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Colorado State Appellate Court Declines to Halt Marriages in Boulder

Two trial judges in Colorado advanced the cause of same-sex marriage on July 23, as a Denver-based federal district court found that the state’s ban on same-sex marriage violates the 14th Amendment, while a state court in Boulder denied a motion to order the county clerk there to stop issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples. Comment

The Changing Map of Marriage Equality in the US

Recent court decisions regarding marriage bans in three states have once again altered the map for marriage equality in the US. Comments (1)

10th Circuit Affirms Decision Striking Down Oklahoma Marriage Ban    

The same appellate panel of three judges that last month ruled that Utah’s same-sex marriage ban is unconstitutional reiterated that ruling on July 18 in Oklahoma’s appeal of a district court ruling striking down the ban there. The 10th Circuit Court of Appeals panel found the Oklahoma prohibition was unconstitutional for t Comment
From the Editor

Kudos to the President and Next Steps for All of Us

First things first. President Barack Obama did his job this week, and the LGBT community is the better for it. Comment

Friend to the End... For Now

In an heroic act of self-sacrifice, Archibald “Chick” Andrews, better known as Archie, has died foiling an assassination attempt on his gay friend Kevin Keller. In last week’s issue of “Life with Archie,” the title character of the popular comic series took a bullet intended for Keller, and his sudden death, portrayed as an inspiring example of solidarity in the fight for equality, garnered massive media attention, even outside Comment

Toastmistress to Ladies Who Lunch Everywhere Has Left the Building

Elaine Stritch, the legendary Broadway actress who won a 2002 Tony for her one-woman show but may be best known to young audiences as Alec Baldwin’s mother on NBC’s “30 Rock,” died on July 17. Having long contended with diabetes and more recently stomach cancer, the 89-year-old Stritch gave up her longtime home at Manhattan’s Carlyle Hotel last year in order to be closer to her extended family in Birmi Comment
Kelly Jean Cogswell

Gaza, Queers, and Banning Speech

It’s getting harder and harder to be a cheerful, card-carrying member of the LGBTQ community. If it’s not the new spate of weddings, it’s our obsession with the policing of speech. We catch some famous person saying “homo” or “fag,” bust their chops, and soon they’re at HRC or GLAAD, beating their breasts and getting sensitivity training. A few days later, the same censors are screaming, “Free speech! Free speech!,” because somebody wasn’t allowed to march for something (that they agree with). Comment

HOT! at 23

Ellie Covan’s annual HOT! Festival of live queer performance is celebrating its unbelievable 23rd year at Dixon Place, so I trekked down to her wonderful L Comments (1)

Gay Men Coming Together

NewFest, the New York LGBT Film Festival, runs this weekend and through Tuesday, and three of its more provocative films zero in on gay men’s sexuality and the sex they have. Comment

Summer Camp, Summer Love, Summer Doldrums

Summer camp takes on a whole new meaning with the silly and utterly winning revival of “Pageant,” now at the Davenport Theatre. First seen nearly a quarter of a century ago, this send-up of beauty pageants has men playing the girls as they compete for t Comments (1)
Media Circus

Crackpot Alley

With this edition of Media Circus, we launch a periodic feature we’re calling “Crackpot Alley,” a roster of the most inane, dangerous, stupid, and appalling news items that cross our desk. We swear we are not making this stuff up. Unfortunately, we don’t have to. Comment

Big Gifts in Big Packages 

Larger framed singers with equally grand voices win vocal competitions but often find the doors of the world’s opera houses cl Comments (2)
Nathan Riley

Canadian Conservatives’ Predictable Stumble on Prostitution

Once the Canadian Supreme Court overturned criminal laws surrounding prostitution last December, it was a foregone conclusion that the Parliament controlled by the Conservative Party would recriminalize it. The party has now made its proposal, which is being widely criticized for enshrining the harms the high court identified in making its historic decision. Comment

Archaic Rules Applied in Gay Man’s Estate Dispute    

An early 2014 ruling from a surrogate judge in Manhattan highlights the dangers of making a will without the assistance of somebody knowledgeable about estate law. And, it also illustrates one court’s surprising reliance on old cases rather than on the evolving precedents in same-sex partner law in the decades leading up to New York State’s 2011 marriage equality law. Comments (1)

Spacious, Gracious on the Upper West Side   

Loosely framed by the Hudson River and Central Park, from West 59th Street to 110th Street, the Upper West Side was, from the 1940s until the 1970s, regarded as a bastion of middle-class families, bookish int Comment

Shake It Up Baby, Now

Have you seen the latest rollicking jukebox bio-musical that showcases hits from the 1960s written by a plucky Jewish songwriter, based in New York’s legendary Brill Building, who helped performers become superstars while being forced to stand in the shadows? Comments (1)
Breaking News

Obama Stand-Up Guy on Religious Exemptions, But Questions Remain

When White House officials went public on July 18 with news that President Barack Obama would, three days later, issue his executive order barring sexual orientation and gender identity discrimination by the federal government, Comment
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Obama Executive Order on Jobs to Contain No New Religious Exemptions

President Barack Obama will issue his long-awaited executive order barring discrimination against LGBT employees by contractors doing business with the federal government on July 21, a White House official told Gay City News thi Comments (1)
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Florida State Trial Judge Nixes Marriage Ban

A state trial judge in Key West has ruled that Florida’s ban on same-sex marriage violates the 14th Amendment of the US Constitution. On July 17, Judge Luis M. Garcia ruled that Monroe County Clerk Amy Heavilin must issue a marriage license to Aaron R. Huntsman and William Lee Jones, who have been Comment

Fantastical World Shines in Style, Then Dims

French director Michel Gondry, best known for “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” and his music videos, has an aesthetic one could call un-naturalism. He’s made two documentaries, one of which turned a feature-length conversation with Noam Chomsky into anim Comment
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Amidst Developments Unfolding in Courtrooms Across Colorado, Same-Sex Couples Marry in Boulder, Denver, Pueblo

In a complex jumble of legal proceedings that suggests a growing consensus that marriage equality is inevitable in Colorado, one county judge there has thrown out the state’s ban on marriage by same-sex couples even as he stayed his ruling pending appeal, while a second county judge is refusing to halt marriages there. Even the ju Comment


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