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On Primary Eve, Cuomo Pressed at Home on Prisoner Clemency

A candlelight protest outside Governor Andrew Cuomo’s pastoral Westchester County home delivered a demand that he grant clemency to elderly prisoners with extensive records of good behavior. Comment
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Tish James, Like Rangel, Refuses to Repudiate Cabrera Despite YouTube Embrace of Uganda’s Homophobic Regime

Public Advocate Letitia James, who has assiduously cultivated a progressive profile in her years in government, is digging in her heels against calls that she brea Comments (9)
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Seventh Circuit Panel, 3-0, Strikes Down Wisconsin, Indiana Marriage Bans

Just two weeks after coming down hard o Comments (1)
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No More Tawk

"Can we talk?" was the trademark mantra of Joan Rivers, who died at age 81 on September 4 of cardiac arrest in New York's Mt. Sinai Hospital. She had days earlier lost consciousness during an operation on her vocal cords and was placed in a medically induced coma and then life support. Comment
From the Editor

Hillary’s Not Our Mom, and She’s Not Judy Garland

In a recent New York Times article, which was titled “Hillary Clinton’s Gay Rights Evolution” and explored her connection to and, to a lesser extent, her detractors among LGBT voters, longtime activist David Mixner got the last word. Comments (6)

Beastmaster Bill Berloni

It’s a foregone conclusion that, in the theater today, when you need an animal onstage — any animal — you go to the Master, Bill Berloni, whose way with performing beasts uncannily combi Comment

Opera on Summer Lawns

The Boston Symphony Orchestra’s summer venue, leafy Tanglewood in rural — if in places pricey ̵ Comment

Primary & Raucous: Sharp Advocate Divide in Bronx, Queens

Incumbency means a lot in the New York State Legislature, so it’s not often that voters encounter a serious primary election challenge to a sitting member of the Senate or the Assembly. There are exceptions, though — two years ago, three of the four Republican senators who supported the 2011 marriage equality law faced Tea Party-style challenges and two of them fell. Comment

The Voyage to Oneness 

American Opera Projects, a leading force in the gestation and d Comments (1)

Charlie Rangel Goes Ugly in Bronx Senate Race

When veteran Harlem Democratic Congressman Charlie Rangel faced stiff — but ultimately unsuccessful — primary opposition from State Senator Adriano Espaillat, in both 2012 and 2014, State Senator Gustavo Rivera, who represents portions of Rangel’s district in the Bronx, endorsed the challenger. Comment

St. Pat's Parade Announcement Met With Caution 

In a surprising development that apparently caught activists and elected officials off guard, the organizers of the Saint Patrick’s Day Parade on Fifth Avenue announced that a gay-identified group will be allowed to participate next March 17. Comment

Breaking Unanimous String of Victories, Federal Judge Rules Against Marriage Equality in Louisiana

Parting company from every federal district court judge since last summer’s Supreme Court ruling in the Defense of Marriage Act case, US District Judge Martin L. C. Feldman, rejected a challenge to Louisiana’s state constitutional and statutory ban on same-sex marriage. Comments (2)

“Systemic” Change Goal of Staten Island Protest    

Even before it began, the media was suggesting that the August 23 rally in Staten Island to protest the death of Eric Garner in a police chokehold on July 17 would bring trouble, presumably a repeat of the images witnessed earlier in the week in Ferguson, Missouri. Comment

Let Your Sex Flag Fly

In the cheeky sex romp “Wetlands,” Helen (Carla Juri, in a star-making performance), claims, “If you think penises, sperm, and other bodily fluids are gross, you should just forget about sex altogether.” She licks seminal Comments (1)
Media Circus

Crackpots — The Alley’s Lousy With ‘Em

More from the inane and appalling front. Comment

A Weekend in the Country

Theresa Rebek is challenging for a critic. The facile entertainment of her plays delivers an hour or two of diversion, but they often don’t stand up to more considered thought. Her new play at Primary Stages, “ Comment
Kelly Jean Cogswell

Re-Reading Sarah Schulman’s “After Delores”

These days I mostly read to entertain myself and kill time, though books are still what I turn to when I need to understand my own life or try to lend it meaning. After I gave up on the Bible, I obsessively read “The Black Unicorn,” Audre Lorde’s collection of poetry. Later on it was James Baldwin’s essay “The Fire Next Time.” Bot Comment
Nathan Riley

Cuomo, Teachout, and Missed Opportunities

Governor Andrew Cuomo won the hearts of the LGBT community when he marshaled the powers of his office to give New Yorkers marriage equality in the first six months of his term. Not incidentally, he won the affection and respect of many other voters. Comments (1)

Famed Triangular Tower, Jewel Box of a Square    

Given the multiplicity of ways Manhattanites identify their neighborhoods geographically, when some people mention the Flatiron and Madison Square Park neighborhoods others have in mind sections of Gramercy Park, Chelsea, Murray Hill, and Union Square. Comments (1)
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Seventh Circuit Roughs Up Attorneys Defending Indiana, Wisconsin Marriage Bans

A panel of three judges of the US Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals, based in Chicago, gave a very rough time to attorneys representing the Comments (3)

Trusting Youth to Tell Us Their Troubles

Critic/ filmmaker Robert Greene recently attacked reviewers for their blindness to subtleties of form — particularly in the way faces were filmed — in the recent Afghanistan War documentary “The Kill List.” It would be difficult t Comment


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