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New Reports Document Re-Escalating Violence Against LGBT Iraqis    

The US invasion of Iraq in 2003 unleashed a wave of sectarian religious violence in what was once a relatively secular country, where conflict was held in check by brutal dictator Saddam Hussein. Along with wo Comments (1)

The Best Films of 2014   

Among the past year’s films, I have chosen the 10 best, another 10 runners-up, and three that did not enjoy distribution but should have. Comments (9)

Playground Summit Led to Transgender Insurance Rules Change    

As State Senator Brad Hoylman was pressing the Cuomo administration to issue a rule requiring New York insurers to pay for medical procedures related to gender transition, he had several conversations with Benjamin Lawsky, who heads the state agency that issued the rule on December 11, when both men were at a West Village playground with their kids. Comment

Sexual Frankness, Strong Documentaries & Queer Twists

The year in queer film got off to a great start in January with the release of arguably the best of 2014, Alain Guiraudie’s erotic, explicit, and irresistible thriller “Stranger by the Lake.” The film did not shrink from full frontal nudity, a trait str Comments (2)

The Supreme Court’s Affirmative Signal on Marriage Equality 

With the Supreme Court's decision to let the stay on a marriage equality ruling in Florida expire on January 5, the map on January 6, 2015 will look like this. Comments (21)
From the Editor

Black and Blue

It is a poignant irony that a long-simmering debate framed in the public mind as pitting white cops against black New Yorkers was brought to a boil by the cold-blooded execution of two officers of color — one Latino, the other Asian-American. Comments (1)

Endora’s Year-End Encomiums

Every year, we give out the Agnes Moorehead Awards for outstanding live and film performance, realizing full well that despite her mammoth body of excellent work, she is probably best known as Endora on TV “ Comment

Big Troubles

With “Leviathan,” Russian director Andrey Zvyagintsev stages a marriage of convenience between protest art and family melodrama. Its first half expresses a blunt anger about Russian politicians’ abuse of power, as well as their hypocrisy in embraci Comments (1)

Summoning the Will

The effects of the recession that began in 2008 weren’t immediately apparent in world cinema, but some of the past year’s best releases finally started grappling with the brutality of the new Gilded Age. Tsai Ming-liang’s “Stray Dogs” tells it from the si Comment

In NYC Briefing, Diverse, Nuanced Messages From Activists Around the Globe    

In what has become an annual tradition coinciding with the observance of International Human Rights Day at the United Nations, nearly three dozen LGBT rights advocates from across the globe traveled to New York in early December for several days of meetings and presentations coordinated through the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission. Comments (2)

NYPD Conducted Stop and Frisk Inside Home of Man Alleging Earlier Abuse    

Roughly six weeks after a 2013 police raid on a Brooklyn private party sparked headlines, police returned to that location and questioned eight people who had gathered there. Comments (1)

Passionate Truths

The rise of Ronald Reagan and free market worship has by now long cast a pall over the soul of America. Memories of the radicalism of the 20th century linger, but the energy is largely gone. We’re catching a glimpse of the old spirit with the demonstrations against police slayings of Blacks, but the collective strength of the left is hard to find. Comment

Addiction Treatment Leader Addresses State of the Art    

Brad Lamm was wearing a Washington Capitals baseball cap when he arrived at Le Pain Quotidien near his Chelsea home a little after noon one recent Sunday. The place was packed with strollers and brunchers, making for a dull roar. He ordered an herbal tea and a pumpkin muffin, saying he was fighting a cold. Comments (3)

Appeals Panel Reverses Order that Prison Provide Sex-Reassignment Surgery    

In a startling about-face, the five active judges of the US First Circuit Court of Appeals reversed both a district court ruling and a three-judge appellate panel in finding that the Massachusetts Department of Correction (Mass DOC) did not violate the Eighth Amendment ban on “cruel and unusual punishment” when it refused to provide sex-reassignment surgery to an inmate serving a life sentence. Comment
Kelly Jean Cogswell

Hope For Queers Now in Cuba? Maybe

President Obama made history this week by dumping a policy toward Cuba that hasn’t helped a bit to usher in democracy or protect human rights. In fact, the 50-year effort of both Democrats and Republicans to isolate the island and twist its little Caribbean arm has only allowed Cuba’s dictatorship to entrench itself. The country remains the only one in Latin America where pretty much every form of dissent is repressed. Comment
New York City

Community Center Overhaul Nears Completion

Twenty-six months after announcing an ambitious $7.5 million facelift updating auditorium spaces on its first and third floors and dramatically expanding the breadth of its lobby entrance, the LGBT Community C Comment

Adult Film Condom Ordinance Survives Appeals Court Review

A unanimous three-judge panel of the US Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has rejected a constitutional challenge to a voter initiative that compels actors in adult films to use condoms during scenes of anal or vaginal intercourse while filming in Los Angeles County. Comments (2)

Magic in the Making — Mostly

As remarkable as Bradley Cooper’s slow transformation from hunk to horror is in the splendid revival of “The Elephant Man,” that’s just a warm-up to one of the most richly understated and surprisingly moving performances of the season. The play tracks John Merrick’s journey from sideshow Comment
Media Circus

Crackpots in Santa Suits

Pink News out of the UK reports that “the anti-gay Catholic League has mocked gay designer Tom Ford for launching a range of penis-themed pendants in the shape of a cross.” The article goes on: “The fashion designer launched the $790 designer pendants this week –– which are available in gold and silver. There are three different options; small penis pendant, medium penis pendant, and large penis pendant.” Comment

Quarter-Life Crisis

Russel Middlebrook’s life is in a bit of a rut. While everyone around him seems to have their dating and work life together, Russel finds himself stuck is a series of monotonous hook-ups and multiple dead-end jobs. He is lost, confused, and growing increasingly frustrated — something many readers will immediately relate to. They might even go as Comments (1)

Master Singers — And, um, Others...

At 32, the Met’s “Boheme” staging is older than the opera’s six leading characters are meant to be. It soldiers on, the crassly over-busy Act II bringing cheers, while the lovely snowy Act III restores some Comments (3)

Gay Asylum Claims Made Easier by European Court Ruling    

In a ruling likely to produce significant changes in how immigration officials in European countries deal with gay asylum applicants, a European Union court has set limits on the requirements of proof demanded of them. Comments (6)

Food Fight

A dour cloud of melancholy hangs over “Pocatello,” Samuel D. Hunter’s latest fractured-family drama, currently at Playwrights Horizons. Comment
Breaking News

Even With No Appellate Ruling, Supreme Court Won't Block Florida Marriages

The United States Supreme Court has denied a motion from Florida’s Republican attorney general, Pam Bondi, that it stay a district court marriage equality ruling while the state pursues an appeal with the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals. Comments (1)


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