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Judge Ready to Rule in Virginia Marriage Equality Case

Responding to the January 23 announcement that the Commonwealth of Virginia will no longer defend that state’s constitutional and statutory ban on marriage equality, the f Comments (1)
Guest Perspective

Depends On What the Meaning of the Word 'Change' Is

Will the real Barack Obama please stand up? Comment
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In a Fast-Moving Case, Virginia Attorney General Won't Defend Marriage Ban

Recently inaugurated as attorney general of Virginia, Democrat Mark Herring, who had run on a platform supporting same-sex marriage, was immediately faced with a strategic decision. The attorney general’s Comment

Profound Implications from Ruling Jurors Can’t Be Excluded for Being Gay

A unanimous three-judge panel of the San Francisco-based Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that excluding potential jurors because they are gay violates the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment to the US Comment
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Blind Item: Insider's Quiz about the "Seinfeld" of Outings



At the end of the day this lady is paid to do a job, and that job should come above her religious beliefs (“Upstate NY Town Clerk Continues Granting Only Opposite-Sex Marriage Licenses,” by Duncan Osborne, posted online Jan. 3). If she is not happy for a job to overrule her religious beliefs, she needs to find a career that doesn't conflict with her personal viewpoints. Comment
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Cuomo Budget Doesn’t Solve AIDS Rent Cap Challenge    

Despite a concerted drive in recent weeks by advocates and elected officials, Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Executive Budget for the fiscal year beginning April 1 does not include appropriation of funds to ensure that New Yorkers living with AIDS and receiving government rental a Comments (3)

Conversant on AIDS, New Health Commissioner Not Known Among Advocates   

With his selection of Dr. Mary Bassett to head the city’s health department, Mayor Bill de Blasio chose someone who is unkn Comments (2)

Ways of Seeing

"Stranger by the Lake,” written and directed by Alain Guiraudie, depicts a love triangle th Comments (1)

Gay Appointments in City Government Not Big News Now    

As David Dinkins, the last Democrat to run City Hall, was taking over in 1 Comment

When Full Frontal Is Demanded 

In his three appearances on screen in “Stranger by the Lake,” director Alain Guiraudie is seen lying balls-out naked on the beach. He displays his nudity casually, not unlike his film& Comment

Herb Cohen, Physician and Activist, Dies at 89     

Dr. Herbert I. Cohen, who got active in the LGBT movement in the early days of the AIDS crisis when he was in his 50s and became a stalwart in building New York LGBT institutio Comments (2)
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Crackdown on Gays Escalates Under New Nigerian Law    

In the wake of a new homophobic law taking effe Comment
Kelly Jean Cogswell

Homophobes United, But Queers…?

I’m thrilled to know Vladimir Putin has gay acquaintances, but it doesn’t do much to change my opinion of his bigoted, tyrannical regime. In fact, I doubt anybody buys the nice friendly gloss he’s trying to give Russia before the place is inundated with Olympic ice skaters and skiers –– and vodka-guzzling, T-shirt buying crowds. Comments (2)

Inmate’s Right to Gender Reassignment Surgery Upheld    

A federal appeals court has upheld a district judge’s ruling that a convicted murderer held in a Massachusetts state prison is being denied her constitutional right to gender-reassignment surgery deemed medically necessary. Comments (1)
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Ugandan President Criticizes Homophobic Law, But Terms Gays "Abnormal"

The release last week of a letter that Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni sent to Parliament criticizing irregularities in the way it approved a draconian anti-gay bill late last year led many news outlets to report that the measure had been vetoed. Comment

The Hapless Accessory   

Turning the drama of coming out into high comedy, “G.B.F.” is a brightly colored, high-energy romp. Tanner (Michael J. Willett, adorable) is a high school senior inadvertently outed. Rather than becoming a soci Comment

Confusion Continues in Wake of Utah Marriage Ruling Stay    

The January 6 order from the US Supreme Court placing a stay on the December 20 federal district court judge’s Comment
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Gene Stavis, Gay TV Pioneer, Dies at 70

Gene Stavis, a film historian and scholar who produced “Emerald City,” the first gay-themed cable television show in New York, in 1977, died on December 29 after a short illness. He was 70. Comments (2)
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Peggy Traub, Lesbian Philanthropist, Women’s Business Leader, Dies at 55

Margaret “Peggy” Traub, a prominent furniture industry businesswoman who promoted women in business as well as LGBT causes, died January 13 of cancer. She was 55 and is survived by her partner Phyllis Dicker, with whom she co-sponsored the Stonewall Tr Comments (1)
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Carl Goodman, ACT UP Co-Founder, Dead at 58 

ACT UP veteran and co-founder Carl Goodman has died at 58, jumping from the Mount Hope Bridge in Bristol, Rhode Island on January 5. He is survived by his husband, Mario Cavero. Comment
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St. Luke’s Hopes to Expand West Village LGBT Youth Program   

A West Village church hopes to construct a 15-story residential building on the corner of Greenwich and Barrow Streets, in order to fund both an expansion to its private school and the construction of a new mission building that would provide 24/ 7 services to LGBT youth and, perhaps later, other underserved populations. Comment
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Putin: Some of My Best Friends Are Gay

Faced with worldwide criticism for Russia’s anti-gay legislation just as that nation prepares to host next month’s Winter Olympics in Sochi, President Vladimir Putin defended the new law but also said he doesn’t “care about a person’s sexual orientation.” The Kremlin leader told the BBC’s Andrew Marr, "I myself know some people who are gay. We're on friendly terms. I'm not prejudiced in any way.” Comment

Going to Hell and Back in the New Year

January is the Janus month where we look forward to the new year and Comments (2)

Carol Ann Speaks Her Peace 

Christina Crawford disdains it, Faye Dunaway won’t talk about it, Diana Scarwid and Mara Hobel aren’t saying an Comments (31)

King Leer

“King Lear” is a great but hard, hard play. And this import from the Chichester Festival Theatre in Britain at BAM, starring Frank Langella and directed by Angus Jackson, literally reaches for hardness –– with multiple characters, Comment

Style Is Substance

Anger, even rage, is at the heart of some comedy, and few playwrights create work that embodies that mixture better than did Joe Orton, the British bad boy who died brutally at his lover’s hand at age 34. His rages against authority — notably the law and the Catholic Church — are at the heart of his classic black farce “Loot.” Comment

The Boys in the Sand

If Terrence McNally (“Love! Valour! Compassion!”) and Mart Crowley (“The Boys in the Band”) collaborated on a play and then Christopher Durang (“Vanya and Comment
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US Judge Throws Out Oklahoma Marriage Amendment, But Stays Ruling Pending Appeal

Yet another federal district judge has declared that a state constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriages is an unconstitutional infringement of rights guaranteed by the US Constitution’s 14th Amendment. Comments (1)
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As Nigeria’s New Anti-Gay Law Approved, Dozens of Arrests Reported

At least three-dozen gay men have been arrested and tortured in Nigeria in recent weeks, even before a draconian new homophobic law took effect, human rights activists told the Associated Press. Comments (1)

Taking Flight in Taipei

A bittersweet romantic comedy-drama, the wonderful “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?,” set in Tapei, features a handful of gay and straight characters unhappy in their lives and relationships. Screenwriter and director Arvin Chen is straight but displays impressive sensitivity toward all his characters. In fact, i Comment

A Father Knows

Among Japanese directors of his generation (now in their 50s), Hirokazu Kore-eda stands apart. Other than the fanciful “Air Doll,” in which an inflatable sex doll comes to life, he’s shown no Comment


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