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Eric Holder, in New York HRC Address, Spells Out Next Steps in Complying with 2013 DOMA Ruling

US Attorney General Eric Holder used the occasion of an address to the Human Rights Campaign’s annual New York City gala to announce a number of new Jus Comments (4)
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As the Games Begin in Sochi, the Pressure Steps Up in Manhattan

As the 2014 Winter Olympics were opening in Sochi, Russia, critics of that nation’s crackdown on its LGBT citizens held at least three protests in M Comments (2)
From the Editor

Long Past Time for Obama Action on Jobs Protections 

Faced with nearly unremitting opposition from congressional Republicans, President Barack Obama has, in the past couple of years and even more so in recent days, spoken about moving his agenda forward through the issuance of executive orders and other administrative actions. Comment

Why Oregon Is 2014's Marriage Crucible

As of January 1, 2013 — nine years after Massachusetts legalized marriage equality — only nine states and the District of Columbia had approved the right of same-sex couples to wed. But in the 12 months that followed, another eight followed suit, with a ninth, Utah, under a federal court order to end its ban on gay marriage, Comments (2)

A Formidable, Often Forbidding City Richly Embraced

Gossip: the lighter fuel of our interactions. It can be done badly and still be fun, or — as in Edmund White’s “Inside a Pearl: My Years in Paris” — with delicious waspishness and detail and turn out to be a riot. This is one of those books best enjoyed with bon-bons. Phone turned off. Other human company banished. Bills left unpaid for another Comment

Life Outside

With French-Canadian director Denis Côté’s seventh film, it’s best to start with the title: “Vic + Flo Saw a Bear.” If you haven’t s Comments (1)

Longing and Long Underwear 

One of the most infamous misfires Off Broadway in recent memory was the 2006 production of “Almost, Maine” by John Cariani, which Comments (1)

One Fine Show, One Not So Much 

The real conflict in the life of Carole King, at least according to the new jukebox musical “Beautiful,” is that she would have preferred to be a suburban housewife r Comment

Character Actresses

Most aspiring actress little girls dream of starring in a Broadway musical, but, really, once you get too old to be the dewy, virginal ingé Comments (1)

Critics Worry Marriage Fight Diverting Community Energy 

Transgender rights advocate Mara Keisling, who described herself as “a big believer in marriage e […] Comments (9)

Three Tenors

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Facing Second Brain Surgery, Randy Gener Disputes Account of His Assault    

In his first public statement since his beating several weeks ag Comment
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Barely Taking a Breath, de Blasio Says "Nyet"

Less than 24 hours after LGBT activists and their allies called on Mayor Bill de Blasio to bar uniformed city personnel from marching in the Fifth Avenue St. Patrick’s Day Parade, they received a pretty firm no. Comments (3)
Susie Day

Tarek Mehanna: His Tragic Immoderation   

I have become a card-carrying, tax-paying moderate, thanks to a study I found in Psychologists Kaitlin Toner and Mark Leary discovered that the more extreme politicians’ views are, the more they think they’re right. In fact, politicians’ “belief superiority” — the certainty that their own viewpoints are correct — was linked to “political extremism.” Conversely, moderates showed less belief superiority and “supported a middle-of-the-road approach to political issues.” Comment

St. Luke’s Project Rekindles Debate on Drop-In Center    

Warning of the risk of repeating the 1990s rise in crime they attribute to an LGBT youth drop-in center on Christopher Street, some West Village residents are opposing a local church’s plan to construct a new mission building that could be used as a similar drop-in center. Comment

In Catch-22, Married Lesbian Cannot Adopt Child Born to Spouse    

Claiming that a married lesbian had no need to adopt the child born to her same-sex spouse, a Surrogate Court judge in Brooklyn has refused to entertain her adoption petition. Comment

Ninth Circuit Denies Further Review of California “Conversion Therapy” Law     

The US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit has rebuffed a petition calling on it to reconsider its decision last August rejecting a constitutional challenge to a California law that prohibits licensed mental health professionals from engaging in “sexual orientation change efforts” (SOCE) — sometimes called “conversion therapy” — with patients under 18. Comment
Kelly Jean Cogswell

Activism in Sepia: Lost Community

BY KELLY COGSWELL : It’s Black History Month again and time to celebrate the sepia-toned accomplishments of Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Civil Rights Movement. Watch TV, you’ll learn it didn’t really take much work, just a lot of outrage at inequality and the overwhelming desire for liberty, justice, and a long, pain-free life. Comment


Bratton was the best choice of the prospects de Blasio had available to him (“Meet the New Boss: Same as the Old Boss?,” by Duncan Osborne, Dec. 11). He was very good for the short time he was commissioner in the early ‘90s before being pushed out by the bully Giuliani. Time will tell how his second tenure in New York City really goes. Comment


What a kind and generous friend (“Herb Cohen, Physician and Activist, Dies at 89,” by Andy Humm, Jan. 22). His legacy will endure. Comment


I’m pretty certain that Dr. Mary Bassett will be an improvement over Farley (“Conversant on AIDS, New Health Commissioner Not Known Among Advocates,” by Duncan Osborne, Jan. 22). She apparently understands concepts like “the social determinants of health,” which Farley pooh-poohed. “Just do what we, the docs, tell you” was his philosophy. It’ll be interesting to see who she appoints as the HIV/AIDS assistant commissioner. Comment
New York City

Vanishing From a Neighborhood They Helped Define    

Lost leases, rent increases, a shifting residential dynamic, and the influx of tourist Comments (4)


Living in Oklahoma I see this as a giant victory, even bigger than one would think since Oklahoma is probably the reddest state in the union (“Oklahoma Marriage Ban Thrown Out, But Ruling Stayed Pending Appeal,” by Arthur S. Leonard, posted online, Jan. 14). I hope the appeal is folded in with the Utah appeal. I encourage everyone to read Judge Kern’s decision. Though it took him over nine years to rule, he evidently has been doing his homework and studying what other judges finding in favor of marriage equality have been writing. Comment


The international gay community must rally around the Nigerian LGBT community –– their governments, senators, congressmen –– to pressure the Nigerian government to repeal this obnoxious anti-gay law ("As Nigeria’s New Anti-Gay Law Approved Dozens of Arrests Reported,” by Paul Schindler, posted online, Jan. 14). Comment


Neat head for the article and upbeat about prospects (“A New Mayor and Great Expectations,” by Paul Schindler, Jan. 8). The new administration is a refreshing change from days of old. Particularly encouraging is the mayor and staff coming out before the reporters and cameras to talk directly to them and the people of New York. I appreciate Gay City News’ coverage of things as they unfold with the new city leadership! Comment
From the Editor

LGBTQ Leaders, Allies Call on Mayor to Ban Uniformed City Personnel in Discriminatory St. Pat’s Parade

More than twenty years ago, the Irish Lesbian and Gay Organization sought to march in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade on Fifth Avenue and was excluded. In 1993, parade organizers used a court case to declare it a private, religious procession whose anti-gay message would be controverted by the presence of an identifiable Irish LGBTQ group — even though LGBTQ groups are welcome in St. Patrick’s Day parades all over Ireland. Comments (14)
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Islan Nettles’ Mother Says Original Suspect Has Vanished

The mother of Islan Nettles, a transgender woman who was killed in Harlem last year, was told, in a recent meeting with the Manha Comments (1)

Men Behaving Madly

No one can accuse the Classic Stage Company of shirking a challenge. Comment

Documentary Shorts Examine Redemption

Two films –– one with queer content, the other by a queer filmmaker — are vying for Best Short Subject Documentary at this year’s Oscars. Gay City News spoke with the two filmmakers about their p Comments (2)
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Queens Man, 24, Arrested in Randy Gener Attack

Police have arrested Comments (4)


Susie Day’s Perspective (Jan. 8) discusses Lynne Stewart, a straight lawyer who defended unpopular causes and was jailed for years, and asks, “Should Queers Care?” Comment
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Filipino-American Community Rallies to Randy Gener's Support

The Filipino-American Press Club and other groups held a prayer vigil and press conference at the Consulate Gene Comment

The Safest Part of Your Journey 

The play “Charlie Victor Romeo,” which is based on cockpit recorders from pla Comments (1)
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Police Release Sketch, Description in Randy Gener Assault

An artist’s sketch and a description of the suspect in the Comment
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Midtown Vigil for Randy Gener, Journalist Beaten in Brutal Attack

As darkness fell on a cold January Sunday afternoon, a cluster of 70 people gathered on the corner of 53rd and Seventh Avenue, candles in hand, local television trucks parked Comments (1)


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