunning: in 29 states you can legally be fired for being gay and in 32 — including New York — you are at risk due to your gender identity and expression. Comments (3)

A Pride Week Trifecta    

In a burst of pro-gay rulemaking, federal appeals and trial courts on June 24 and 25 issued important pro-gay decisions, advanci Comment

The Elephant Is Still in the Room    

In 2009, the two superstar lawyers took up the case on behalf of a gay couple and a lesbian couple and won before Judge Vaughn Walker in federal district court in Comment

The Gayest City Council Ever Honors LGBT Icons    

The gay and lesbian caucus of the New York Council jumped from three to six Comments (1)

The Women of Gay Games 9    

In the corner of Saint Alps Teahouse, on Third Avenue at East 10th Street, Mollie Marr sat focused. The teapot in front of her steamed as she skimmed through a large textbook. Two hair barrettes held back her bangs from falling in her face as she studied. Comments (4)
Guest Perspective

The Politics of Dancing

"Homosexuality shocks less, but continues to be interesting; it is still at that stage of excitation where it provides what might be called feats of discourse.” Comment
New York City

Mayor, First Lady Out Front on Brooklyn Pride

PHOTO ESSAY BY DONNA ACETO | Brooklyn Pride, a day-long event June 14 that included a 5k run in Prospect Park and a street festival on Park Slope’s Fifth Avenue, culminated in a twilight march that […] Comment
Guest Perspective

Are Gay Neighborhoods An Endangered Species?

On behalf of the National Park Service, Interior Secretary Sally Jewell recently announced plans for an unprecedented study of LGBT history, one that aims to “identify places and events associated with the civil rights struggle of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender Americans and ensure that the agency is telling a complete story of A Comments (5)
Guest Perspective

Pride? Yes! But with a Pinch of Prudence

Early Memorial Day morning, really early, while the city is still at rest with nary a bird warbling, my partner and I stumble sleepily to the subway. The streets are silent and wet from a passing shower, the air is Aspen-fresh, and it’s all I can do to suppress a Rodgers and Hammerstein outburst declaring to the world that it is good to be alive. Comments (1)
Media Circus

Good Men Are Easier to Find

When Flannery O’Connor wrote her sublimely perverse short story “A Good Man Is Hard to Find” in the mid-1950s, she was correct: decent men were scarce. Her story ends with a man plugging an old woman full of lead and remarking, “She would of been a good woman, if it had been somebody there to shoot her every minute of her life.” A real charmer. Comments (2)
Susie Day

Barbie’s Gay Pride Shocker!

Get out! Get out of here and never come back!” shrieked an enraged Barbie, as she hurled a tiny bedroom slipper in my direction. The dainty missile careened off an itty-bitty bust of Ken, then shattered the frame that held a photo of Barbie’s best friend, Midge. “Take your Gay Pride and shove it!” Comments (1)
Kelly Jean Cogswell

My Own Dyke Amnesia

I admit it. Sometimes when the Dyke March rolls around again, and the committee starts asking the community for themes, I can’t remember a single lesbian issue. As if we don’t have any, and should cede our place to gay men, bi and trans folks, not to mention straight women. Comment
Guest Perspective

Thought I Needed a Gay Doctor, But What I Needed Was Respect

I was a lucky kid: no broken bones, sprains, or cuts that needed stitches. So completely unaccustomed to hospitals and doctors, I took for granted that I could coast on good genes, good habits, and good luck. But as a kid, my healthcare was completely covered by my parents or the jobs I had in my 20s — that is, until I became 30, moved to New York, and became a freelancer, with no insurance. Comments (4)

The Quiet Allure of Tribeca    

Running from Canal Street south to Barclay and from Broadway to the Hudson River, Tribeca is a neighborhood of some 16,000 high-energy residents that has grown up amidst cavernous cast-iron warehouses set on historic cobblestone streets. Home seekers can find light-filled, loft-like layouts that typically fetch sky-high prices or they can look to the new luxury buildings, some with units for sale, others with rentals. Comment

Hell’s Kitchen Savories

Its established roots are still very evident. Hell’s Kitchen has always been a closely-knit neighborhood rich in cultural opportunities and Old New York history. But while the area of town bounded by West Comments (1)

HIV Prevention Needs May Revive Black LGBT Group   

Saying that the views of African-American gay men are largely missing from current discussions around HIV prevention, a group of activists hope to revive a New York City organization that was once lauded for its community building and innovative HIV prevention work. Comments (2)

Callen-Lorde Emerges as Big Player in PrEP Prevention Drive    

With the two-year anniversary of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approving Truvada for pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) and Americans only slowly adopting the HIV prevention tool, the Callen-Lorde Community Health Center may be writing a significant number of the prescriptions for PrEP in the country. Comment

I Want My Queer TV 

Who gets to tell our stories and why does it matter? It’s 2014 and Laverne Cox, the breakout trans star of the Netflix hit “Orange Is the New Black,” just made the cover of Time magazine. LGBT and queer characters are everywhere you look — and more and more they refle Comments (6)

Living for Real 

As she swept into Café Pick Me Up in the East Village, Janet Mock’s floor length gray maxi dress swayed as she maneuvered through the maze of tables and chairs. It was one of the first hot days of summer, and the writer, advocate, and New York Times bestselling author was trying to fight off the heat. Comment

Our Empowerment, Ourselves

When she was 12 years old, Laura Erickson-Schroth picked up her mom’s copy of “Our Bodies, Ourselves.” She flipped through the pages, entranced by what she was reading. The 1973 b Comment

Pride in the Theater 

Let’s say you want to make seeing a show part of your Pride Weekend, but haven’t planned ahead. It’s for that very situation that we publish our fourth annual roundup of what’s on, what’s hot, Comment

Romance in the Park 

At just about the point the plot turns dark in Jack O’Brien’s rich, romantic, and lyrical production of “Much Comment

A Wave Receding 

As the New York Asian Film Festival enters its 13th year, interest in individual Asian films — such as Wong Kar-wai’s “The Grandmaster,” which was 2013’s highest-gr Comment

A Complete Cole Porter Find 

No one brings the intensity to confabs that lovers of musical theater manage when they get together. And my recent meet-up with essential b Comment

Disorient Express

Philosopher Fredric Jameson once said that we can imagine the end of the world but not the end of capitalism. His remark doesn’t apply exactly to Bong Joon-ho’s Korean/ American production “Snowpiercer,” but it nevertheless fits. In the post-apocalyptic world of Bong’s film, a train endlessly circles the planet. Ther Comment

Opera in Odd Spaces  

With the mid-May end of the Metropolitan Opera’s season, opera is on the move throughout the city, springing up in museums, churches, concert halls, and parks. On Comment

A Heartfelt Cap to Robert Pinter’s Battle    

The emotion was evident in Robert Pinter’s voice as he stood outside the Stonewall Inn on Christopher Street and read an email from a man who, like Pinter, was falsely arrested on prostitution charges by cops from the Manhattan South Vice Enforcement Squad. Comment

A President's Pride Month

With the announcement this month that President Barack Obama intends to sign an executive order barring federal government contractors from discriminating against LGBT workers, it’s clear the administration is taking the opportunity of Gay Pride Month to underscore its support for the community. Comments (1)

Legislature Leaves Albany With Conversion Therapy Ban, GENDA Not Done    

The New York State Legislature went into 24-hour overtime on June 20 to conclude its regular 2014 session, but the State Senate still did not find the time or will to approve two bills of vital interest to the LGBT community. Comments (1)

Critics Fault Medical Marijuana Compromises Cuomo Demanded    

In the closing hours of the legislative session, Governor Andrew Cuomo signed off on an approach to medical marijuana legislation that will allow its use under carefully controlled circumstances. Comments (1)

Heightened Scrutiny Standard Upheld in Ninth Circuit    

In an action that presages a sweeping victory for marriage equality litigation in the states under the jurisdiction of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, the circuit on June 24 announced it had declined a suggestion by one of its judges to reconsider a three-judge ruling in January that claims of sexual orientation discrimination must be evaluated using “heightened scrutiny.” Comment
News Briefs

Comptroller Issues User-Friendlier LGBT Guide

This year, Comptroller Scott Stringer has introduced several new features likely to increase its utility for city residents. In a directory that encompasses descriptions, resources, and contact information for hundreds of organizations, enhancing ease of use is lik Comments (3)
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With Three Republicans Reportedly on Board, IDC’s Avella Still Hopeful on “Conversion Therapy” Ban

As the State Senate slogged through its last scheduled day in its 2014 session, a member of the Independent Democratic Conference (IDC) that shares majority power with the Republicans, voiced hope that a measure to bar mental health professionals from performing “sexual orientation change efforts” on minors could yet get a floor vote. Comment

Better Late Than Never?

Fifty-one years after Governor George Wallace stood in a schoolhouse door in defiance of a federal mandate to integrate his state’s educational system, Alabama continues its slow crawl to membership in what, in intervening years, has sometimes been termed the New South. Comment
Breaking News

Sponsors, Advocates Remain Hopeful on “Conversion Therapy” Ban

With just two days remaining until the State Legislature in Albany adjourns its 2014 session, the lead Senate sponsor of a bill that would ban mental health professionals from engaging in “sexual orientation change efforts” with minors remains hopeful that the measure could win approval. Comment
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Fine Print, Enforcement Key to Obama Job Bias Order's Effectiveness

With the White House preparing to add sexual orientation and gender identity to a 1965 executive order that bars discrimination by federal contractors, the question becomes how effective the US Department of Labor –– which will investigate complaints brought under the amended order –– is at handling discrimination complaints. Comment


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