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In Michigan Marriage Equality Ruling, Bogus Study of Same-Sex Parenting Demolished

The March 21 federal court ruling that struck down Michigan’s ban on marriage by same-sex couples also dealt a lethal blow to a controversial 2012 study that purported to show that parenting by same-sex couples leads to inferior outcomes for children. Comments (2)

No Stay of Tennessee Marriage Ruling; Oregon Declining to Defend Its Ban

In a gutsy move, US District Judge Aleta A. Trauger has rejected a request by Tennessee Republican Governor Bill Haslam to stay her order that the state recognize the out-of-state same-sex marriages of three Tennessee couples while Haslam pursues an appeal. Comment
News Briefs

$1.6 Million Employment Bias Award Upheld by Manhattan Appeals Court

A state appeals court in Manhattan has upheld a jury verdict of $1.6 million in damages in a discrimination case brought by a lesbian chef under the New York City Human Rights Law against a Tribeca Mexican restaurant. Comments (2)

Half a Cheer for Obama

While I must confess I'm less than enthusiastic about the candidacy of Barack Obama, I ardently hope that he will defeat Hillary Clinton. I can't forget Hillary's position in support of the Defense of Marriage Act and her scabrous abstinence-only preachings while first lady, any more than I can erase from my brainpan Obama's using gay-hostile preacher Donnie McClurkin to shill for votes in South Carolina, or his refusal to be photographed with San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom because he feared that might be interpreted as support for gay marriage. Comment
From the Editor

I Won’t Hold the God Hates Fags Freak to His Promise

Many people first learned of the Reverend Fred Phelps in late 1998 in connection with the funeral of Matthew Shepard, the gay college student brutally slain in a Laramie, Wyoming hate crime –– though Phelps had been up to no good long before that. Comments (2)

Do We Already Have the Tools to End AIDS?

Leading AIDS group are pressing an ambitious plan on the city and state they say will end the AIDS epidemic in New York by 2020. Comments (2)
Kelly Jean Cogswell

Voices of Protest at the St. Pat's Parade

“We’re here, we’re queer, we’ll be here every year.” When the Irish Lesbian and Gay Organization first chanted that in 1991, no one imagined we’d actually have to do that if we wanted to march openly in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade. More than two decades later, there are signs of hope. The new Democra Comment

An Amazing Time 

The rough poetry of José Rivera’s “Adora Comment

Department of Education Issues New Transgender Guidelines    

After decades of dragging its feet on LGBT inclusion, the New York City public schools –– the nation’s largest school district –– took two big public steps forward in recent weeks in tandem with a hearing in the City Council Education Committee led by its new chair, Daniel Dromm, a ve Comments (38)

The City Council’s One Lesbian Speaks Up 

Rosie Mendez, the Lower East Side City Council veteran first elected in 2005, has been passionate about tenants’ rights her entire career. An attorney by training, she worked at Brooklyn Legal Services and then for the People’s Economic Opportunities Project on the Lower Comment

Tennessee Jumps on Board    

In the eighth consecutive victory for marriage equality in federal court to emerge in the wake of the 2013 Supreme Court Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) ruling, a district court judge has directed the State of Tennessee to recognize the same-sex marriages of three couples while a lawsuit they lodged is considered. Comment

The Sexual Revolution’s Dark Underbelly 

Now that marijuana is legal in two US states and porn is ubiquitous online, one could say that countercultural liberationists have achieved important aims. Except that there’s little idealism left about sex and drugs as agents of cul Comment

Genocide in Clay 

"The Missing Picture” was made by Cambodian director Rithy Panh, but it features a French voice-over relating the details of his childhood in a Khmer Rouge camp. This seems oddly appropriate, as the film eng Comment

Getting Real, Getting Lost

Sarah Ruhl’s “Stage Kiss” is an engaging blend of romantic comedy and farce that offers terrific performances by the two principals as well as the charming supporting cast. He and She, as they are identified, are actors who had an affair many years ago and have unexpectedly been cast as the romantic lead Comment


Thanks for including me in the recent profiles of New Yorkers going to the Gay Games in Cleveland this August (“New York’s LGBT Athletes Rev Up for Gay Games 9,” by Paul Schindler, Mar. 5). Feedback from friends and teammates has been gratifying. Comment

Late Winter Voices

February 21 witnessed a bittersweet occasion at City Center –– fabulous to see, but wi Comment


James Franco is slumming –– and as they say on “Looking,” “It’s not pretty” (“Deconstructing ‘Cruising,’” by Gary M. Kramer, Mar. 5). But then neither was “Cruising.” There was no “New Gay Cinema” back when it was made, and actors in Hollywood were firmly locked in the closet. William Friedkin’s film was no help to any of this. Quite the contrary. Comment


I agree and hope that the City Council could hold hearings on the premise that city uniforms should only be worn in parades that support city laws (“In St. Pat’s Dispute, Free Speech is Not the Issue,” by Paul Schindler, Mar. 5). This may help transform things for the 2015 season. Other groups have already “evolved” on this issue, and maybe next year Irish LGBT groups will be able to march in that St. Patrick’s Parade along with the mayor and city employees in uniform. If the parade organizers evolve into becoming an inclusive Irish parade and not a discriminatory Catholic parade, then all New Yorkers can be I Comment
Guest Perspective

The Secret to Success in New York City

I thought of my last carnival, my pouf and chenille ball gown replete with riband (sash), inspired by the tragic Madame Deficit (Marie Antoinette). This year, however, I failed to roll back my routine so I could engage Comment

Iron-Willed Ingénues Keep Going Strong

Oscar-winning movie musical queen Shirley Jones just made her Café Carlyle debut with a well-received show and I grabbed the opportunity to chat with her. For those who know her as such, you will be pleased to know that “Mrs. Partridge” is every bit as warm and down-to-earth as the Dream Mom you’d imagine her to be, ensconced in her hotel su Comment

Emergency Room at St. Vincent’s Site Will Open in June    

The North Shore-LIJ Health System has announced it will open its new comprehensive care center, under construction in Greenwich Village Comment
Breaking News

With Fewer Sponsors, Anti-Gay St. Pat’s Parade Protested for 23rd Year

By legend, St. Patrick drove the snakes out of Ireland. The question in 2014 is whether beer companies pulling their sponsorship can drive the homophobia out of the New York and Boston St. Patrick’s Day Parades. Comments (22)

Anti-Gay Pedophilia Rap Out

There's an old prosecution trick in cases charging men with sexual molestation of boys - play on a jury's ignorance and presumed homophobia to secure a conviction by yelling "gay, gay, gay" at every opportunity. Comment

Rediscovering Youth Culture’s Birth

Openly gay filmmaker Matt Wolf’s illuminating documentary “Teenage” is a fantastic mix of found footage, still photographs, and re-enactments of individual stories. The narration — representing the words of British and American boys and American and German girls & Comment

Twin City

Up until now, I thought I had Canadian director Denis Villeneuve’s career figured out. After two films made in his native Quebec, which I haven’t seen, his excellent “Polytechnique,” a depiction of a real-life Montreal school shooting targeting women, got a brief run at MoMA. Aft Comment

Fiery Family Feuds Spark Dramas in West End

A family feud sounds like a mild form of dispute unworthy of news coverage, but these can be the types of conflicts that lead to wars — from the current crisis in Crimea to the Great War, the 100th annivers Comment

Dirty Sock Puppets

Possessed puppets have been fixtures in American entertainment for over a century. Spunky, snappy ventriloquist dummies and other puppets with minds of their own have turned up in vaudeville acts, TV shows (“The Twilight Zone,” “The Shari Lewis Comment


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